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RSA help

Getting Your RSA Helps Your Community

RSA helpYou may think that your RSA Training is only useful when you are serving drinks or waiting on tables. But, the real life application of RSA principles can be very important to you, your family, and your friends when under the influence of alcohol.

  • How many times have you gone to a party and the most intoxicated person there insists on driving home?
  • How many times have you looked at your friends that have been drinking all day and wondered how much they have eaten?
  • How many times have you seen someone becoming angry and moody the more they drink?

After completing your Responsible Service of Alcohol Training with AHAWA, you are able to look at the situation around you to make RSA guided judgements. You know the best ways to handle situations where an individual, or a group of individuals, have reacted badly to their alcohol consumption.

It is important for all community members to make sure that people drink responsibly. Through the key points in the RSA Training Course, you can also help make a difference in the way people view and consume alcohol.

Key Aspects of the Online RSA Training Course:

  • Effects of Alcohol;
  • Responsible Promotion of Liquor;
  • Standard Drinks and Alcohol Absorption;
  • Customers Who Should Be Refused Service;
  • ID Check;
  • Signs of Intoxication; and
  • Refusing Service

The choice is yours to help your community. Employ the skills you have learned through the Responsible Service of Alcohol Course to help those around you who may not have the same knowledge.


A Tranquil Refuge: Pergola Design Ideas for Your Patio

Adding extensions to your home is undeniably costly, especially if you’re thinking of building a sunroom or a small conservatory. But, if you want to save money, you can always go for pergolas.

patioSome homeowners in sunny cities, such as Salt Lake City, decide against building a pergola, as they believe that its only function is to provide shade for the patio. But, the pergola’s purpose goes beyond that. It may serve as a protection for an open terrace or a link between your home and accessory suite, if you have any. If you want to focus more on the aesthetic appeal of this structure, here are some ideas that may just help you.

Grow Some Plants

If you’re a tree lover, you can append some climbing plants to the beams of the structure. If you’re settling for this plan, just make sure to attach some training wire where the stems of the plant can climb onto.

Add Window Treatments

Dress your pergola with outdoor drapes and curtains to give your patio a homey and peaceful feel. Veer away from dark-colored fabrics, as they absorb more heat. Go for light and thin fabrics, such as light canvas or mesh. Make sure the treatments you choose are weather-friendly and water repellent.

Put Up a Screen

You may choose to put up screens if you construct the pergola close to the vinyl or wooding fencing. A screen doesn’t only make your haven look quite mysterious, but it also increases the privacy of your home. Place some climbing plants around it to make it more appealing.

Cover it With Shade

If you want to cover your pergola for added protection from the sun, you’re free to do so. Instead of horizontal beams above your head, you may install a thin roof or a tinted glass.

These are only some of the ideas you can execute if you plan to build a pergola. If you’re not sure, you may consult a landscaping or fencing services company.


Key Pointers when Looking for Builders

homeThere are few things as inspiring as watching your dream house take shape from the ground up. As one of the most significant investments a person can have, having your own home is definitely an achievement.

Here are a few reminders from Vision One Homes to avoid hidden costs from your contractors and keep things on track.

Remember, not all homes are created equal

Usually, the contractors will provide you a low-cost estimate for labour rates and materials. Do not be deceived with this offer, however. As much as possible, make a direct comparison from other builders. Always ask for an initial quotation and choose the deal that suits your budget and preference.

Negotiate for fixed prices

Take note of those contracts with a long list of TBA’s and estimates. To make sure you get a reasonable rate, try to negotiate a fixed price. Never make a deal without getting all the information about every cost. Watch out for clauses like “pending soil test.”

Review the promos they offer

Pay attention to builder promotions that are offering huge discounts and bonus inclusions. Always ask for the real value.

Visit display homes

While visiting display homes can be fun and exciting, so do not be distracted by extravagant features. This is just to give you an idea on how you can renovate or remodel your home. If you are interested to add such features, be sure to ask your builder about it. They should provide a fully itemised cost.

Consider energy efficiency

Your home should meet or even exceed the minimum energy efficiency ratings. Keep in mind that your builders may charge you extra just to meet the standard.

Check the backyard

Many builders today forget about the importance of the unused space of the lot area. They should provide you a detailed floor plan and layout.

Before you choose a builder, make sure to conduct a background check. Dig deeper into their portfolio. Read testimonials and reviews about their services.


The Basics of Elevator Planning

Elevators are not just built or installed into the shafts. There’s some serious planning involved to make going up and down a freestanding structure controlled, safe, and efficient. Some aspects of the planning have always been something only engineers and architects will understand, but it always pays to learn a few bits of knowledge about lifts and pulleys, as they may help you strategize your own. Here are some things you need to know about elevator planning.

elevatorThe Number of Elevators in a Building

The number of elevators in a building will depend on two obvious factors: the average number of people in the building and the time of trips. Architects, engineers, and other planners may approximate the number of people in the building. Once the population is accurately estimated, the planners will then factor in the waiting and trip times. On average, elevators are designed to keep the waiting time below 20 seconds.

