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Three Ways a Recruitment Agency Benefits a London Company

a human resource expert interviewing an applicantFinding qualified employees in London can either be a gruelling task or an easy feat. That depends on how much time you have, how many people you are looking for and whether you employ the help of a recruitment agency. Think you can handle recruitment yourself? Think again.

Time Well Spent

For a small company, it may not seem advantageous to hire finance recruitment agencies at first, but think about the time that each member of the team will take away from their usual tasks to accommodate interviews. For a big company, meanwhile, you’d want to delegate the task to someone who is qualified enough to look for employees to handle finance instead of setting up an internal team yourself. Recruitment agencies are more particular with the qualities they look for in an applicant, which is good for positions that require technical skills.

Skills Checked Thoroughly

Facebook has a new London office, which is reported to add 800 jobs to the capital. Engineers and developers will mostly fill These jobs. The company has a track record of wanting to hire only the best, so it would be quite the competition. Facebook executives would not have enough hours in a day to meet every hopeful who wants to join the Facebook team. With a recruitment agency’s help, only those who have been shortlisted will be interviewed by the heads of the office. It streamlines the interview process and saves time for everyone.

Funds Well Spent

This may not seem like an advantage, considering you are hiring an agency to help with the recruitment, but bear in mind that you will not need to recruit employees continually. There will be months when you are at full capacity and will not need to take on more members, while on other months you need the extra help. If you have an in-house recruiter, you are paying a full-time salary.

When you are running a company, you need to know whether one option is better than another. Think wisely before you ignore the help of a recruitment agency.

General Data Protection Regulation: Impact on Recruitment Agencies

A RecruiterMost recruitment agencies in the European Union (EU) have heard of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This regulation is a new EU legislation that will replace the Data Protection Act (DPA) by May 2018. The GDPR’s primary purpose is to replace separate data protection acts in the EU by giving EU citizens more control and visibility over their personal data.

A major overhaul of data processing has to be executed in all recruitment agencies in the EU. The agencies will have to make major changes to several data processing tasks such as storing, securing, sharing, collecting and updating. Many recruitment agencies have gained numerous contacts by doing these tasks.

For instance, A&S Recruitment, an independent recruitment agency that serves Ipswich and Felixstowe, uses proactive networking in gaining contacts. They focus in offering recruitment services to port logistics environments. Currently, they are working with the largest container port in the UK.

Preparing for GDPR

After the GDPR is fully implemented, recruitment agencies will require candidates to give an explicit consent for processing their personal data in their various data processing activities. To prepare for the new regulation, agencies need to ensure that everyone in the company is fully aware of what they need to do once the GDPR is implemented. It is recommended that agencies assign one individual in the company to be a data protection officer for the company to have a centralised and consolidated action plan to effectively prepare for the GDPR.

Data Protection Approach

There are different methods to protect personal data based on the GDPR. For instance, the GDPR will extend a person’s rights on their personal data. It insists that people are the sole owners of their own data, and they have the right to withdraw consent in sharing their personal data at any time. For safety purposes, the GDPR gives people the authority to request that their personal data will be completely deleted.

The GDPR may be seen as a problematic transition for recruitment agencies. However, the implementation of the new regulation ensures that every individual’s personal data is safely handled by recruitment agencies.