Would You Choose Eco-Friendly Funerals? You Could Be Among These Groups

funeral pink wreathPrepaid funeral plan companies have observed a trend of embracing eco-friendly funerals in the UK driven by public concern for conserving the environment. Have you, however, wondered for a moment, the kind of people that opt for this kind of burial instead of following the traditional techniques of burying?

Here are four groups of people that prefer ‘eco funerals.’

The Pragmatic

Pragmatics opt for natural funerals because of the low cost of this burial approach. Unlike the traditional burying process that requires embalming, cemetery services, and caskets, eco-friendly funerals use biodegradable fabric or containers to bury the deceased.

Moreover, the minimal process requirements for this burial type attract a low cost, which is a plus for pragmatics.

Nature Lovers

Some people love nature; hence, they prefer to have their burial grounds favour and preserve mother nature. They, therefore, choose to have eco-friendly burials either in a field with the trees instead of the usual tombstone in cemeteries.

Certain Religions

For some individuals, green funeral is not a choice, but a requirement according to the religious beliefs and faith to which they subscribe. Some of these include the Jewish, Wiccans, and Islamic faith, who believe in using shrouds in place of caskets.


A majority of people are opting for green funerals nowadays to conserve the environmental resources and minimise their carbon footprint on the planet. Traditional burial methods are responsible for the ecological impact from the concrete, the wood, and steel for caskets and the embalming fluids.

When the time comes, you too could choose the type of burial you want for yourself to save your loved ones the stress of deciding. Discuss with your loved ones the different approaches as well as their respective costs with the help of an expert and begin saving for your burial.