Stay on Track with an Epic Corporate Relocation To-Do List

Moving and Relocating Tips

Moving and Relocating TipsEstablishing a schedule for a corporate move may seem easy. After all, you have made many schedules in your line of work it is almost second nature. Still, you may not realize there is a need for multiple task lists for different timeframes as you prepare for the move.
This guide outlines the necessary steps for a smooth and well-coordinated move for your business.

Working backward from the day of the move

Having set the final day and hour of the move, the real preparation work begins. The final move out date is the day when everything must be brought out of the space you are currently occupying. By working backward, you can list down the necessary tasks and assign people who are expected to perform them. Since work continues in the company as you approach the moving date, the staff must also be ready.

By planning early and well, there is no reason to stress over anything when the van line services provider arrives to bring all the stuff you have packed to the new location.

Assigning tasks two months prior to the move

Creating a move team can be fun. Assign a moving coordinator for each department who will assemble his or her own team. During the first meeting with the department coordinators, you must establish the areas of responsibility and regular move coordination meetings.

While packing office equipment and assigning folks specific tasks, the company is simultaneously preparing the new space. Another important task is to meet with the employees to orient them on the move, and to present layout plans for the new space.

Packing and labeling materials may fall short or problems may arise while preparing office equipment for the move. The overall coordinator should find time to discuss priorities during the move week, as well as have the presence of mind to troubleshoot. It helps if the entire pool of employees is working as one and following a clear plan of action.