Why Your Office Upholstery Needs Regular and Professional Cleaning

Smiling Employees

One spot in your business that should never be overlooked is the reception. As almost all dealings start here, from hiring applicants to business negotiations, having this area regularly and professionally cleaned will help make a good impression to whoever enters it.

Part of that upkeep is having your upholstery cleaned, and that doesn’t just mean the sofa in your reception area. There are many other seats inside the workplace — your employee’s office chair or the chairs in the meeting rooms — that would require cleaning, as well.

Bad Odor

This will be the first thing that people will notice. It’s unavoidable, but not everyone who walks through your office door and sits on the reception seats are immaculately clean. The thing is, most fabric materials are susceptible to stains and sweat.

Make it a point to clean your sofas and lounge chairs once a week since just spraying it with surface cleaners will not remove the grime and dust that have already seeped into it. Also, ProKleen noted that hiring professional cleaning services in Utah once a month (at the most) can assure you of a deep-seated clean for your chairs.



Leaving your sofas and chairs alone without any sort of maintenance means that you’re inviting insects and pests to live and breed there.

Mites, bedbugs, ticks, and other common critters that bite the unlucky ones who sit there can actually afflict their victims with more than just an incessant itch. Besides, the discomfort it can bring to your employees would definitely affect their work performance.  Remember, it would give your office a bad reputation if such pests exist within your area of business.


Probably the last thing you would want accumulating on your receiving area seats and chairs are germs and bacteria that can lead to the worst possible complications. As mentioned, you would most likely have no control of who would be sitting in your reception and those that choose to arrive in the middle of a cold. A fever or any other sickness can leave behind elements of infection. Imagine how much worse it can get if several other ill individuals come in over the span of a month and you leave your sofas as is.


Germs, bacteria, and even viruses spread and grow faster once your upholstery manages to accumulate molds, fungus, and spores inside them. Like germs, these can get easily passed on to people who sit on the infected seat or they can get carried somewhere else, such as your work areas interiors.

Though they may not be a source of debilitating sickness, they can cause rashes, allergic reactions, and other sorts of discomfort. What’s worse, these growths settle mostly inside your seats’ upholstery so they remain invisible and hidden for quite a long time before they are discovered.

Having your office furniture regularly cleaned and maintained is a must. Call in the experts just to ensure that these items remain presentable and usable. Do remember that your sofas and seats help create positive first impressions, add to your company’s reputation, and improve your staff’s performance. This gives you all the more reason to view this kind of regular upkeep as a truly worthy investment.