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Ways to Make Your Brochures Stand Out

Bundled brochuresEven with the Internet and social media, in particular, changing the landscape of advertising and marketing, print media still has its special place. Printed brochures, for instance, remain to be a perfect way for businesses to get the attention of both existing and potential clients. They also allow businesses to inform their customers of great deals and upcoming events.

It pays to ensure that your print brochures would have maximum impact. They should not be just simple pieces of paper relaying information about your company. Below are some tips to help you ensure that your brochure design stands out:

Use creative cuts.

For you to get your audience’s attention, you need to think of innovative ways to raise their curiosity. Unusual cuts such as die cuts could be all you need. With this, you can experiment with imageries, shapes and other eye-capturing components that can entice your clients. A brochure that only relays bits of information through the cuts will keep people flipping the paper to keep reading what is inside.

Try out textures.

There are two kinds of textures: those that are visual and those that are physical. Both types of textures could work in the place of using solid colours. You can use patterns to create texture, depth and variety. You could also make use of embossed paper to give your brochures a sophisticated and rustic feel.

Use graphics.

The current advertising trends dictate that less is more. Instead of writing pages and pages of what your business can offer, you could choose to use graphics. Pictures can relay tons of information, and with today’s custom printing technology, the outcome of your prints will be glorious.

With a bit of creativity, your brochures will bring home the intended outcome. They will not end up ignored or somewhere in a pile of unread mail. Dependable printing companies understand tested trends and could help you choose a design that can boost the performance of your marketing campaigns.

3 Ways to Leverage Visuals Effectively for Your Website

SEO Paradigm on a Laptop Screen

Visuals have always been and will always be important to the success of digital marketing campaigns. However, simply putting one on a page will not do. You’ll need to use it effectively to gain the most benefits.

Experts on graphic design from Utah cite the following ways on how you can use visuals effectively to your advantage:

Site Design

Your website will make the first impression and would likely be the place where a potential customer spends most of their time on. This is why you better make it worth their time. The logo, menus, header, and the text all represent visuals. The style you use will reveal the brand personality you want to portray.

The visuals must aid with the content you publish, not take away its importance. People visit your website to get more information and share it through their networks. Set a visual pattern and a theme to enhance your brand message and convey it the way you want your audience to perceive it.

The Importance of Alt Text

This is the text that describes a particular image on your pages. This isn’t only useful for explaining visuals, but it enables your target audience to find you when they have a query. Including the alt text is favorable to you because it makes it easier for search engines to index that page and show it on relevant results pages.

Direct Attention

Visuals can serve as directional cues on a website. Arrows, lines, and even eyes grab the attention of a visitor. Once this happens, it’s easier to lead that person to a link and page that will likely convert to a higher rate. This also points to particular aspects of your website that you want to focus on.

These are only a handful of ways to effectively leverage visuals; implement these to get the results you want and improve the conversion rate of your website.

Online Retail Thriving, But Doesn’t Signal End of Physical Stores

Online retail information on a computerTraditional physical stores, where items are neatly displayed and shoppers line up to the cashier, will still be relevant in the retail industry despite the growing popularity of the e-commerce sector.

That is, however, if owners of conventional retail stores learn how to adapt to changing consumer trends, as they have to deal with challenges beyond monitoring competitor prices from online retailers.

Here’s what pricemanager.com found out and wanted to share with you:

Triple Threats

Sharmila Chatterjee, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan School of Management, said that traditional retailers currently face three challenges that hurt their chances of keeping up with the rapidly emerging e-commerce business.

Lack of focus on customers’ experience, avoiding core competence, and failing to see online stores as complementary businesses comprise these challenges. Chatterjee based these concepts on her own experience in dealing with physical stores.

Her insights may or may not be applicable to the entire industry, but we can’t deny the fact that some of the biggest retailers in the US are feeling the pinch. Macy, Payless ShoeSource, RadioShack and Sears are just some companies that have closed or plan to shut down their stores nationwide.

Retail Closures

Brick-and-mortar retailers have closed more than 2,800 stores so far in 2017. However, Chatterjee believes that the sector may still survive if businesses aim to maximize their advantage over online retailers.

