Reactive Strategies Make a Difference: Short-Term Strategies for Better Rankings

Digital Marketing StrategyWhen it comes to developing better digital marketing strategies, it only takes one of two approaches.

The first involves SEO strategists and marketers developing proactive content, which encourages consumers to read engaging content (complete with solicitation reasons).

The second approach, on the other hand, is the responsive option. Marketers offer content, which capitalizes on a specific concept to raise brand awareness among consumers.

SEO Reseller Program, a white label SEO provider, reports that a majority of SEO strategists’ efforts focus on active methods, reviewing the latest trends and learning more about new opportunities. The majority of reseller packages for optimization are proactive as well.

Still, there are other opportunities that combine both approaches to improve awareness and encourage customer participation.

Stay Ahead with an Interesting Subject

A quick internet search on any concept shows the struggle is real when it comes to creating original content. There are thousands of content writers publishing white papers, buyer guides, and how-to articles, which result in cases of duplicated content on a specific topic.

To improve your organic authority, creating new ways to present information or being the first on innovative concepts is a plus. Apart from setting your brand apart, it also offers the following benefits:

  • Attracting more customers
  • Improving brand awareness
  • Providing new sets of meaningful backlinks
  • Improving organic visibility
  • Improving online reputation and industry authority

Keywords Missed Out by the Competition

Keyword research never stays the same as algorithms continuously evolve. Still, there are more opportunities for businesses to take advantage of new keywords possibly missed out by the competition.

Tools such as Google Planner and Soovle provide insight on top keywords consumers look for when searching for products and services. The goal is to identify keywords with significant search volumes minus the hefty competition.

The Competition’s Social Skills

Your competition’s Facebook profile or Twitter account is a minefield of opportunities. By keeping your eyes out for opportunities, you pave the way for better audience experiences. Remember: the competition isn’t perfect; one way or another, they will make a mistake and their customers will complain on social media.

When they do, that’s where you come in.

When the opportunity arrives, take it before the competition finds out.

Following one of these concepts will not immediately raise your authority, but it will improve organic search. With a little patience, you’ll eventually notice the growth.