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Good Office Design: Why It Matters

Office DesignHow do you feel about your office or workplace interior? Does it have dull, monochromatic wall colours? How about cramped workstations and well-planned office partitions? If you are to change something, what would it be?

The Caretakers believes that good office design tells a lot about your business. It gives you an edge, and it can be a measurement of your success. It does not only attract clients; it also gives an impression that you value your people and you care about their comfort. Unfortunately, not all business owners realise these things.

Here are some of the things about good office design that you need to know:

Colour Choice Matters

It’s very typical for offices to choose plain, uniform, and bland colors like grey, white or black. These colours can depict  seriousness — that may look good for the business, but on the contrary, these colours may not be boosting your workforce’s productivity. There are several scientific studies that support how colours can affect your behaviour and mood. If you want to promote productivity while doing mind-work, blue is the colour to go for; for productivity in jobs that would require physical strength, use red; and for work that needs balance, choose green.

Have Proper Lighting

This one is pretty basic, but some businesses still fail in this aspect. No one wants to work in front of a computer for eight hours while squinting because of bad lighting. If it’s too bright, you may experience discomfort and your eyes can become strained. For some people, it can also be a health issue, as eye- strain can cause headaches.

Give ‘Em Space

Some offices maximise space by having small workstations to accommodate more people. But, by doing this, the comfort of the employees is being compromised. There should be enough space for them to personalise the place and for them to stretch their arms and legs.

Not Too Warm, Not Too Cold

Having the right temperature in the office is important. People usually complain when it’s too cold or too hot in the office. They won’t be able to work well in extreme conditions.

All businesses want to have productive and well-performing people. Achieving that goal goes beyond proper training and use of knowledge — physical work environment matters, too!