Walmart, one of the country’s biggest retailers, serve as a good example. The company’s digital strategy for sales allowed it to achieve a 1.4% growth in revenue during the first quarter, as online sales rose 63% year over year.

By treating e-commerce as an added edge instead of a threat, Walmart made sure its business will continue to be afloat.

The traditional retail sector still has certain advantages, provided they don’t lose business to online retailers due to their failure to recognize customer needs beyond price discounts. If you own a brick-and -mortar shop, then you must find a way to keep up.

Simple Eco-Friendly Practices Your Company Can Adopt

Man showing the plantIn the face of the environmental challenges the world currently faces, many businesses are embracing eco-friendly practices to tackle the problem. The destructive effects of global warming are already being felt across the world. There are simple techniques that can help your company become part of the solution.

Include a garden in your building

A landscaped garden not only makes your business stand out, but it also helps save the environment. Besides giving a boost to the overall design of your building, a garden also helps boost air quality. Oakleigh Manor says that plants help in reducing carbon dioxide levels and pollutants in the environment, like nitrogen dioxide and benzene. On top of that, plants keep temperatures down. Contact landscape gardeners in Essex today and do your part in saving the planet.

Encourage recycling

A lot of the environmental pollutants in the environment today are items that are easily recyclable. For instance, each year tonnes of tyres are discarded. If your company is in the tyre business, recycle them into valuable products such as fuel gas, asphalt, and tyres. You conserve the environment in the process.

Adopt an environment protection policy

Businesses can no longer afford to sideline environmental protection while planning and implementing their strategies. Adopt measures to reduce or eliminate carbon emission and incorporate them into your business vision. Take action to reduce waste, improve energy efficiency, and extract raw materials sustainably.

Embrace green energy

Look for alternative sources of energy to power your workplace. Make use of wind energy, solar power, or other eco-friendly energy sources. You can also make use of electric cars in your company, to reduce carbon emissions.

Promote environmental protection efforts

Be active in encouraging any eco-friendly practices among your clients and community. For instance, give discounts to customers who use recyclable bags in your store. Conduct environmental awareness campaigns and training. Take part in planting more trees in your community. You not only help reduce global warming but also attract environmentally conscious customers into your business.

Businesses have a central role to play in taking care of the environment. By actively participating in the creation of a greener, more sustainable economy, you can help combat global warming.

Please Your Customers and Keep Them Coming Back

Happy Girl in a RestaurantCustomers always look for a reason to come back to a certain establishment. Whatever type of business you have, your survival would simply boil down to pleasing the customers and creating a good impression. In the restaurant business, certain factors would affect the way your customers will perceive you, which will also determine if they would come back.

The essence of a restaurant is to provide people with a great dining experience. Being able to do this will make customers come back. So consider the factors that would contribute to customers’ dining experience.

The Food

People dine at restaurants expecting to be served with dishes that will give pleasure to their palates. Your house specialty is obviously the dish that you are so proud of due to its exquisite taste. This, however, does not mean you would neglect the quality of the other dishes. People have varying preferences and your specialty may not exactly be their cup of tea.

For instance, some older individuals would prefer soups. This means you need to have special cream soup base recipes on hand. Others may prefer more vegetables and fruits, and you must be able to meet those needs.

The Ambiance

According to Fantastic Man Magazine, customers normally feel good about the food when the ambiance of the restaurant is fantastic. That overall feel of your restaurant can be a determining factor when it comes to retaining customers. People are drawn to places that are clean and comfortable.

If your restaurant presents the best ambiance, then you can expect people to feel good the moment they enter it. This, along with serving great food, can definitely make a new customer a loyal one.

The Staff

Everyone who works at the restaurant, especially those who interact with customers, must be courteous and friendly. Make sure they smile when they greet customers at the door. This will give customers the feeling of warmth even before they try the dishes you are offering.

Smiling is contagious and when you smile at customers, they are more likely to smile back. Hence, from the very start of your customer’s experience at the restaurant, you can be assured that it was an enjoyable one since it began with a smile.

