What to Consider when Choosing a Concrete Resurfacing System

Man ready to work on the concrete resurfacing systemWhen it comes to resurfacing your concrete floor, the weight performance of the surface is more important than its appearance. But there is no need to get a system that does not appeal to your eye.

When it comes to using concrete sealing products, some of the things you need to do to get a resurfacing system that will strike a balance between the appearance and the strength of the system include the following:

Condition of the Existing Surface

Are there cracks in the concrete or is the surface not level? You need an overlay that is self-levelling and of greater depth. If the surface imperfections are minimal, Form Direct recommends using a thin overlay. The moisture content of the concrete could also affect the state of the overlay system. A permeable overlay system is essential to allow excess moisture to escape.

Cost of Installation

If you are using stencils and other decorative engravings to draw patterns on the surface of the concrete, then your installation cost will be high. The value can likewise increase when you apply colouring on the surface and use different colouring methods.


Typically, floors require a little sweeping and mild cleaning to keep looking clean and new. An overlay with a decorative look needs extra protection from water, dirt and stains using different types of concrete sealer. The sealer makes it easy to clean the surfaces. You may likewise need to reseal your floor after a year of used to ensure that the surface always looks elegant.

The main reason for getting an overlay system is to enhance the look of your concrete. First, determine what you need in an overlay: the colour, texture or pattern. Look for a product that will help make your project a success. But always contact a reputable overlay supplier of materials and an experienced installer to ensure a quality overlay system.