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Remodeling the Kitchen: Is It Time to Do It?

A modern kitchen designHave you been noticing that your kitchen is no longer as functional as it originally is? If the answer is yes, then perhaps it’s time to give it a facelift.

If you’re still having second thoughts about the idea, here are some good reasons you should do it anyway:

Provides More Space

Over years of use, the kitchen may look cramped and crowded. It could be because it’s no longer fit for today’s set up. When that happens, the best thing you could do is consider renovating it to free up some space. Most kitchen remodeling projects in Fort Wayne, for example, are reeling into the idea of minimalism to save more space and provide better access to their cooking area.

Upgrades Function and Reliability

One of the most basic reasons homeowners welcome the idea is to make their cooking space more efficient. Many of the appliances you’ve bought 10 to 15 years ago may not be as functional as those that are available today. With various advancements in technology, modern devices are becoming more energy-efficient, which then provides you with long-term savings. Unlike when you stick with your outdated appliances that require constant repairs, upgrading to a new one a smart choice.

Enhances Home Value

Increase in home value and property marketability is the other reason many homeowners renovate their kitchen. An attractive and well-designed cooking space will attract more potential buyers when you decide to sell your house.

Improves the Quality of Life

Many homeowners complain that their kitchen is a mismatch to what they actually need. Most of them are in need of particular features that are not present in their existing kitchen. These types of additions could be achieved through renovation or redecorating.

Some people are reluctant to the idea of renovating their kitchen because they often think of the expenses. Instead of simply considering the upfront cost, try looking at it on a long-term view. You’ll be surprised at how much improvement and savings it could give you in the future. Just be sure to consult an expert as you go through the process to avoid committing major investment mistakes.

Facts About Flat Roofs and Why They May be the Better Option

House with a Flat RoofClay and stone were some of the first materials used for roofing when man saw the need to build homes. Thatch was also popular because of its waterproofing properties. Today, many families have traditional shingle roofing over their heads, while contemporary options such as metal are gaining popularity as well.

The roof is one of the most important parts of the house. Would you consider having a flat roof instead of the typical pitched configuration? Here’s what roofing experts from APEX Exteriors Inc. has to say:

Pitched versus flat

When there are two slopes meeting at a peak, a roof is pitched. This type of construction is popular because it is sturdy, it allows for good rainwater management, and it gives the home a usable loft space. A pitched roof can be costly especially if the size is considerable. The cost depends on the design complexity of the roof as well.

Meanwhile, flat roofs have a simpler design, are compact, and save space. They are not completely flat, though. The roof has a slight pitch to allow for rainwater drainage. For a small property, this type of roof is more preferable. Because of the less complex design, this option costs less.

What makes flat roofs attractive?

Aside from the obvious costing advantage, there are other advantages to choosing flat roofs. Commercial building owners choose these roofs because it takes less time, effort, and money to make them fire resistant. In addition, this type of roofing design lends greater stability when faced with high wind pressures. It is not surprising that the demand for flat roofs is increasing these days.

In addition, flat roofs are exciting. The style, color, and finishing options for flat roofs vary. There is a long list of materials to choose from, as well as an interesting array of additional features.

A properly designed and engineered flat roof has numerous advantages over a standard sloped design. Flat roofs have a contemporary feel and offer adequate support and protection. Are you convinced that this type of roof is the one you need for your house? The choice is yours. Call a reputable roofing contractor today.


A Ceiling Fan Benefit That Would Make You Want One ASAP

Ceiling FanYour home, like almost every other home in the United States, most likely depends on air conditioning systems to beat the summer heat. Yes, air conditioners definitely play an important role in keeping things comfortable in your home, but this does not mean that they are your only source of comfort during the hot days of summer.

The cooling equipment that can make a big difference

Instead of relying too much on your AC, you should also consider investing in ceiling fans. With the use of high-quality fans, there are days wherein you would not even have to use your air conditioning or even your heating system. And the fact that these cooling devices are way more eco-friendly than HVACs should already make you want to get several fans for your home.

