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Tummy Tuck: The Road to Fast and Smooth Recovery

If you’re planning to undergo a tummy tuck procedure, read as much as you can about abdominoplasty. As important as recovering quickly after tummy tuck is your knowledge about the side effects and complications involved in the procedure. This will help you recover faster and flaunt that perfect figure sans unwanted bulges and bags.

Recovering Better and Faster

If you wish to recover faster and better from a tummy tuck procedure, take note of the following:

  • understand the risks involved
  • take painkillers to reduce pain
  • become mobile at the earliest
  • quit smoking as it decreases your body’s healing ability
  • eat right and healthy to enable faster healing
  • remain upbeat and focused on that perfect figure you have always envisioned for yourself

loose jeans

Some common side effects

Since you have undergone an operation, which is anything but a natural procedure, you may face some side effects such as:

  • Bruises around the operated area. Thankfully, these will eventually fade away after a series of rest.
  • Occasional Pain. Take painkillers or ask the advice of your surgeon.
  • Swelling around the area operated on. This happens due to accumulation of fluids. But this should disappear on its own when the area heals.

Probable complications

A few surgical complications that you may have to face during recovery include:

  • Slow healing. It’s possible for the scarring mechanism to go wrong. But if you notice that your wound is not healing as it should, it’s best to inform your doctor.
  • Formation of seroma. This is the collection of body fluids under the skin that can be removed using a needle.
  • Numbness. You may experience periodical numbness, which may disappear over time. If the sensation persists, consult your doctor to avoid further complication.

Don’t forget to ask your surgeon for a more detailed instruction on proper post-surgery care and other ways to speed up recovery phase.

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Finding the Perfect Venue for a Successful Event

Proper room hiring for major events like auctions, benefit dinners or corporate conferences can be a challenging task as hiring the wrong one may jeopardise the event. Therefore, consider the theme, as not all public halls or rooms are built to accommodate a large number of people. Event rooms come in varied dimensions. Any miscalculation on the number of people attending may turn your event into a disaster. Worst of all, you might have to refuse entry to some guests because of the paucity of space.

Remember, it’s the first look at the venue that creates a positive or negative impression among guests. Hiring a room could turn out to be more cost effective than maintaining a conference room of your own. Moreover, most of these rooms come with the proper lighting and latest sound systems. Laruche, for example, even have empanelled caterers to supply lunches, dinners, and breakfasts along with cocktail snacks and drinks.

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More Affordable Options

While organising charitable events, look at places that offer affordable and discounted rates for charitable functions and organisations. This helps reduce costs substantially, particularly for non-profit associations that hold black tie galas promoting social causes and fund-raising auctions. These places may offer classes for charity training that benefit those who are new to the workings of charitable organisations.

Ideal for Business or Family Functions

For corporate affairs and conferences, look for a room that also offers facilities for private meetings, conducting presentations, and business discussions. Also, study the room’s layout to know where to place the sound system and buffet tables without obstructing the view of the dais or stage, if there is one.

Select a room with access to the outdoors. For family events, a courtyard is ideal so that children can run around. The outdoor space could be an extension of your indoor space and can accommodate a large number of additional people who turn up.

Cloudy pool water

Pool Liner Maintenance Guide on Cloudy Pool Water

Around 70% of residential pools in the United States are made of vinyl pool liners. Many of them last the expected lifespan, which is eight to 12 years, while others suffer from premature aging. One reason is due to cloudy pool water. It’s important to know how to maintain above ground or in ground pool liners after installation. This way, you don’t have to waste money on frequent repairs and replacement.

Free Metals

If your swimming pool is turning reddish-brown, blue-green, or brown-red, it’s a sign that damaging elements are present in either the water source or the water itself. Fixing this problem immediately can prolong the life of your pool liners.

The swimming pool should be free from any type of metal. To remove them, you’ll need to pour at least a quart of flocking agent and pool clarifier. Afterwards, you’ll need to run the filter for an hour and set the vacuum to waste.

 Cloudy pool water

Algae Buildup

There are different types of algae and each needs a specific cleaning procedure to remove them completely. Read the following procedures to maintain your pool’s above and in ground pool liners:

  1. Mustard Algae –This clings onto areas with poor circulation. It resists chlorine and shock treatment, so they return immediately even after brushing them off. Use an algaecide and switch on the vacuum to remove them from the pool liners.
  2. Green Algae – This is the most common type, as it grows rapidly in areas with poor circulation. Get rid of this by using an algaecide, chlorine shock, and flocking agent and see how your pool’s vinyl liner will look good as new.
  3. Black Algae – This is the most resistant form of algae, so you should remove it immediately to avoid bigger problems in the future. Brush these off and use an algaecide specifically for black algae. Afterwards, run the filter and chlorine shock.

Maintain your vinyl liner pools properly and never experience cleaning cloudy pool water again. Look for suppliers that offer pool liners that won’t easily breakdown, so you can save them and give your swimming pool a longer life.

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Do It Right: Don’t Get The “Buyin’ A Car Blues”

The auto industry has always been one of the larger partners of the banking and finance sector in the Philippines. Most, if not all, of the auto transactions in the country are through auto loans and dealer partner banks. But there are ways of shaving a few pesos off the loan that not many people are aware of.

First off, dealers have in-house financing departments that handle auto loan processing, but these dealers don’t give you the loan from their own coffers. Instead, they partner with banks like BDO Unibank, Inc. to provide customers with the plan that suits them. Dealers, however, do a bit of legwork and collect a 4%-5% commission for their trouble.

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People can save on that expense by borrowing from the bank directly, and then presenting the necessary papers to the dealer. Another benefit to borrowing directly from the banks is although their minimum income requirements are higher, they’ll be able to provide clients with a plan wherein the interest doesn’t exceed the purchase price.

Processing an auto loan is never simple, and an honest mistake can easily turn into a pounding headache somewhere down the line. The best cover-all-bases solution to problems involving financial matters is to consult an accountant, or a similar profession in the field. This not only allows clients to make sense of the jargon in the agreement, but also to help figure out which plan best suits the current monetary situation.

Never trust prior car buying experience when deciding on an auto loan, it’s very rare that the circumstances of prior agreements are in a similar line to current financial position. The market is just too flexible; clients need to adjust to the demands of the market as they stand on the days when they sign the agreement.

Getting an auto loan is one of the inevitable steps to personal progress, take every precaution to do it right, and the experience will pay off in dividends for the future.

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Simple Does It: Autumn Get-Up Essentials

Looking sharp does not choose any season. You have many chances to show your style, especially this autumn. Even with just a basic get-up, you can own the streets with your superb fashion sense and make the pavement your very own catwalk.

fedora hats

Apart from the usual coats, here are some more fashion essentials you need this autumn:


For the many fashion-savvy, autumn is the perfect season to don your clothes for winter, albeit in fewer layers. Make up for fewer garments with an impressive headwear like fedora hats. This keeps your head warm, and adds a touch of sophistication to your get-up


Boots are made for walking – in autumn, that is. Close fit and no laces usually go best for a sleek look. But for an edgier effect, hiking boots are a great choice.

Cross Body Bags

Quality cross body bags can mean a huge difference to your autumn fashion ensemble. They give a classy feel and functional value, as well. Plus, with the many options at premier online fashion stores like Condura, you can be as creative as you like.

Autumn is no excuse to dress down. In fact, it is just the right season to bring out your A-game when it comes to dressing fashionably. Even with a simple ensemble, you can express your style and show your good sense in fashion.