Is Your Food Organic? Find Out How You Can Tell

A bunch of fruits and vegetables with a stethoscopeIt is tough to ascertain whether your favorite orange or those lovely apples in your grocer’s produce department are genetically modified or are indeed organic. That said, this article focus on ways to ascertain whether organic fruit and veg suppliers give you organic foods or not.

No uniform appearance

If the fruits and vegetables are organically grown, you will never find two items that look identical. That means, whether it’s a grain, an apple or a mango, they will have a different color shade, internal structure, and outer shape. For instance, if you purchase an organic package of moong dal, all the dals will have different shades of yellow as opposed to the uniformly bleached yellow present on the non-organic dal package.

Small size produce

Naturally grown vegetables, fruits, and grains will be rather small. While a majority of people love huge tomatoes, cabbages, cauliflowers, and pumpkins, they are not necessarily packed with nutrients. There are some special cases where people manage to grow large-sized organic fruits and vegetables, but they are unusual.

More Juices and More Taste

Organic foods are tastier than non-organic food. For instance, when cooking organic vegetables, you will require fewer spices as the vegetables have more natural flavor in them. Similarly, organically grown fruits are juicier since they ripen naturally on the tree.

Additionally, you will notice that organic fruits and vegetables will go bad faster since they do not have artificially induced chemicals that prolong their lives. This is unlike non-organic fruits which are plucked when green and pumped up with gas to ripen and prolong their shelf life.

When purchasing organic products, check to ensure that the product has a certified organic seal. These labels are put in place to help you identify natural products when purchasing. The label is not compulsory, though, and not every organic product will have it. In such cases, the above-discussed factors will be helpful.