These are among the top three factors that you must consider if you want customers to keep returning to your restaurant. Make them happy and your business will benefit from it.

A Small Start: Advice for the Growth and Establishment of Your Business

Business in AucklandHave you been planning on putting up a small business in Auckland? Maybe you already are on the road to opening it. Well, if you want to see it grow and be reputable, you must consider the needs and interests of your target market. On the other hand, a small business needs accounting and human resources to operate properly for growth and establishment.

Here is some advice on how to make your small business a success.

Consider the demands of the market.

Before anything else, you must think of the people you want to reach out to. Will they like your products? Will they actually buy it or is it just another store or item on the shelf? You have to study your target market’s needs and interests and incorporate those with the latest trends in order to have a sustainable business.

On that note, keep the power of social media in mind. It spreads the word, shows market demands and gives feedback on products and services.

Acquire accounting services for business security.

Second, understand that you need professional business accounting to help you establish a foothold in the industry of your small business. Why? Because accounting allows you to forecast what can happen in the market and to your business in the next five to ten years.

Furthermore, accounting reports let you come up with effective strategies for your business to be able to hold its own.

Only hire people who care about your business and for customers.

Finally, keep in mind that no matter what your strategy is in gaining customers, you cannot keep them if your customer service is not amicable. When you find yourself in need of staff because of a growing business, choose people who have a genuine interest in your products as well as genuine concern for your customers.

What else do you reckon helps your business grow?

Starting a Business

Opening a Business: Keep These Things in Mind

Starting a Business Starting a business can mean success and sacrifices along the way. Profit is the main advantage while putting personal finances at stake and leaving a steady paycheck are some of the challenges. As being an entrepreneur means sacrificing savings and borrowing financial resources, it is best to prepare for the challenges and keep a few important things in mind.

Always Dive with a Plan

It is never advisable to pursue or open a business without a plan. This is because it is easy to get overwhelmed with new ideas, causing you to lose focus. Crafting a business plan will help hone your vision, with the possibility of achieving the goals and profit you desire. Small business loan providers in MN note that the right business plan will help any startup move forward.

Avoid the Cheap Trap

In an effort to win customers, you may feel the pressure to heavily discount the products you are selling or the services you are offering. While your goal is understandable, customer acquisition in this manner will negatively affect your profits. The best thing you can do is to focus on quality and bring more value to customers, instead of constantly slashing your price.

Spend the Right Way

You’ve probably heard the expression, “You have to spend money to make money.” This highly applicable in opening a business, but you have to be careful where you spend your precious dollars. Don’t sacrifice or compromise on the things that your business needs, but it also makes sense to look for saving opportunities. It is much for practical to have a professional looking website than giving every new customer with a discount card or a souvenir.

Starting a business and being your own boss mean giving up a lot of things in your personal life. There will be countless hours of work, and you might find yourself working for at least 60 hours a week in the first year of your business. If you’re ready to give up your personal and social life, then you’re ready to start a run a business.

The Unseen Cost is the Deadliest: Business Preparation and Persistence

Business PresentationNew business owners tend to focus solely on profits. According to Forbes, individuals aged 20-34 own a third of all businesses in America. The prospect of self-employment and self-sustenance entices these smart and hopeful youth, not to mention technology enabling them to branch out into unexplored fields. These people work to build something out of their passions, but it turns out only a few are actually able to pay for it.

The Unbelievable Bill

Business consultants from Devoted Business Development say that revenue and costs tend to swing on an irregular basis, and this is a possibility all owners must keep in mind. The unfortunate combination of high costs and low revenue can render a small unprepared business incapable of operation. At this point, profits stop coming in but debts will continue to increase; a situation no executive wants to be in.

More than half of small businesses are home-based, which means that unless the owner has extensive market knowledge, they may miss several vital factors. Even with extensive market study, which most small businesses cannot afford to begin with, surprises can never be fully eliminated. Businesses need to establish contingencies for any negative financial scenario.

Holding On

A lack of connections and industrial foresight are fatal flaws in any business aiming to grow. The most profitable and long-running companies do not spend on a whim; all expenses are planned even before the need to pay arises.

