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Go Kayaking in Alaska

Kayaking in JuneauOne good reason you should go to Alaska is to discover the fun in kayaking. Just in case you didn’t know, a kayak is a small boat wherein the paddler sits in a cockpit and uses a two-blade paddle to navigate the waterways such as streams and rivers. One big difference between a kayak and a canoe is the lower body of the paddler is hidden from view when riding a kayak while in a canoe, the entire body is exposed to the elements. Also, a kayak is much narrower than a canoe, which makes it ideal for roughing it out in the rapids.

Why Go Kayaking

Why is it fun to go on an expedition in a kayak? According to studies, kayaking allows you to listen to a different kind of sound that is, the silence of nature. As you paddle down the sea, river, or stream, the silence is momentarily interrupted by the audible moan of the passing wind coming from the mountains, and the screeching of the bald eagle as it flies overhead. Apart from allowing you to enjoy the silence of nature, kayaking also allows you to enjoy beautiful scenery such as the Southeast Alaska Fjord where cliffs rise straight up from the sea and razor peaks covered in snow and ice.

Think Safety First

However, there are a few things you have to remember when you go kayaking. Before you get into a kayak, make sure you have on a floatation device such as a life vest. If you are not familiar with kayaking, learn the basic paddling and safety techniques from a certified kayak instructor. When getting into a kayak, keep your weight low and centered to keep you from falling over.

Keeping these practical hacks in mind can ensure you will have a worry-free kayaking adventure.

Car Hire

Car Hire Tips for a Hassle Free Adventure Trip

Car HireA road trip filled with adventure with your friends is very exciting. But one of the many concerns is the vehicle to use for the travel. While you and your friends may have your own cars, nobody is willing to volunteer theirs. Because for one, they may not have adequate space to transport your bikes, grills and other equipment.

Luckily, there are trusted van mini truck hire companies like DriveRentals.com.au, that provide transport vehicles for different equipment. It is more convenient to travel to and from different locations in Queensland and Brisbane when you have a vehicle that can move your stuff.

Here are some things to take note of:

Before Renting

It may be easy to book a rental van online, but you should not be hasty. First, learn about the condition of the mini trucks in the company’s fleet. Do not settle for anything less than highly maintained transports, which undergo regular scrutiny. It is not difficult to find cars with four-cylinder engines, power steering and automatic transmission with air-conditioning and stereo speakers.

Make sure they can accommodate your essentials for the exciting and active fun weekend ahead of you.

For the driver

Exercise prudence and take extra precaution. Familiarise yourself with safety measures even though you have been driving for many years. You will be in the driver’s seat of a different vehicle, so you need to get accustomed to it first before hitting the highway.

Do not leave the parking space if there is one button or pedal you are not familiar with. Make sure you know the function and buttons well enough before driving it. The last thing you want to happen is to end up in a ditch in a remote place somewhere because you messed up with the controls.
When you book a van or mini truck, do not forget to explore all the options. Certainly, you want to save money for the trip. Ask about petrol privileges, if any. Learn all you can about the roads to your destination so you can save time as well. Maximise your resources and get the most of the service and your trip with your adventure-filled weekend with your friends.