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Window Blinds and Your Kids – Safety Concerns to Consider

Window Blinds in AustraliaFor time, manufacturers have stuck to the normal looped cord blinds that are apparently simpler to make hence less expensive. However, the looped cord and their mode of operation makes them an utter risk to children. The Child Accident Prevention Trust in conjunction with other stakeholders delved into design matters that will keep your kids safer around your blinds.

A campaign to cover all blind types

A report published in 2014 demanded designers to come up with blinds designed to be safe or come with pre-installed child safety mechanism. This could include installing safety devices at the loop sections or creating cordless blinds.

Available safety mechanisms

According to theblindsgallery.com.au, the most notable safety mechanisms in the modern day panel blinds, Roman blinds, Venetian blinds and other popular blinds include:

  • Putting the operation cords at an elevation above the height of the children
  • Creating an operation code that snaps under too much tension
  • A maximum cord or chain length to reduce the risk of entanglement
  • A mandatory warning message that instructs adults on how to install and secure blinds when there are kids around.
Always have a professional install your blinds

Whilst designers might do their best in making the blinds safe and secure, improper installation could always make the safety mechanisms fail. Don’t try installing your own blinds unless you have some bit of handyman skills. This could either void your warrant or make the blinds a risk to users.

Most people see beauty and finesse when their eyes land on a wonderful set of blinds. Very few take the time to think of the strangulation and falling risks presented by the cords. Teaching your bigger kids to keep their siblings off these codes is a noble gesture. Purchasing protected blinds and installing them properly will ensure that the danger is out of reach no matter whether there is some mature supervision around or not.

Window Blinds

Protect Your Privacy in Style: Use Window Blinds

Window BlindsWithout the sun’s rays, there will not be a single fan palm left standing at Albert Park. Though your room may not suffer such dire consequences, it sure can use a lot of sunshine.

A window allows natural light to your room. However, leaving the window open most of the time may not be the best thing to do, especially if you are living on the top floor.

Blinds to the Rescue

It is a good thing there are blinds that can help you control the amount of light entering your room. With blinds, you can cover the entire window or just part of it. These window coverings also provide you privacy without depriving you of natural light.

Window blinds come in various designs, shapes, colours and materials — cedar, Venetian, sunscreen, vertical, roller and faux to name a few. The array of patterns and colours can improve the look of your kitchen or room.

Choosing Window Blinds

There are many types of blinds. Each has a unique design and serves a specific purpose. There are blinds ideal for your home theatre, while others are best installed in the kitchen.

Cedar Blind Specialists says choosing the best blinds for your home or office can be challenging because you need to consider several factors such as privacy, aesthetics and the overall look of the room. Blinds specialists have extensive knowledge about the different types. Some specialists can also provide you with custom-made window coverings that can complement the design of your home or office.

A well-chosen window treatment enhances a room. So ask the experts to help you determine the best blinds for your home or office.