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An Argument for Nationwide Rent Control

Rent is one of the mostRental home common expenses for Americans. It’s a stepping stone towards buying their home in the future. Moreover, for young people, it’s the entry to adulthood. Regardless of how you look at it, renting is part of American culture.

In New York, Los Angeles, Washington and other major cities, there’s this thing called rent control. It was introduced during the First World War through the efforts of anti-profiteering campaigns from the public. It’s been eradicated or evaded in most places, but there are cities and towns wherein the law is still passed.

A Case for the Renters

Renters have so many financial responsibilities apart from paying for monthly apartment amortization. There’s the phone and Internet bill, electricity, water and gas. It’s also unreasonable to ask tenants to be tightly frugal. Most of them are earning a decent living, but just enough. Rent control is their only chance for consistency; a starting point for their routine overhead.

From a landlord’s perspective, it’s not the most attractive thing. Just as any business venture, rental properties need to yield profit for it to continue operation. Property management firms in San Diego have the benefit of not worrying about rent control, but other cities have to abide. In the end, it comes down to fairness.

To set a specific stipend for rentals of all kinds isn’t ideal. When furnishings and location are part of the equation, it’s hard to justify an across-the-board standard for compensation.

Nationwide Rent Control?

To impose the current rent ceiling laws would be very one-sided, especially for new proprietors. It was drafted to protect veterans from housing shortages. The terms hardly apply to other prevalent members of society such as single parents, minimum wage workers and more.

With some adjustments, it’ll serve as a platform for newer legislations concerning rent. Right now, it would be a sign of relief if the rules would prevent monthly housing fees to skyrocket.

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How Fun of a Job is Being a Personal Trainer?

personal trainerWhen it comes to dream jobs, personal fitness trainer is rarely the first thing that comes to mind. But there are plenty in the industry who would say that they wouldn’t trade their jobs for anything else in the world. Just how enjoyable is this career, and should you give it a try as well?

Becoming a certified personal trainer is easier than ever, thanks to companies like fitnessU, but it is nice to know what to expect before making a commitment. Here are the biggest advantages that come with the job.

Making a Real Difference

Perhaps the biggest appeal of being a personal trainer is that you get to make an incredible difference in the lives of your clients. When before they were couch potatoes, your guidance helps turn them into athletic, happy, and healthy individuals. It is not an exaggeration to say that your work greatly changes and prolongs lives.

What isn’t fun about watching someone go from struggling with finishing ten push-ups to running half marathons with ease? You get to encourage them every step of the way, as they slowly get better and become fitter. The extreme gratitude that clients express is an excellent reward in its own right.

Getting to Move Your Body

Make no mistake, this is an extremely physically demanding job. Personal trainers have to really like exercise, as it is what they do every day for a living. You get to constantly push yourself, becoming more fit even as you help others reach their own fitness goals. As a result, having a great looking and healthy body pretty much comes with the job. Who wants to be chained to a desk all day getting all flabby?

A Flexible Lifestyle

Speaking of not being chained to a desk, a personal trainer also has one of the most flexible careers in the world. You get to set your own hours and pick your clients, something that few other professions can claim. It is a low stress, low pressure job that still pays great and gives you a sense of meaningful accomplishment.

Not everyone has the right attitude for a personal training career. You need to be patient, outgoing, and extremely positive if you want clients to stay motivated. But for those who can pull it off, it is a job that they will never tire of doing.