On Retail: More than Just a Name

Store DisplayWhen it comes to retail, branding is, naturally, important. It sets the tone for how consumers perceive your company and whether or not they will support it. When you have a store, you need to take it to the next level.

Appealing to the Senses

Store fronts are, of course, the first thing customers notice. This can be done through window displays or through architectural detailing.

Beyond what can be seen, some stores appeal to the other senses. Several stores have a distinctive scent that permeates their entire space. Others may play a specific type of music reflective of their brand character. These little details may not always be obvious to customers. However, this may subconsciously be part of the draw and what imprints the store in their memory.

Make it a Journey

Show off your products by using high-quality shop display racks. Choose carefully: the displays should complement the character of your store and effectively showcase the products you sell. The shop display racks should be able to store on-hand stocks as well as samples that customers can touch and inspect.

Make it easy to navigate around the displays and provide a specific logic to the sequence of your display. Makeup stores, for example, may choose to begin with skincare in front, going all the way down to tools further in. Don’t forget your focal point! This may be anything from your best-selling products to your latest promotions.

Invite Them to Buy

Have appropriately-sized baskets within easy reach or make sure an attendant is nearby to give one to the customers. Make sure the price for each item is clearly stated and easily seen. Again, these should continue to reflect the character of your store. Avoid having too much on display all at once. Give each of your products ample space and opportunity to shine and draw clients in.

A well-arranged display can make or break your store. Remember to pay close attention to how clients move around the space to see if your display method is working or if you need to tweak it more.