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Categories of Indoor Water Damage

Water Damaged HouseLeaking roofs, flood waters, overflowing drains and burst pipes can wreak havoc in buildings. The upholstery and carpets’ textile can quickly absorb and hold water. This creates a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. Clean-ups after water damage are extremely labor-intensive and technical.

Time is crucial in the restoration and preservation of your carpets and upholstery. In Salt Lake City, professional carpet cleaning from service providers such as Anchor Water Damage and Restoration will mitigate the damage. Indoor flooding has three levels of severity. Here are these divisions and how each one can affect your carpet.

Sanitary Water Damage

This is usually water damage from a “clean-water” source. It typically comes from washing machines, dishwashers, faucets and water heaters. This damage poses no health hazards to humans. Affected carpets need disinfection and thorough drying by professional cleaners. It will prevent bacteria and mold growth in the long term.

Unsanitary Water Damage

Also called “gray-water” damage, category 2 refers to water from a source that contains significant amounts of physical, chemical and biological contaminants. These include lines that discharge water from toilets, dishwashers and washing machines. Gray-water damage poses a threat to human health. Affected areas require thorough cleaning and sanitation.

Black-Water Damage

This denotes flooding from extremely unsanitary and bio-hazardous sources. Those include liquids that contain chemicals, agricultural runoff, and raw sewage. Expert training and specialized equipment are a requirement for complete drying and remediation. One should immediately replace any carpet affected by black water damage as it poses a very dangerous health hazard.

If you leave carpets sitting in gray water for over 48 hours, they will also need replacing. Water damage is a potential problem for any property owner. Have a water damage restoration company with the right equipment and expertise in carpet cleaning on your contact list. You never know when emergencies will arise.

The Three Essential C’s of Efficient Gate Maintenance

Gate Maintenance Sometimes, for a customer, what makes an experience good or bad in a company building is how the little things, like the elevators, doors, and gates, work. If your company owns or even rents a building, you would do well to pay attention to how these features function. Gates, in particular, are important because they are the first and last things that people see once they enter and exit your establishment.


Since gates are seen first and last, it is important that they look good. Regular and efficient cleaning is a must for both interior and exterior gates. Besides, keeping it clean is part of keeping it in good shape and in full working condition. You avoid rust, molds, and neglected repairs because you’ve already identified them at the onset while cleaning your gates.


Corporate gates are not only objects that greet both your employees and your customers to enter your New York establishment; Tristategate.com says they also need to perform their basic function of security to the best of their capacities. Making a regular inspection helps with the maintenance of your gate and will help you identify maintenance issues, such as malfunctioning and structural damage, early on. You can then take the necessary action before the problems become too big and too expensive to handle.


If a problem proves too big for your maintenance crew or if you simply want to make sure that your corporate gates are taken care of properly, do not hesitate to call a professional maintenance service. They will know what to do in any situation and will have the proper equipment to complete the job efficiently. Just make sure you find a reliable contact to service your needs.

Proper maintenance of your company’s gate can make a great difference in your business and service. Paying attention to such details can improve your employees’ and clients’ view of your venture. If you can’t spare the manpower, then you can always hire a maintenance service to do these tasks for you.