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Granite countertop

Fashionably Durable: Granite Remains the Best Material for Kitchen Countertops

If you’re browsing throughGranite countertop luxury kitchen options, here’s a piece of important information – some of the luxurious kitchens you see in those interior design magazines have one thing in common: their lavish countertops are made of granite.

Granite has been a favourite choice by kitchen owners and designers since the 90s, and today it remains as such.

Granite offers great texture and durability

Granite countertops are quarreled from the earth and taken as a large block, then later designed and chopped into single slabs.

Although not indestructible, granite is an extremely hard stone, which makes it a practical choice for kitchen furnish. The smooth and glossy finish of the material makes it convenient to move items across your countertops. And since it’s highly stain and scratch-resistant, you can do away with cutting boards and costly cleaning agents.

Remember that a secure foundation plays an important key. When it comes to bespoke kitchens, Milton Keynes modellers says proper installation and sealing is crucial to ensure full granite satisfaction.

Granite is just beautiful

Sleek, sophisticated, graceful, high-end, elegant – these are just some of the common descriptions attached to the granite. They’re customisable to fit your special styling needs and requirements. While others choose to keep the natural stone look, some want to give it a more contemporary feel.

Granite works well with every colour and material

Since granite itself can have many colours – cream, white, grey – it also looks great against a variety of colours: pure white, warm white, beige, bronze, seafoam green, red and brown. This gives you a wider range of choices when picking out cupboards, cabinets, and electric kitchen equipment. Granite also goes well with oak, mahogany, and cherry cabinets.

Although so many countertop materials are out on the market, the obsession for granite shouldn’t pass. It has been a staple choice for stylish homeowners and designers, and for good reason: it’s durable without compromising beauty and style.