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Statisticians Debate over Qualifications of MVP in Baseball

Batter hitting the ballBaseball statisticians have argued whether Houston Astros’ Jose Altuve deserved the Most Valuable Player award more than New York Yankees’ Aaron Judge.

The Houston Astros have won the 2017 World Series. Bill James, a veteran statistician, said that many baseball writers and analysts question the award given to Altuve based on the “wins above replacement.” James even went as far to describe it as “bad statistical analysis.”

WAR analysis

Members of the Baseball Writers’ Association of America chose Altuve after deciding on a vote. The decision raised some eyebrows among younger statisticians, who support Judge based on the WAR analysis.

James said that this statistical method involves taking all of a player’s contributions and consider the sum as the overall value of that person to a team. Some sports websites slightly based their scoring on both players on the WAR analysis. FanGraphs gave a score of 8.2 and 7.5 for Judge and Altuve, respectively, while Baseball-Reference gave a score of 8.3 to the latter and 8.1 for the former.

Wrong method

The WAR system represents a “dead wrong” approach because users ignore the connection between the number of wins and performance statistics, according to James. Altuve won the award due in part to this better performance than Judge during critical situations, which is something that WAR does not take into account.

While statisticians may argue over gauging Altuve’s qualifications as MVP, some tools such as radar gun for baseball, which can be purchased from stores like Radar Sports, LLC, allow a more accurate measurement of other records, including the fastest pitch in a game. New York Yankees’ Aroldis Chapman, for instance, has been responsible for all of 18 pitches so far in the 2017 season of Major League Baseball.

The method of evaluating the performance of each player has evolved in recent years. Do you think Altuve deserves the MVP award more than Judge?

It’s Game Time! What It Feels Like to Watch an Athletic Event Live

Sports FanTo any hardcore sports fan, regardless of whatever athletic league it is, nothing is more satisfying than see you favourite team perform their best move live. Though there are now a lot of viewing options to choose from, watching the game in person is still the best way to enjoy it. There are other reasons why it is a good idea to watch sports event live. Here are some of them.

Motivates You to Move

Seeing those powerful tackle and defence of your team can certainly encourage you to be involved in any sports or just be active. Aside from the sense of excitement it gives off, it provides a good motivation to you that anyone can be athletic.

Deeper Understanding to Sports

Though you can memorise every single sports term by the book, these calls and signals are still best learned when you see them in action. In any sports event, simple actions, such as waving and raising of hands denotes specific meaning. These precious moments are usually not shown in live telecasts, so the perfect way to study them is seeing these gestures in person.

Perfect Recreational Activity

Be it an Australian Football League (AFL) game or a tennis event, watching a sports competition is certainly one good way to spend some time with your loved ones. It is said that families going on sports events tend to develop a tighter and closer bond. So, if you’re thinking of ways to spend your next family bonding, how about you buy Dockers tickets from The Ticket Merchant for the whole gang?

Enhances Brain Function

Another benefit of watching sports events is, it promotes better thinking ability, as well as your communication skills. Along with that, just by mere watching a game can hugely improve your sense of observation and attentiveness.

The next time you think of a good activity to have a get-together with your friends or just to simply kill time, live viewing of your favourite sports event is certainly a good option! Go ahead and enjoy the game to your heart’s content!