Eco-friendly benefit through less energy consumption.

Nowadays, professional at Aeratron say you will find modern, innovative ceiling fans online that come with plenty of features. However, they share one thing in common: eco-friendliness. Because they use less energy than air conditioners, they have less impact on the environment.

Remember: regular air conditioners have an average consumption of 2,000 watts while average ceiling fans only use around 75 watts – and that is already at high speed.

Less energy consumption means lower electricity bills.

Because of the considerably lower electricity requirement of ceiling fans, you can expect a significant drop in your electricity bills. This is true even when you use them in conjunction with your AC during really hot days as you can adjust your thermostat to a higher setting.

Ceiling fan use even during winter.

According to SFGATE, ceiling fans, as long as you use them correctly, can help you not only bring your cooling expenses down, but also reduce the heating dollars you spend during the winter season. Even when you only have a small electric space heater, you can expect it to consume about 750 watts, while a ceiling fan still consumes 1000 percent less.

Making your home greener while ensuring it remains comfortable does not have to cost you a lot, as long as you make the right decisions, such as investing in high-quality ceiling fans.

Easy, Simple Ways to Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

Eco-Friendly HomeMany households believe that keeping their home eco-friendly is a priority. If you’re the same, you can start doing this as early as you build your property by using materials made from recycled items. Not only will going eco-friendly help the environment, it would help keep your home well ventilated and reduce your electric bills, as well. Here are some simple ways for you to achieve that.

Get More Information

Customgreen.com.au and other homebuilders say that you can’t have an eco-friendly home if you lack the knowledge and information about sustainable strategies and products, which could help conserve water and energy. Naturally, the first step is to research about how you can be more environmentally conscious. You can consult a builder that focuses on eco-friendly approaches for more information.

Living Room Insulation

One of the busiest parts of any home is the living room. Keeping it properly insulated will provide comfort to the whole family and make your home more energy-efficient. Buy a bench or sofa made with organic fabrics, nontoxic glues, renewable woods, wood batting and latex foam for better insulation. There are all-natural woven rugs available to cover your floors, as well. If you have a fireplace, use logs that are recycled from coffee grounds to produce less carbon monoxide.

Kitchen Upgrades

The kitchen is exposed to so many elements because this is where you cook meals and clean up dishes. To help make it ready to withstand all the wear-and-tear, use paint with volatile organic compounds. For the dishwasher, refrigerator and other kitchen appliances, always choose models that pass Energy Star standards.

There are many other ways for you to make your home more eco-friendly. These easy changes will likewise make the family feel more convenient and comfortable, so it’s always a win-win situation. Don’t hesitate to try these things out and you’ll see how remarkable these changes and improvements can be.

Home Safety

Protecting Your Home from Fires in 3 Simple Ways

Home Safety In many cases, a house fire is a lot worse than getting robbed. The devastation it brings is comparable to being struck by a natural calamity. Time and again, house fires happen when you least expect them, and they take away your most valuable possessions at the blink of an eye.

While you can always count on your local fire fighters to help you out in case your house gets on fire, the best way to prevent it is to fire-proof your home. Here are three simple ways to protect your residence from fire early on.

Install Proper Electricals

Make sure your electrical plan passes the local standards in terms of layout, equipment, and cable use. Proper electrical insulation, such as engineeringsupplies.com.au’s Raychem heat shrink tubing, will prevent short circuits even in the most demanding situations with high temperatures involved. Never overload power boards and cables, and have them regularly checked and maintained throughout the year.

Place Functional Fire Alarms and Extinguishers Strategically

The Building Code of Australia requires all properties to install functional mains powered smoke alarms. They should be tested at least once a month, replaced with new batteries regularly, and cleaned to remove any type of dirt that may interfere with its performance. While you can take maintaining the equipment, it is important that a licensed electrical contractor handles the installation.

Fire extinguishers must be placed in strategic locations. It should not be situated very near a possible fire source like burners and ovens. In general, they must be at least 2 metres away from the risk, and mounted at least 10cm above the floor. The height at which it is installed should not exceed 1.2m from the floor.