Approximately 543,000 new businesses start every month, but only a third lasts to see a decade. Businesses find a harder time maintaining profits the more they develop, so owners must raise their cost projections along with growth. They must update their expense plans regularly in order to know whether their profit margins are able to keep up, or if unexpected costs are causing the gap to close.

Knowing when a business has a good hand and acknowledging when it does is not can prevent the owner from being cornered in a financial ambush. Preparation is key, and they should never treat potential costs as numbers carved in stone. It is always better to overestimate costs rather than coming up short and giving up a dream because of it.


Outsourcing to the Philippines: Quality at Lesser Cost

OutsourcingWhen you explore outsourcing from the Philippine market, there may never be a more attractive proposition. You are not only assured of an army of quality workers, you could streamline your expenses like never before. It’s totally win-win and nothing could be more appropriate.

Technology Meets Talent

It’s amazing how technology can bring people thousands of miles away together. You might think that talking to a customer service agent in a country far away such as the Philippines would sound sketchy. However, thanks to call center technology today, it’s just like talking to a neighbor.

Nevertheless, it’s not all the wires and the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software that make outsourcing the trend to beat. Chances are it’s the abundance of quality talent that makes it hard to resist.

In the Philippines, literacy is unbelievably high, pegged at 97.5% as of 2013. And as English is taught even from elementary days, talking to a Filipino is a breeze.

At Less Expense

What makes this large pool of talent even more attractive is it won’t cost a leg or two. Getting Filipino talent could mean paying offshore-outsourced staff 30% of your actual local staff. That’s tons of savings.

Enough reason why a slew of telemarketing companies like OutsourceConsultants.com has sprouted in that Asian country. In effect, your company is able to attend to high volume of calls without shedding so much operational expense.

Over the years, thousands of Filipinos have manned the phones – filling in almost every phone job possible under the sun, inbound and outbound. This could mean handling directory assistance, generating leads or providing technical assistance.

In the process, many of these diligent Asian workers fill their pockets more than they could ever do without such opportunities. Quite naturally, the Philippines has risen to be the call-center capital of the world, LA Times reports.

That should make many American businesses turn their heads towards its former colony in Asia, the Philippines.

Business Partnership

Important Preparations for a Deteriorating Business Partnership

Business PartnershipJust like marriage, some business partnerships have their end. There are no definitive reasons partnered ventures deteriorate. It may be that the relationship soured through time, or the other party is not living up to their end of the deal. But what is conclusive is that this business breakdown must not continue. Furthermore, those at the top should be able to foresee this event.

There is reason to believe that a termination of this magnitude will only be acrimonious. After all, the other party may not be aware of the situation and be surprised about your decision. Nevertheless, you must prepare your side for the impending dissolution. It is the only way of coming out of the negotiations intact and functional.

Identifying Common Interests

This is not to ensure that a future partnership is safe, but to find a common ground where both parties can negotiate peacefully. This way, respect and cooperation rules the proceedings, rather than animosity and vexation. More than that, legal aid must be present. There are experienced and reputable Townsville lawyers who will gladly mediate on the proceedings.

Work Out a Deal

By now, you and your partner should have agreed on certain things. Without ego and constant one-upping, both sides must acknowledge both their interests to come to a balanced conclusion. Resentment will only do you bad in the future. Thus, it is best to iron out a deal where everyone is, at least, content.

Half on Everything

Unless your business partner did absolutely nothing, it is preferable to halve the assets between the two of you. It also includes the legal costs, as the company is both your property. It may be asking too much for some partnerships that is beyond repair, but, do it for the sake of civility. You and the other party do not want trouble in the future.

Being Honest

You could well finish a business partition within a week if you remain honest all throughout. Doing business justly is a breath of fresh air in a normally toxic environment. When cheating will only bring problems, even in regular situations, be honest.

If you have been in a romantic breakup before, imagine if you knew these things beforehand. The process would go much simpler and peaceful. The same thing goes for suspending a business partnership. If you can put the effort to be straight up, everything will go as planned and smoothly.