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Clean to Make Greens: Here’s How to Start a Cleaning Service

Cleaning services employees ready to workThere is a huge market for a cleaning service provider. It may not exactly be easy work, but it isn’t all that complicated, and there’s good money in it.

Before opening your cleaning service, here are some ideas:

Ask yourself if you really want to do this

Cleaning offices, kitchens and pantries, and restrooms aren’t exactly a walk in the park, so if you are squeamish about these things you should think twice about turning it into your livelihood. The same goes if you have allergies to dust and chemicals. If you like cleaning at home, and you don’t have asthma or anything that may prevent you from working, that’s a good start.

Practice cleaning

Yes, you need practice, especially with timing. Time management is a huge part of this kind of work. To practice, clean your own home, your parents’ home, and your friends’. While you’re at it, get their honest opinion on your quality of work. You might be able to use them as references.

Know where to get your supplies

For a start, you may get your supplies from the supermarket, but it is more advisable to buy industrial supplies online as there are websites specifically focused on these products. You might be able to get industrial grade products for a lower price.

Know the basics of advertising

Even if you’re just starting your business, a website and social media pages can help you grow your business more quickly. You can reach more customers online. But you should also use some traditional means, such as business cards and fliers. Consider advertising on a local newspaper.

Get permits for your business

For cleaning homes, you may get away without getting a license, if your county does not require it. But if you are servicing businesses, it’s always safer to get a permit. Whatever clientele you have, you need insurance, just in case someone gets hurt or one of your employees breaks something.

A cleaning service can be a lucrative business. Do your job well, and the strongest form of advertising you can get is good reviews and recommendations from satisfied clients.

Easy Strategies to Promote Hygiene at Your Office

Professional Cleaning Services When it comes to managing a workplace, the first thing that should be on your list is cleanliness. It may be a trivial and usual thing, but it has a direct effect on the productivity and health of the employees.

As such, it’s important that you work with a reliable corporate cleaning service provider. But you can always promote cleanliness and hygiene at work even in your own little ways. These are some of the things you need to keep in mind:

Clean the HVAC System

The quality of air at work determines how clean the room is. As such, you must ensure that the air-conditioning system is clean. A clean HVAC system will ensure fresh air because allergens, such as molds, mildews and pests are eliminated. To ensure cleanliness, you must seek the help of a reliable agency specializing in cleaning air-conditioning.

Place Trash Bins

To encourage people to throw their rubbish into the right places, you should place trash bins in designated spots. If you can, place trash bins under each table. There must be also trash bins along the hallway and in the restrooms. At the end of each day, the garbage from all the bins should be collected and placed in the central garbage can or silo.

Set Rules

Cleanliness starts with everyone, and to encourage them to be hygienic, you need to implement rules. For instance, you can implement a CLAYGO (clean as you go) rule in the pantry. You may place signs in bathrooms that ask everyone to drop their trash in the designated bin. You can put a hand sanitizer dispenser adjacent to the door of every room.

Cleanliness can do a lot of wonders to the productivity and health of the employees. Keep these tips in mind for a cleaner and better workplace.