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The Coldest of Winter: Keeping Utility Bills from Ruining the Homeowning Experience

Man at desk in shirt and tie holding his head and worrying about money.Many homeowners find that the joy of owning a home fades quickly when they are faced with high utility bills every month. The situation arises during the inevitable winter period when you have to turn on the heat or freeze to death.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), households that use electricity to heat up their home spend an average of $930 during winter. If propane is your go-to heating medium, you are likely to spend $1,437 to keep warm. On the flip side, households that rely on natural gas for heat spend an affordable $578 during winter.

Make the right choice of heating method

Pay close attention to the type of heating system before making a purchase. Systems older than 20 years are likely to cause you grief in the long run. They are often inefficient and could lead you to incur a fortune in energy bills due to inefficiencies that lead to heat loss.

Again, you are likely to suffer frequent breakdowns, which are both costly and uncomfortable. If unsure, have an expert examine the system and advise you accordingly. For instance, you need to understand whether the home uses a hot water or a forced air heating system.

Factor in your creature comforts

Having a fireplace at home is a great way to create a warm and cozy environment for your family. Unfortunately, the idea of stacking logs and idea of having the house smelling of smoke is a deal breaker for many.

Luckily, Comfort Solutions says that you can now have a fireplace in Utah without worrying about the smoke. All you need is to replace your traditional one with a new fireplace that runs on natural gas or even electricity.

With the help of the installation experts, you can convert your old and probably unused fireplace into an excellent source of heat.

Making the right choice of a heating system is the key to keeping your home warm in the dead of winter without incurring a fortune in heating bills. With the help of a credible heating expert, you can make the right choice or modifications to suit your needs.


4 Incredibly Simple Tips to Get Your Home Winter-Ready

Man checking the furnaceDoes the arrival of winter excite you? Neither does it many people. Nobody likes the biting cold that comes with the season.  But that is not the only bad news winter brings. There is the increased power bill for keeping your indoors warm and comfortable, as well as the allergies, and so on.

By following these easy tips, however, you can make sure that winter does not catch you off-guard.

Get the furnace ready

The one appliance you are going to need most during the cold months is your furnace. It is easy to forget this important item during the warmer months till winter comes knocking.

Avoid the last minute rush by having a professional in heating service here in Gloucester, New Jersey take a good look at your furnace and tune it well before winter sets in.

Invest in weather stripping

If there are cracks and other openings that can let cold air into your house, seal them immediately.  Areas you need to inspect carefully include those around your doors and windows.

If you cannot see the openings using your eyes, try holding a candle near the suspect areas and see if the flame blows towards you.

Install a door sweep

A lot of warmth can escape from your house through the lower edge of your door. One of the ways to prevent this is by installing a door sweep. The door sweep is usually attached to the edge of your door, keeping the warmth in and preventing cold air from getting into the house.

Ensure you have snow-cleaning equipment

Take stock of your current snow-cleaning equipment and find out what more you need to buy. Keep a snow shovel, snow blower and any other equipment you will need for the season ready. Confirm whether you have adequate rock salt and deicer, and more early if you need to.

You need not wait until the last minute to rush to make your home winter-ready. By starting to prepare early enough, you can make sure you are ready for the cold months by the time the snow starts falling.

Winter Driving: 6 Safety Guidelines for Truck Drivers

Truck in the Winter TimeWinter is not only the season where people skate on ice rinks. Cars skating and skidding through roads are also common occurrences. This makes winter a highly accident-prone season. While such vehicles are easier to control and navigate, it’s not the case for large industrial trucks and vehicles.

Whether you’re driving or with a bulk cartage driver, Cates Brothers and other experts list what you need to know before hitting the road during winter:

1. Be prepared

Always have an emergency kit whenever you drive your bulk cartage. This should include clothing, coat, flashlight, food and water supplies, windshield scraper, and sand or salt bags at the least. Do not forget to have at least half tank of gas whenever you travel during the season. No one knows when the harsh weather will strike so it pays to always be prepared.

2. Always inspect your vehicle before leaving

Do a visual and hands-on inspection before leaving. Check on the windshield and the tires and don’t leave if the vehicle is not in its best condition.

3. Check on weather updates

Download apps on your phone or turn on the radio and have an idea of what to expect for the weather during the day, especially if you are going on long trips.

4. Slow down

Regardless of the vehicle, slowing down is necessary during snowy conditions. Most of the time, driving even within the speed limit is still too fast for icy roads. Do not rush and drive slowly yet safely during winter.

5. Keep a safe distance

Always keep a safe distance when driving to avoid getting into an accident, especially when the ones in front are getting into one. It would also make it easier to get your vehicle off the road easier.

6. Do not take risks

When driving conditions get bad, do not risk your safety and life by pushing through with your journey. Be wise and know when you need to get off the road and wait for the weather to calm down.

The secret to safe driving is preparedness and proper judgment. Always make your safety a priority, delivering your shipment on time should come second.