Zoning Arrangements

Zoning arrangements are heavily considered to resolve round trip time issues. Companies, such as A+ Elevators & Lifts, and transport authorities, like Elevator World, Inc. always emphasize the importance of zoning to eliminate congestion, especially in tall and public buildings. For office buildings, one elevator group should serve the first 15 or 20 floors. When there are floors that go beyond these levels and only one elevator group is used, travel and wait times will be compromised.

Zoning basically works through the designation of two or more elevator groups in tall structures. Normally, there are elevator groups that serve the lower half of the building and another set that service the upper half. This won’t only minimize the wait and travel times, but it will also reduce the handling capacity of the elevators and improve the distribution of the people in the building during peak periods.

Of course, planners won’t forget about the safety concerns. With this, engineers and architects apply smart counterweight safety gears and other devices.


Panasonic Lumix Camera: A Simple Guide for Buyers

cameraThere are certain events in our lives that we want to capture on film, so we can reminisce about them later. In most instances, it is the handy smartphone that comes to our rescue. Unfortunately, since these phones are made specifically for sending messages or for answering calls, the photo quality is less than ideal. This is where digital cameras come in.

There are hundreds of choices if you want to buy a compact digital camera, and one of the most popular is the Panasonic Lumix camera. If you are thinking of buying one, there are some things you need to consider.

Don’t get overwhelmed at first. Since you’re already specific about the model and brand, then you’ve probably crossed out the price from the equation by now. So, what you need to consider is whether to buy a brand new camera or a used one.

These are two factors that would influence where you would start looking for this specific camera. For instance, if you are going to buy brand new cameras, there are probably hundreds, if not thousands, of sites where you can find them. On the other hand, looking for used ones can be a little tricky. To make your search easier, here are some recommendations from DSLRPros:

Look for Credible Online Stores

Visit some of the leading photography shops that have been in the business for quite some time. These sellers will even offer you tips on how to make the most of your chosen unit. Some of these even offer Buyer Protection Program that you can use if you think the item is different from what was presented.

Test All You Want

This is particularly helpful if you would be buying your camera from a person. Keep in mind that just because it is a pre-owned good does not mean it should not function properly.

Find Sellers with High Ratings and Reviews from Real Customers

Check if the seller has done other transactions before with people who they are not related to or are not their friends. Check with relatives and close friends what they think of the seller.

While this guide may not be foolproof, it is still a good way to make sure your money is well spent.

engagement venue

Engagement Party Venues – Things to Consider

engagement venueThere is so much more to a wedding than just the ceremony itself. Think about it – the whole affair is quite the spectacle and the announcement of the engagement is where it all starts.

Announcing plans to get married calls for a celebration; good thing there are many venues in Brisbane to choose from. breaks down some of the things you need to consider when choosing an engagement party venue.

Guest List

The number of guests attending will ultimately play a role in selecting the venue as well as the budget. Since this is an engagement party, you might want to keep it a private and intimate event. The number of guests should be limited to the couple’s closest friends and family. After all, there is still a bigger event that will require planning (and a bigger budget) soon – the actual wedding. Be sensitive about who gets on the guest list, though. Some people might take offense – prioritise those whom you would like to play a role in the wedding entourage.


The money that goes into it is always a thorny issue no matter how you put it. The budget depends on how many people are actually going to the event and where you are holding it. Setting a budget beforehand however, can help you narrow down venue options in favour of more guests or more food.

Availability of the Venue

Whether it is a cosy restaurant or a chic nightspot in the city, it always pays to check the availability of the venue in advance to ensure that you will be able to book it.

Food & Drinks

Engagement parties are often very intimate, sit down events, so a course meal is in order. Select a good menu and prepare a good helping of drinks to keep the event lively.

Your engagement party will serve as a kick-off to the whirlwind of events to follow, so make sure to get it started the right way. Getting married is something to look forward to, so share the great news with people you love in a memorable setting.

honda car

Simple Car Ownership Guide: Key Considerations When Buying Honda Vehicles

Buying a new Honda vehicle can be a pleasurable and enjoyable experience, especially for first-time car owners. After all, Honda has established itself as a reputable global brand largely due to its ability to keep customers satisfied. The company also offers excellent after sales services.

honda carTo help you make the right car choice, here are some helpful tips from top Honda dealership providers:

• Before choosing a dealer, do a survey of all Honda dealers in your area and go for the one with the best market reputation.

• Make sure the car’s documents are properly kept to avoid disputes about ownership later. The vehicle’s engine number, model number and chassis number must be clearly indicateed in the ownership paper, also called the Blue Book.

Check for defects in the body (scratches, dents, and marks), especially if you are buying a car with a light shade of color, as these may show up later.

• Take the vehicle for a long test drive to make sure there is no engine or structural issues. A drive ensures that any defect in the engine or chassis will be revealed through weird sounds or even jerks when you change gears.

• Check the gearbox mechanism thoroughly and take note of any difficulties in changing gears, if any. Should you find such problems, inform the dealer immediately to address the problem or offer a substitute.

