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Fun Games and Tricks on the Trampoline

trampolineTrampolines are a great way to have fun with your family right in your backyard during summer – and maybe in all seasons, except winter. Do not think that with a trampoline all you can do is to jump, jump and jump. In fact, if you know how to, then you can play loads of games and tricks while trampolining. compiled some trampolining fun ideas:


  1. Trampoline and Water

It is summertime and nothing is more refreshing than playing in water. This is great if you have a trampoline, but not a swimming pool in your backyard. Arrange your sprinklers so that they aim at you while trampolining. This combines trampoline fun with refreshing water games.

  1. Some Games

A few games that you can play with family and friends on the trampoline are:

  • Memory jump. In this game, you will take turns to perform on the trampoline. The first person will make a move, the second will do his and repeat the first move, and so on.
  • Dodge Ball. It is the same as playing it on the ground, except that now you have to hit someone bouncing on the trampoline.
  • Seat drop war. This game tests your control on the trampoline as you seat drop on it.
  • Did you know that you could fix basketball hoops on the sides and actually play basketball while bouncing around on the trampoline? This is even an official sport!
  • Dance party. Simply turn the music on and unleash your dancing potential on the trampoline!
  1. A Few Tricks

For people who feel too grown up for the trampoline games and are in the mood for some thrills, you could try a few tricks on the trampoline such as:

  • Tuck jump that calls for tucking your knee into your chest as you jump on the trampoline.
  • Straddle jump. Make your legs go straight and wide apart as you jump.
  • Try to flip in the air and land perfectly on your feet on the trampoline.
  • Somersault versions. Make the simple somersault more exciting by including variations, such as double flips, twists and back flips.
  • Seat drop. In this you must first jump, and then fold your legs in a seated position and land while in this position.

Most people are unable to perform well in the first instance on a trampoline, but do not give up. Remember, only practice makes perfect!

Extra Cash on your Granny Flat

Building & Using Your Granny Flat to Earn Some Extra Cash

Extra Cash on your Granny FlatSecond dwellings or granny flats are ideal for grandparents, teenagers or other family members close to you. These spaces can be rented out when they are no longer being used by the family. They can become a source of extra income.

  • Costs of Building a Granny Flat

Your granny flat is a miniature self-contained home, and in built in accordance with the law. But they can be planned and constructed at very low costs. They should have proper ventilation, a complete kitchen, independent bathroom and living space, to accommodate a minimum of two adults. By making it self-sufficient, your elders or teenagers can have total independence, but still have you close by for help. If you plan to rent the flat out, you can recover the cost in no time.

  • Before the Construction

As this is an additional dwelling on the same residential lot as your main home, you will need to obtain a number of permits and approvals. There are several documentation and reports before you start the construction. This includes a site and contour survey, a soil test, plans and elevations certified by an architect, a sewerage diagram and waste management documentation, among other documents.

  • Hiring a Contractor

These reports will cost you a lot of money on an individual basis. But the contractors can help you out if you hire a reliable and experienced one. They will arrange to get you all these reports for a service fee of certain amount. Then they will give you a fixed quotation for the construction of the dwelling,including the materials and other fixtures.  This will prove affordable and you will also avoid the trouble of running around for the various reports.

  • What’s on the Contract

Besides the construction, the contract should include connection to the water and electrical mains, excavation, rubbish removal, upgrading of the current meter box if necessary and the foundation. Make sure that the fixed price quoted includes every expense that will be incurred before the building is complete.

If the above guidelines are followed then it is possible to construct these second dwellings at affordable rates.

Elderly Home Care

How the Elderly Can Benefit From In-Home Care

Elderly Home CareAs people age, they prefer to have familiar people around them and they like to live in the same surroundings. They dislike moving out of their homes for long periods. In this, they turn adamant like young children.

Therefore, even if they become disabled or unable to perform daily chores on their own, they hate the idea of moving into any aged care facility.

An in-home care provider for the elderly is one of the ways to solve this problem. Professionals take care of your older parents or relatives at home. This will keep them satisfied, as they can remain independent in familiar surroundings. Additionally, they can receive professional attention, keep loneliness at bay and remain safe at home.

