Ways to Transform you Interior Furniture for Outdoor Use

Furniture outdoors

Furniture outdoorsWhen furnishing your outdoor space, costs and style should not inhibit you. Getting creative will save you some bucks and add much value to your exterior décor. If you have some interior furniture you no longer use, you could remake it for outdoor use in three easy ways.

Give them Weatherproof Finishing

Outdoor protective coatings and sealants safeguard structures from chemical damage and extreme weather conditions. Before applying on furniture, scrape and sand the furniture to remove old paint and finishing. After this apply waterproof painting.

Finish off with a polyurethane exterior coating to create a barrier that will protect the furniture from the effects of ultraviolet rays, water, abrasion, and rust. If you are remodelling seats and tabletops, use brush-on polyurethane as it gives a thicker coat and makes the finish build up fast without drips. For chair spindles, use spray.

Change the Fabric

In case you want to replicate an indoor living room outside, you need to do certain things to recreate the atmosphere. While the patterns, colors, and textures are essential in coordinating the whole look, it takes more than that. Since indoor fabrics are subject to the elements, fading and mildew, you’ll have to change to substitute them. Get suitable weatherproof fabrics for outdoor use and transform your pillows, cushions and decorative covers to last for a long time.

Regular Maintenance

Indoor furniture may not last long when used outdoors, but if you maintain them properly, they can last for a long time. Recoat the furniture every year to give it a new look. During extreme weather conditions such as severe rain, don’t forget to bring pillows and cushions inside. Where possible, place awnings and furniture covers to maintain their appearance throughout the year.