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The Perfect Classy Corporate Party

Whether it’s a retirementClassy party, a launch of a new marketing campaign, or a simple We Made It Alive party after a challenging quarter, a classic corporate event should be in order. Skip the event planner hassle and plan the perfect corporate party on your own with this mini-checklist to walk you through the trouble.


Keep the party intact with a theme that will get everyone excited to come. Don’t be too far-fetched as this might discourage others. Not everybody is down for a Mars colonisation party. Remember that the event is still a representation of the company. Stick to tried and tested themes like disco fever, island casino, or the classic rock and roll. You might also want to run a survey for more ideas


The space dictates the entire atmosphere of the event. Event and party venues like Laruche have a variety of spaces. Their Cloackroom, for example, is a crowd favourite and perfect for a gathering of just twenty people. For bigger groups, their Front Room is versatile and fits almost 60 people, with direct access to a bar. Open spaces are also ideal for much bigger celebrations.


No party will be complete without the magic of a little alcohol, no matter the theme. Match the drinking menu with the theme, or ask the bartender for custom drinks that go well with the luau décor or the 1920s flair of the event. Still, make sure the bar offer staples like martinis, highballs, old-fashioned, brandy and of course, champagne for the celebration.


A corporate party can be kept classy with the appropriate choice of entertainment. DJs and photo favours are event staples and can work for any theme. Eclectic personas like palm readers, tattoo artists and magicians can prove to be interesting parts of the party. The floor leader is also important to sustain the energy. Party favours are also details that can make the event interesting.

Remember to keep everything under budget and not lose track of the real purpose of the event. If it’s a retirement party, make sure to have someone give a speech and a plaque of appreciation. For a marketing focused event, organise the party to lead to the product or service being presented that night.

Party planning is a big undertaking, but seeing the happy faces of tired employees and glowing smiles of clients will make all the hassle worth it.

good cake

The Perfect Recipe for Your At-Home Cake Business

good cakeIf you often bake for your friends, you’ve probably heard them tell you, “This cake is delicious!” You may have also heard the words, “You should sell this.” And you may have heard it enough times to be convinced to do exactly that.

That could be the best decision you’ll make, because cakes never go out of style. There’s always someone who wants to celebrate something with a good cake. Everyone is a potential client, so you have a very low chance of going out of business. Your cake business from home can be a success if you follow these simple and helpful steps from My Little Angel – Cake Decorating & Supplies.

#1: Know the formalities of starting a business

There are legal guidelines that come with starting a small business. You’ll need to get the necessary food handling permits, tax registrations, and licences. This seems like a lot of work, but you’ll need to deal with these before starting your business especially if you want it to last. Contact your local government center if you want legal advice on starting the business.

#2: Get the word out

Once your business is legal, the next thing you can think about is getting everyone to know that you have a business, and that it’s a business worth their while. You can get someone to help you with the marketing of your business – thinking of a suitable name, creating advertising materials and getting contacts to help you get started.

Since cake making is also a very broad field, you can also narrow down your market by making cakes for specific occasions. If you want a wide audience, you can choose to go with cakes for celebrations like birthdays or weddings.

#3: Stock up

Now that you know what kinds of cakes you’re going to make, you can start looking for the tools and supplies you need. Though most of the things you need for cake making are already available, you’ll need to add more tools in your kitchen, especially if you plan on catering to a lot of people.

More importantly, you’ll need to buy a lot of decorating supplies, especially for cakes for celebrations since they tend to be decorated. For a starting business, it’s good to look for these supplies online, because online dealers sell these supplies at a relatively cheaper price, and some even offer discounts and free shipping on bulk orders. Once your business starts to grow and you have more clients, buying supplies in bulk online can be very helpful for you.

These are just some of the first few steps you can take. You can discover a lot more as you go, and other people can even help you – but the key is to start. Rest assured, these tips will make managing your new business a piece of cake.

Simple work area

Ciao, Clutter! 4 Ways to Simplify Your Office

A cluttered home office is Simple work areanot very conducive for productivity. You could lose precious time just looking for a stray document. Don’t burn daylight on unnecessary things just because your office is a mess. Get a few folders, refill your stapler, purchase a portable printer for labels and get started organising!

Colour Code

Designating a special coloured folder for certain documents will definitely help you find them quicker later on. If you run out of colours, you can use patterns instead. It’s a form of organisation while adding a bit of colour and vibrancy to your desktop.

Hide the Wires

You can get an old shoebox, place an extension cord inside and cut out holes for wires to poke through. It gets rid of the unsightly tangled mess you find when you have too many gadgets plugged in. At the end of the day, you can just pull the plug on the extension cord, store all your chargers inside the shoebox and be on your way.

Label Everything

You need to know where everything is. Sometimes, when you have accumulated far too many documents, it’s impossible to keep track of which folder has which document. Brady South Asia says the solution is a label-maker, of course! Don’t just reserve this for folders. Label other items like office supplies as well. Even if your work colleagues use your stuff, they will find their way back to you.

Tiny Storage

Buy plenty of tiny boxes to store stray paperclips, staple wires, pushpins and others. If these tiny boxes are hard to find, you can upcycle old ice cube trays or egg cartons for the task. Designate a weekend to decorate, and you have yourself a relaxing craft weekend, too.

Now that you have a new and organised workspace, you’ll be surprised at how much time you’ll start saving. Try to keep your office, especially your desk, neat and clean as often as possible. Set a few minutes at the end of the day for organisation, so your office will be ready for you in the morning.

family room

4 Amazing Home Additions That Will Make Your House Look Unique

family roomYou probably bought your home as is, and you’re now in need of assistance from experts like those that offer home additions. When it comes to getting additional areas placed inside or even outside your house, Gran Designs WA says the following are some of the most exciting choices:

Backyard Mobile Office

Desired by people working at home, this office is a small cubicle space placed in the backyard. A UK-based company first offered this modular office equipped with lighting, shelves, and tables. It has solid construction, with half of the wall made of glass to get natural lighting. Its sliding door made of wooden panels matches its overall design.

Indoor Skate Ramps

Considered a paradise by skateboarders, indoor skateboard ramps were originally a collaborative project between an LA-based architect and a designer who’s also a skateboarder. The design features a low ceiling and several ramps integrated with other typical home elements, like the kitchen. Skateboard ramps could also be used as seats, which is good for having a fun but relaxing evening.

Space-saving Underground Wine Cellar

Wine cellars don’t have to be as large as rooms. Space-saving underground cellars are now the trend because of their minimalist features. This kind of wine cellar can only accommodate one person, though, despite having spiral staircase access. Shelves around the staircase limit the space in which you could move around; still, there should be enough room to comfortably pick your preferred wine.

The Cat Road

Gone are the days of cats toppling vases and other fragile things, as they now have their own transit system at home. Transit systems serve as their exclusive pathways to get around the house. Such home additions can also be designed differently to suit even the most unique preferences.

If none of these appeals to you, here’s what you can do – get some suggestions straight from the pros. They should be able to give you a couple of interesting options. Remember, improving your home will not only make it look unique; it’ll also gain more value.