There are many options of services available – from minimal assistance, to medical help, even in basic household jobs. The following is a list of their common services:

  • They assist with basic chores like cooking, cleaning, laundry, and washing.
  • They act as drivers to transport the elderly to the doctor, hospital or even to the grocery store. This will keep them socially active and mobile.
  • An in-home care provider, says, can assist with bathing, dressing, shaving, brushing, and eating. They can also assist them in going to the toilet or to do mundane tasks like making or answering phone calls, write and respond to mails, attend to bank work, etc.
  • They use portable machines and monitor the health of the elders at home itself. They help them take their medication, and even administer injections if necessary.
  • Some home care providers also attend to any home modifications. They incorporate ramps in the house, have shower seats installed and make the house accident-proof in any other way possible.

Depending on the health and mental condition of the senior, you can choose the appropriate service. Involve them as much as you can in the decision-making process. Take their suggestions and requirements into consideration before you decide.

Find the right service provider. Check with your doctor, friends and family before picking a provider.  They should be one with the required licences, employ qualified and screened professionals, and socially responsible in their outlook.

Wedding Venue

Wedding Reception Tips and Tricks

Wedding VenueA wedding is a significant and momentous event for the couple, family and friends. Turn it into a memorable occasion if more planning and thought goes into the venue of the function. You have to put a lot of effort when looking for the right location for your wedding.

While there are many Brisbane City function venues, it is prudent to ensure that they offer other services besides catering. Most couples preferlocal places, as they are the most convenient for both the guests and hosts. The guests then need not over-stay, if they prefer.Some local venueseven offer great deals for your special day, thus proving to be cost-effective.

Remember some factors in planning a wedding reception for your big day:

  • Be smart and search the Internet for good deals instead of driving around and tiring yourself. Refine your search and narrow it to a specific location with your preferred conveniences.
  • Church weddings often have great deals for your reception at many places.
  • Pick a location that people can easily reach.This is for the convenience of the guests, who would feel more welcome at the event. It is also a good idea to pick a place with rooms, such as hotels, where distant guests may stay for the night.
  • A wedding reception at a business district would feature attractions such as touring the city. It also gives local accommodations and restaurants additional business for a day or two.
  • A place with wonderful seating, flower decorations, catering, music and multimedia entertainment with audio and video facilities best suits this memorable day.

Plan well in advance and make all the booking beforehand. Order the flowers, plan the menu, send out the invitations and purchase the return favours in advance. This way you can relax on the days leading up to the wedding day. This will give you energy on your wedding and leave you enough charm to host your guests at the reception.

water softner

Don’t Be Too Hard: Why Soft Water is Good for Your Skin and Hair

water softnerHave you been suffering from dry itchy skin? Does your hair feel dry, coarse, and lifeless after stepping out of the shower? You might turn to a range of beauty products for some remedies, and you constantly stuff your beauty bag with all the lotions and leave-on shampoos—only to find out they don’t work.

The last thing you think about when changing your beauty routine and products is the water you use. Whether you believe it or not, the kind of water you use everyday has an effect on your hair and skin. Maybe, instead of loading up your beauty kit with an army of beauty products, try changing the hard water you use into soft water.

Hard Water vs. Soft Water

Hard water is the regular water that comes out of your faucet and your shower. It happens when the water passes through rocks or soil, and it contains high amounts of calcium and magnesium. According to the United States Geological Survey, about 85% of the water in the country is hard.

Soft water, on the other hand, contains few or no extra elements and minerals. It can occur naturally; it also occurs with a water softener. Bountiful water experts say this type of device removes the elements that contribute to the hardness of the water.

What Soft Water Does to Your Skin

Soap and hard water are simply not compatible. Mixing the two only leaves a sticky residue on your skin, which clogs your pores. Softening the water with a machine will prevent clogged pores, as it allows the soap to lather better on your skin.

What Soft Water Does to Your Hair

When you wash your hair in hard water, you may feel like it’s taking forever to rinse the shampoo. It might also feel like your hair has less volume than it should be, and your waves have less body.

Hard water will also cause the cuticles of your hair to stand up, making it feel rough and dry. Because soap and shampoo do not lather better with hard water, you might be using more shampoo than necessary. Soft water, on the other hand, lets the natural oils in your body keep your hair soft and shiny.

If you have unhealthy hair and skin, and you feel like an army of products is not doing anything to make things better, then maybe the type of water you use is the culprit.

