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Using Anti Glare Film: Getting Rid of Glare Problems in Your Store Windows

store windowMost stores have viewable and clear window displays to make it easy for their customers to view what they are offering. But, they may have problems with the reflection and glare that a standard acrylic or glass window produces. These problems can be solved by adding anti glare film in the window or storefront display. This will help their products become fully visible to prospective customers. According to cleargardaustralia.com, reducing the glare off of the window will increase the ability of the customers to see through the glass.

Provides Extra Protection

This reflective film provides additional protection in areas subject to possible vandalism or defacement. For stores using a glass touch screen or projection film, it is best to install the film outside the storefront or window display. The film will help in enhancing image quality and clarity of the product on display by reducing the reflective nature of the glass. The film is very effective in removing traces of finger movements on the glass surface.

Easy to Install

Anti-reflective film is easy to install on clear surface or glass because it has activated adhesive and can be applied within few minutes. Before applying the film you need to clean the glass or substrate you would like to reduce glare from. To apply, use conventional window tint application liquid. As soon as you’ve removed the protective layer of the film, set it up directly on the display window and position as you like. Remove the excess application liquid underneath the film by squeegeeing starting from the centre.

The anti-reflective film will likewise enhance the contrast and brightness levels of your flat panel digital displays such as LED, plasma TV and LCD while maintaining image uniformity and quality.

To make sure that the anti-glare films are delivered to the customers worldwide safely, they should be shipped in tubes or in boxes. You should know the right way of packaging the film. In case the forwarding companies damage the film during shipping, you can ask for a replacement or refund.