• While negotiating with the dealer, inquire about warranties and post-sales services. This is highly important, as you are making a substantial investment. Also, regular maintenance is necessary to make sure the car stays in its best condition.

Certain dealers offer packages for post sales services that include a three-year warranty and a free oil change after a certain amount of driving. Finally, check the car insurance coverage and the amount you need to pay for the next couple of years, so you don’t overshoot your budget.




steel & rock gate

Making Your Driveway Gate Rock

With a weather that alternates between very dry and very wet, Perth has plenty of homes with gates made of wrought iron. Although this kind of material can fall prey to rust if not maintained properly, it is still considerably better than other materials. Lately, however, gates made from aluminum have been gradually replacing wrought iron as the ideal option. Here’s why:

steel & rock gateNo More Rust Problem

One of the best-selling feature of an aluminium gate is that it does not get affected by rust easily. With the kind of weather Perth has, aluminium gates could give homeowners more peace of mind for a longer period.

Aluminium is also known for requiring very little maintenance. Simply have the gates about two inches away from the surface to prevent scratching. also suggests painting your aluminium gate with any commercially available paint for added protection.

Longer life

Since they do not get easily affected by rust, they tend to last longer than other materials. This is the reason you would see a lot of companies offering a lifetime warranty on their aluminium gates. Note that most aluminium gates can last up to 40 years before needing a replacement. This figure can go higher with proper maintenance.

Lightweight and Malleable

Aluminium is considered one of the latest materials that can be used for fences and gates, but don’t let its weight fool you. It can be quite durable just like steel so much so that airplanes typically make use of this material for the body. If it can withstand significant pressure, then it can also withstand any weather condition.

Aluminium is the type of material you can have installed with the least amount of maintenance needed. If you need a gate that won’t require constant monitoring, then aluminium is the right choice for you.


shower sink

Filters at Home: Ensuring Pure, Clean Water in Sinks & Showers

Every home usually has some kind of purifying system installed for drinking water purposes. But you might also need filters in the water supply of the whole house. You can detect contaminated water by filling a glass with tap water and view it in the light. If you see some particles floating in it or if the contents look hazy, then you need a full-house purifying system.

shower sinkThese particles could be sediments of rock or soil and can be removed by the purifiers. These purifiers, according to water purifying company Clean and Clear Water, generally concentrate on larger particulates. But there are filters for fine units that can provide clean and pure water.

Health Benefits of Installing

A whole house water filter system is one of the most essential portions of the plumbing system in more ways than one. Installing it in your homes can provide you many benefits you thought you’d never get.

The sediments present in contaminated waters are hazardous to your health. By the time they reach your faucet, they might contain many types of pollutants and bacteria, which can be really harmful for your wellness. Some contaminants also cause bad water taste and foul odour.

When chlorine in the tank reacts to the amount of organic matter found in the system, they form by products that can cause respiratory irritation, fatigue, skin allergies and irritations, weakening of the immune system and many others. This purifying system can help prevent all these health hazards.

Fortifying the Plumbing System

The residues are not good for the plumbing system either. It can clog pipelines and accumulate in the tank itself and create problems. So for the health of the pipes and the plumbing system itself, it is advisable to have these purifiers installed.

These purifying systems help treat everything that flows through the pipes from your main tank. You can have multi-step systems installed to make sure that no particles reach your faucet. Some good quality systems come with multiple strainers, which catch all the sediments. With this kind of purifying system in place, you can have finer graded strainers installed in the kitchen.

Whole house water filter system is one of the best ways to ensure that you and your family do not consume contaminated water. You can also reduce the strain on the plumbing system and prolong its life. This mechanism has proven to be a cost-effective investment in the long run.


Turning Dreams into Reality

houseDue to the recent housing crisis, more Americans are looking to get homes for lease rather than outright purchasing them. Statistics show that about 25% of the renters spend more than 50% of their monthly income on rent and payment of utilities. People opt to rent because they can get their dream home without going through a monthly mortgage and a hefty down payment plan.

According to American Heritage Properties, ‘You need to undergo a screening process before you can officially become someone’s tenant. The process involves a background check and an interview with your employers and landlords.’ There are many ways on how you can get your dream home.

Know How to Utilize the Internet

To discover great market deals, you need to benefit from the rental websites available. Look for sites that feature a virtual walkthrough of the property and allow renters to compare rent prices within the same community. This will allow you to get more information on the deals and can provide listings from different sites for your perusal.

Determine the Significance of Word-of-Mouth

Apart from keeping your eyes open for the perfect rental property, keep your ears open as well. Listen to friends and family regarding potential rentals. Sometimes, you can get a tip on a good rental deal over a dinner party or in a casual conversation over lunch.

Checkout Single Family Unit Properties

You may also want to consider renting from single-family homeowners who are leasing their property as they may find it difficult to sell with the current real estate market. These kinds of properties are usually priced lower because it may not feature the same conveniences or the owners themselves are just really desperate to lease it for extra income.

A house is one of the investments that prove to be the most cost-effective in the long-run. When deciding whether to rent or buy a house, always keep in mind that your priority must be the comfort and security, not the cost.