The Mero Kitchen & Bar

Food Adventure at Indooroopilly Shopping Centre

The Mero Kitchen & BarNot sure where to go for dinner? Instead of going to stand-alone dining establishments, why not visit a place that offers more choices? Station Road, for instance, is one of the newest alfresco dining precincts in Brisbane. There are more enough choices here to satisfy your wandering appetite.

When you visit some of the most remarkable restaurants at Indooroopilly Shopping Centre, the biggest shopping centre in the western suburbs, check out the following:

The Mero Kitchen and Bar

Derived from the Latin term merum, which means undiluted wine, this restaurant takes inspiration from the traditional Italian trattoria. Their food menu includes braised meats, wood-fired pizzas, and light and tasty pastas. They offer a selection of drinks as well, such as beers, ciders, cocktails, wine, and whiskey. Located at Shop R1, Level 3, The Mero is open every day from 12 P.M. onwards.


If you’re craving something sweet, then you won’t regret ordering an ice cream at Nitrogenie. What’s unique about them is that they use liquid nitrogen to freeze eggs, cream, and milk. It’s something new for the taste buds. This shop is open on weekdays from 12 P.M. to 9:30 P.M. (MTW) and 10:30 P.M. (THFS) and on weekends from 11 A.M. to10:30 P.M. (Sat) and 9:30 P.M. (Sun).

Harajuku Gyoza

This izakaya is a must-visit if you’re into Asian street food. In fact, it made it to the top picks of The Urban List. They serve dishes that you can find in the streets of Tokyo. As you enter, you’ll be welcomed with their trademark greeting “Irrashaimase!” and an open-plan kitchen where you can see how the chefs fry or steam the gyoza. Located at Level 3, Harajuku Gyoza is open every day from 11 A.M. to 10 P.M.

These are only some of the highly recommended food and drink shops in Indooroopilly Shopping Centre. If you want more, you can roam the area for other gourmet treats.


Survive the Drive: Cycling in the Rain

cyclingRainy weather and wet road conditions should not stop you from riding your bike. Whatever your reason for cycling is, there are plenty of ways to prepare and survive the rain. A little knowledge and appropriate gear can also go a long way in contributing to an enjoyable ride even in wet conditions.

Here are a few ways to survive cycling in the rain, as discussed by cyclists in Brisbane:

Cycling out in the rain can make you sick. This is why you need a jacket to keep your core warm. Make sure to choose clothing that makes use of breathable material so you won’t feel too warm. Many bike shops in Brisbane offer waterproof jackets with a hood and skirt in the back, which are ideal for extreme weather conditions.


The right glasses will protect the eyes from water, grit, mud, and other debris. Choose those with yellow or orange lenses to increase the contact when light levels are low. Avoid using normal sunglasses, as they can cut out light and make it harder for you to recognise road obstacles.

Feet and Hands

Protection for the hands and feet are important to maintain a stable core temperature. Wear water-resistant gloves and overshoes to avoid feeling disproportionally uncomfortable. Make sure to wear accessories that fit properly to avoid obstruction in your bike control.

Controlling Speed

Wet weather means controlling your speed and driving slowly. Avoid abrupt, hard braking, as this makes it easier for you to lose grip. Evaluate the road carefully and anticipate where you need to stop or slow down more. Apply your brakes smoothly to avoid accelerating.

Cycling Cap

Cycling helmets with an air vent are only great in the sun and not so much in the rain. You can wear a cycling cap under the helmet to protect your head and eyes. You can also choose a skullcap or aero helmets with plastic covers.

Remember to avoid standing water at all costs. This will only get you wet, and can be dangerous because you can never tell what lies beneath. You can still ride through the water only if you can see what’s lurking underneath.


Road Markings: Promoting Safer Driving

Vehicular and road accidents continue to occur at an alarming rate, despite the fact that many ad campaigns were launched. Today, experts are doing their best to improve road conditions and prevent these unfortunate events. While authorities still use different signage, another effective tool is the road marking.

This particular signage provides information about the road condition and safety reminders for the drivers. Industry authority Brent Roebuck Road Markings recently diAshplatscussed the importance of road markings to every driver.


There are now different materials available for markings. These include paints, cold applied plastics, modified epoxy resins, raised pavement markers, self-adhesive tapes, and thermoplastic. Each material offers distinct advantages over the other, but the most popular option today is the special glass beads or reflective road markings.

