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Man checking the content of a website

Why Simple Copy is King

Man checking the content of a websiteIf you’ve heard so much about how copy is essential for your digital marketing efforts, it’s true. The words you use on your website, your Facebook Ads or your LinkedIn profile will reflect who and what your brand is. But, what kind of copy truly matters? Does it depend on your product or service? Should it be creative? Or should it match the language of your audience? Or all of the above?

SEOServices.com.au says that you won’t lose the quality of your copy even if you keep it simple. And that’s what your copy should be – simple and easy to read. Some even say it should sound as if you were talking to your friend. That means being straight-forward, using words you would use on a daily basis. Words that can easily be understood. Here are five reasons why copy is king.

It’s universal

Many countries use English as their second language, but that doesn’t always mean they have the same level of understanding for it. If you use basic words instead of the highfalutin ones (e.g. little, instead of, diminutive), it’ll be easier to get your message across all cultures.

It’s efficient

The attention span of people who are reading online is usually short. So, if you can’t get their attention in a few seconds, you’ll lose them. Simple and direct copy lets the reader understand and make decisions faster.

It’s inventive

Gone are the days when complex writing made you smart. Keeping your words simple gives the reader a better chance of understanding you because there’s less clutter to absorb.

It’s specific

Every website should be written with its customer avatar in mind. Simple copy makes it easier to connect to this avatar by using the language they speak.

Many people have gotten used to stretching out their sentences. It’s time to go back to the basic and simple way of writing to connect faster with the people that matter most.

What is the Difference Between Web Development and Web Design?

Man Working on a LaptopHave you ever thought what you needed a web designer when in fact, what you really needed was a web developer? While there are some people who specialize in both development and design, it can get confusing to know what these two roles involve.

Knowing the difference is critical as it helps save time when a prospect client wants a web developer and not a web designer. So what really is their difference?

Denver web developers explain the difference below.

What is web design?

This is the art of designing the public part of a website. This is the live page or pages on the web and those a user can easily access. Web design entails every element of how the site appears as well as its functionality. This takes into account the principles of a good design, user experience, and the customer’s needs.

A designer mainly focuses on the site’s content and appearance. However, a web designer has less to do with programming or coding. Web design is more on visuals and hardly requires any coding skills. You’ll notice that most web designers don’t know anything about HTML, PHP, or Java.

What is web development?

This is the process of writing the actual scripts and codes that bring a web design to life. Development is more about how a site works behind its design. A web developer may understand what a website design should be about, but that’s not their area of focus.

Although web development and web design may sound closely related, they’re not the same thing. Developers can improve their performance with basic design skills and designers can find it beneficial to learn some development techniques. Both developers and designers can work together to give a client a web design with no bugs.