Spill Ready: Preparing for Chemical Spills in Your Business

Barrels of hazardous chemicals

Chemical spills are hazardous to the environment, contributing to land and water pollution. It can even endanger the health of workers and the residents near the site. It’s a comfort to know, therefore, that spills do not happen every day, especially if the people who handle the material are careful and vigilant.

It still pays to be prepared, however. In case of mishaps, people must be ready to respond and mitigate further damage.

Proper Training with a Spill Response Plan

Employees are at the forefront of preventing chemicals spills, so they should be properly trained on how to handle the chemicals and equipment they are using. From knowing how to transport a chemical to reacting to accidents, workers must know how to follow through with the company’s spill response plan.

During times like these, workers will need spill response information, including a diagram of the site showing its layout, exits, chemical storage, and site drainage. It may also contain the chemicals inventory and chemical risk assessments, a record of the substances stored in the facility and safety data sheets.

The plan does not end in containing and cleaning the spill, though; the disposal of hazardous wastes and spill equipment correctly must be included, too. There should be steps on how the waste should be handed over to an appropriate waste plant, so it can be disposed of after they have been treated.

Spill Kits and Alarms

To complement the plan, it’s best to have efficient spill kits that are suitable for the type and quantity of the chemicals in the inventory. Businesses must ensure that these kits have all the equipment necessary to handle an accident. Moreover, spill equipment must be placed in areas where spills are likely to occur, including vehicles that carry chemicals.

Facilities may also install a spill alarm, especially if the site houses large quantities of chemicals.

Spill response equipment, when paired with an effective response plan, can make spills less of a messy, hazardous affair. Nobody can predict an accident, so it’s best to be ready.