Why Vegetable Exporters Should Invest More in Storage Solutions

Vegetables inside a greenhouse

Vegetables inside a greenhouseExperts believe that a $315 million revenue target from exports of fresh produce will happen by 2020. In the previous year, exported products rose 2 per cent to $252 million based on IHS Global Trade Atlas data.

Commercial and industrial fabric buildings will become more necessary for the vegetable export trade, as overseas shipments are on track to increase over the next two years.

Comparing Export Growth

Michael Coote, Ausveg national manager for export development, said that the forecast revenue growth for vegetable exports shouldn’t be compared with fruit exports. The comparison can be conflicted since exported vegetables generate a smaller revenue than fruits due to a variety of reasons. For instance, some types of fruits fetch for higher prices due to their seasonal production, unlike vegetables that can be produced year-round.

Market reach also comes into play. Many fruit exporters have successfully shipped products to China, while most vegetable shippers are yet to gain access to this country. Despite their differences, the common denominator between them involves several opportunities to access global export markets.

New Guidelines

Australian produce has become in demand worldwide that the government and horticulture industry players worked together on the first online market guide for exporters. The new guidelines are a collaborative effort led by the Australian Trade and Investment Commission and the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources.

It aims to simplify the process of exporting fruits and vegetables to the Middle East and Asia. This would be important to sustain the growth of the industry, as total exports in 2017 reached $2.11 billion, according to the IHS Global Trade Atlas data.

Whether you are in the vegetable export business or not, there’s no doubt the rising shipments require efficient storage solutions. Many industrial storage systems today cater to different types of fresh produce.