Fireproof Furniture and Carpets

Furniture and carpets are vehicles for fire to spread to other parts of the property. Choose fire resistant carpeting, and treat furniture with fireproof chemical.

From building to maintaining a residence, it is essential to implement fire-protecting strategies that will prevent unwanted house fires. In the end, common sense and a good amount of knowledge will keep your home safe from being burned down to ashes.

Brighten Up Your Living Room

3 Easy Ways to Brighten Up Your Living Room

Brighten Up Your Living Room in PerthWatching your favourite TV shows, studying for an upcoming final exam, bonding with your siblings, and entertaining your visitors: these are just some of the activities that can happen in a home’s living room. That’s why it’s important to always keep it a bright, lovely, and welcoming area. If it’s been a long time since you last changed it up, here are some easy but effective ways to liven up your living room.

Add Windows Treatments

Adding a window treatment is very simple, but it offers so many benefits to your living room. It provides more security against thieves by acting as a cover to your interiors, it controls the amount of noise and sunlight that enters your home even if you open your windows, and it beautifies your living room. You can choose from curtains, awnings, shutters, or outdoor blinds Perth shops offer. Just make sure it fits right in.

Try Modern and Sophisticated Lighting

Sometimes, the right lighting is all you need to make your living room instantly better than ever! If you don’t have a chandelier, then now is the time to buy one! Pick a chandelier that looks modern but not too out-of-the-box. It must still fit into your living room, but also serve as its centrepiece. This can serve as a great design element during daytime, while the lights can brighten up the room even at night.

Create Open Spaces for Bonding

Some bonding activities with family and friends take up space. That’s why you need to know how to maximize your living room area. You can have a centre table which is movable so you can just move it for a while when you play board games or stop dance with your friends. Make sure there’s a carpet underneath the table to make everyone involved comfortable seating on the floor.

These three ideas are great not just for aesthetics, but also to make your living room a better place to be. Try one now, or try all of them if you want!

Rain Gutter

Repairing those Pesky Holes in the Rain Gutter

Rain Gutter in Salt Lake CityThe rain gutter plays a vital role in preventing damage to your home. As pointed out by David Robinson in SF Gate’s Home Guides, guttering water and channeling it off the roof helps keep water from soaking the structure of your home. This keeps your house free from problems like water damage, blown rendering, as well as issues with mold and fungi.

Because of all these factors, it’s important to address and repair minor corrosion in your rain gutters. Follow these simple steps to get rid of those pesky holes yourself.

Step 1: Clean and dry the area you need to repair.

According to home improvement expert Jon Eakes, simply patching up holes without proper preparation can let water seep in to the edge of patch and cause further corrosion. The best way to avoid this is to clean off the holes and the area around them. Double T. Inc. suggests using a scrub brush and a spray cleaner to make sure the area is cleaned thoroughly. Don’t forget to pat it dry with a rag, as well.

Step 2: Fit a piece of aluminum on the corroded area.

Have a piece of aluminum flashing prepared to fit on the area that you want to fix. You can also make use of a piece of think aluminum sheet metal. Both can be found in hardware stores or renovation centers. Make sure the aluminum patch is cut large enough to cover the hole and the area about two inches around it.

Step 3: Seal aluminum patch with quality caulking.

Once you’ve arranged the aluminum patch to cover the hole in the gutter, seal it in place using a liberal amount of quality caulking. Don’t forget to coat the bottom of the area, as well. Experts recommend making use of PL Polyurethane caulking because it works even if the surface isn’t completely dry. With this type of caulking, all you have to do is make sure the gutter is completely clean and that there’s no standing water left after you rinse it off.

Of course, not every repair issue is easily fixed with DIY types. When dealing with severe corrosion and other major problems, it might be best to contact an expert for help. Get a hold of one in your area to diagnose the situation. For Salt Lake City residents, there are several rain gutter repair experts you can contact.