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Travel luggage filled with essentials

Packing Light During a Ski Holiday: 3 Benefits You Can Enjoy

Travel luggage filled with essentials

In 2016, the numbers of visitors in Vail, Colorado passed 13 million for the first time and set a new record. As more people visit the place each year, ski resorts can get pretty crowded. While some people opt to visit during off-peak seasons, you can always head to the slopes anyway, as long as you know how to pack light.

Here are some reasons to pack light when going on a ski holiday:

It saves you money

Whether you’re a first-time or an experienced skier, you don’t always need to buy all your ski gear and clothes. Many ski rental shops in Vail, CO offer everything you need for a good time on the slopes. Renting will save you on luggage and is a great option for first-time skiers.

It’s easier to get around

Even if you’re driving to Vail and renting a ski chalet, traveling light allows you to enjoy the ski villages without hauling so much stuff around. After all, you’re on a ski holiday. If you rent your gear and clothes, you don’t need to bring them back and forth after you’re done on the slopes. This gives you more time to enjoy other activities at the ski resort.

In addition, you don’t need to worry about where you leave your items after you’re done using them. Just bring them back to the rental shops and you’re on your way to savor some alpine dishes.

You can pack more essentials

Traveling light allows you to pack the necessary items for your trip, including extra pairs of socks, underwear, and good winter clothes that you can wear when exploring the ski resort and neighboring villages. Don’t forget to bring sunscreens and sunglasses for skin and eye protection. Moreover, when you travel light and rent, you don’t need to stress yourself about the information on good ski gears and clothes. Experts from the ski rental shops can provide them for you.

There are more advantages to traveling light, especially if you’re going on a ski holiday. Consider these advantages if you’re preparing for a ski holiday in Vail soon.

One Long Holiday Or Several Short Breaks?

Friends on a Ski HolidayThere is a high risk of burnout if you don’t take a break, even as a workaholic. So as a typical employee, you need take time off every now and then. You might want a relaxing, traditional beach holiday or maybe you’d prefer a ski holiday, from tour companies such as Ski Line Limited. It doesn’t matter where you’re going, the most important thing is you take a much-needed break.

So, should you go on one long holiday or take several shorter breaks?

Long Vs Short Breaks

A one-off, lengthy holiday may sound very appealing. After all, it gives you enough time to properly unwind. But a study published in the Journal of Happiness studies says otherwise. In it, researchers liken vacations to sleep. You need to sleep regularly to rest. It’s impossible to binge on sleep and count on it being enough to keep you awake. Regular recovery from work is critical to keep your mind in shape.

Behavioural economist and author Dan Ariely is also fond of multiple short breaks. In his book The Upside of Irrationality, Ariely claims that ‘mini breaks’ create more positive memories than extended holidays. He explains that the enjoyment of a long holiday quickly fades away, especially when it’s about to end. As a result, people return to normal life not necessarily feeling refreshed.

An article from The New York Times explains why short holidays offer better incentives. In it, author Michelle Higgins believes that mini trips are better in creating excitement because of anticipation. This is caused by the planning, which is believed to be more pleasurable than the vacation per se. Researchers say that the length of a break doesn’t even have a significant effect on how people feel about the trip afterwards.

When choosing which ‘type’ of holiday to choose, it’s important to remember that it must fit your lifestyle and what you want to get out of your trip. Some people feel more energized after one long break, while others don’t. Be sure that what you pick works best for you.