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Should You Choose Dental Implants Over Traditional Dentures?

Smiling senior woman with new dental implants sitting in the dental office and looking at the mirrorTraditional dentures are the common option when replacing a missing tooth. Dental implants are often the second choice because of the higher initial cost associated with the procedure. Dentures are incredibly affordable and can be easily made, while implants take many dental appointments, as well as several months for full healing and recovery.

While it is true that a dental implant procedure is more intensive and expensive, it offers unique benefits. They may be artificial teeth, but they look and function like the natural thing. Many conventional dentures, on the other hand, seem unnatural and don’t blend with your real teeth. They will also need adjustments, special cleaning, and replacement over time.

Teeth Stay Where They Belong

Dental implants have an artificial tooth root that eventually fuses with the jawbone. This means that your teeth will stay in the mouth (where they belong). You can still maintain a healthy oral hygiene, and you won’t need to soak your teeth overnight. You won’t also have to worry about denture problems such gagging and slipping or falling out of teeth.

Better Quality of Life

Dental implants can improve the quality of your life in many different ways. Glenlake Dental Care, implant dentists in Northfield, IL note that they eliminate the consciousness or embarrassment associated with a removable set of teeth. Dental implants, furthermore, are strong and stable, which can improve your comfort, chewing, and speech, while avoiding bone loss.

Assured Comfort and Stability

When you choose dental implants, you won’t have to wear denture adhesive to stabilize your artificial teeth. You won’t also have to worry about premature aging, bone resorption, and unnatural looking teeth. Dental implants aim to preserve other natural teeth, as well as enhance comfort and boost your self-confidence. You can even eat foods that were restricted with dentures.

If you want a tooth replacement option that offers the best value for your money, choose dental implants. It is true that they cost more initially, they are the best solution in the long run. Bridges and conventional dentures may be more affordable, but they are likely to incur extra costs over time.

Dental Supplies

Safety in Practice: Different Dental Supplies to Have in Your Office

Dental SuppliesDifferent types of affordable dental supplies are available online. Nonetheless, you should not compromise quality over price when buying your supplies. Keep in mind that dental equipment must always be in quality condition.

If you are just starting out with a new dental clinic, it is advisable to complete all the necessary tools and equipment during the first year and set up a monthly inventory to monitor all the supplies. Buy replacement tools every month, so that you will not go out of stock during important procedures.

There are many types of dental equipment used for oral surgeries, preventive dental treatments, prosthodontics, and endodontic procedures. Below are some of the common supplies and tools that you need in your dental office:

  • Face masks

Generally, medical face masks serve as protection from the spread and contamination of any kinds of infection. You will find disposable types, which are soft and comfortable to use.

  • Gloves

Protective gloves are the most common supplies in the medical industry. These are usually made of plastic latex, vinyl, or nitrile. When buying cheap dental supplies, gloves should be the one thing to look for.

  • Hand Sanitizers

Hand sanitizers are important in kill all kinds of bacteria and viruses that you might be carrying. Unlike soap, hand sanitizers offer an easier and more convenient alternative of keeping the hands clean.

  • Dental Bibs and Towels

Dental bibs and towels protect the patient’s clothes from blood, chemical, or other types of liquid during dental procedures.

  • Blood Pressure Monitors

Blood pressure monitors are important for clinics or any kind of hospital setting. Some monitors come in either manual or automatic function, while others are designed for many applications, such as pediatric, ambulance use, and sphygmomanometers.

  • Instrument Trays

Medical instrument trays serve as instrument storage; some dentists may use these for autoclave, procedures, as well as sterilization. A variety of styles and sizes are available to match the needs of a dental practice.

It is important to establish a routine of inventory to control and review all your supplies every month. This will ensure you have everything ready during times of emergencies.