Products Used for Sterilization in Different Areas

surgical instruments

surgical instrumentsSurgical instruments and medications that come into contact with an aseptic area of the body needs sterilization before use. The sterilization of such items is important for infection control and preventing the spread of diseases, and aimed at protecting the welfare of both the patients and the medical staff.

Some of the medical items that need sterilization include cotton products, scalpels, scissors, applicator brushes and tips, among others.

Sterilization in Dental Circles

Dental instruments have three categories: critical, semi-critical, and non-critical, depending on their risk of transmitting infection. These items need different approaches when it comes to sterilization.

In general, most hospitals, health centers, and clinic advise disinfecting all semi-critical and critical dental paraphernalia after each use by the use of dry heat, steam under pressure, or chemical vapor. Items that are heat sensitive, on the other hand, need decontamination using a cold sterilization solution.

Dentists use so much water and it is important that they have ways cleaning dental unit waterlines, especially for dentists who do not believe in using disposable dental supplies.

Packaging of sterilized instruments is crucial to protect them from contamination before the next use.

Sterilization for Baby Care Items

Sterilization of baby care items is very important as the baby has very low immunity and is susceptible to dangerous microorganisms. As such, any items that the baby comes to contact with need thorough cleaning, such as bibs, pacifiers, baby bottles, teats, clothes, cups and drapes, among others.

Many parents are not sure whether to sterilize their baby items or not because they do not want to get in the way of healthy bacteria crucial for the development of the baby’s immunity system. It is important to note that healthy bacteria will always find a way into the baby’s system through the food that the child eats!

Sterilization is the process of eliminating dangerous transmissible agents from a surface or a solution. Most dentists and doctors use disposable tools for this method, or else buy cleaning agents from a store.