Reflective road markings

Specially designed to improve nighttime visibility, these markings can bounce light from a vehicle’s headlight back towards the vehicle. This means the signs and markings seem brighter, making it easier to see and read. It provides important details to drivers, helping them to navigate the road at night. These highly improved markings enhance traffic flow, driver mobility, and promote safe driving.

Solar-powered road studs

You will usually see these marking on highways, specifically in accident-prone areas. Just like reflective road markings, it is easier to see and read compared to other materials.

Rumble strips

This refers to the side or centre line of the road for tired or distracted drivers. You will notice these strips when your tyres run across a raised rumble strip, providing a a combination of noise and vibration once you’ve drifted out of your lane. These allow you to regain your focus and realign your vehicle.

Road engineers need to decide which is the right marking or combination for each application. They may run a few tests to see which is more effective. Nevertheless, you can never predict accidents, but there are many ways to prevent them. So drive safely and keep your eyes on the road.

Dental Procedures

No Pain, No Problem: Painless Dental Procedures

Dental ProceduresWhether young or old, man or woman, visiting the dentist is something that most people fear. There are various reasons for this, the most common of which is usually fear of pain.

For patients visiting a dentist in Perth, there is little fear of that. Dentists in the city are well aware of their patient’s fears and work to reduce or remove the fear on their patient’s minds. They provide a range of services, including cosmetic dentistry, along with regular services.

These skilled professionals know which cases require delicacy, attention, and which require minor sedation. They are skilled enough to put their patient’s fears to rest and complete their work quickly and professionally.

Anti-Pain Procedures

For a person afraid of the pain they might experience, top dentists provide a range of solutions to help handle any instance of pain that might occur. Whether it is reducing anxiety that may occur in patients due to their fears, or sedation and anaesthesia for actual dental work, which may cause them pain, these dentists, are well aware and skilled to handle patient requirements on a case-to-case basis.

Range of Services

Dentists offer various services. From root canal work to teeth whitening, Perth residents go to their trusted dentists who understand that each case and patient is unique. They know how to handle each case to calm their patients, who may be anxious or restless due to fear. This ensures that the experience is relatively pleasant for the patient.

The fear of visiting a dentist is so pervasive that it is already a pop culture phenomenon, and fear is always present no matter the treatment they need from their dentists. These days, a person can go to their dentist for their dental requirements with a smile and not be afraid, thanks to these dentists in Perth.

cars sale

Stop, Look, and Listen: 3 Places to Find Car Parts on the Cheap

cars saleCar parts are not very expensive. It’s just that retailers add huge premiums to the amount. One of the reasons that retailers can do so is that customers are unaware of the practice, and of the actual cost of the items. They do not even know that they can source genuine parts from other suppliers, at much lower prices.

Here is a list of places where you can obtain quality car parts at reasonable rates.

1. Car Wreckers

Car wreckers dismantle old and used cars, and salvage parts in working condition from them. They then sell these parts at prices that are much lower than from official dealers. Car wreckers usually specialise in several brands, such as those that salvage Mitsubishi or VW parts. Perth has a good amount of these car-wrecking companies.

2. Junkyards

Do not think that junkyards are places where you merely dump your junk and scraps. You can even buy some roadworthy car parts here if you have a discerning eye. You will likely find rare car parts in junkyards at reasonable prices.

Dropping by junk shops is a good idea. This is so you can look at the part before making your purchase.

3. Auto Part Warehouses

This is another great place to buy good quality car parts at wholesale rates. The best part about such warehouses is that they always stock new car parts, unlike junkyards and car wreckers that only sell used or old car parts. New parts prevent worrying about the quality, lifespan, and the performance of the particular part.

You can easily find information about such warehouses on the Internet.

4. Go Online

Speaking of the Internet, log in and browse online catalogues. Some junkyards and car wreckers, as well as car dealers, now use websites to reach to a wider audience. Use social media and relevant message boards for finding and buying car parts.

Network with other people on the Internet who have the car part you want. Otherwise, get to know through online forums where you can buy a particular rare part and at what price. You can also think of public auction listings near your area, or for manufacturer rebates on car parts.

A measure of prudence dictates that it is best to verify and double-check. Hence, examine the part carefully before finalising the purchase to get one in good condition.