How Profitable are Landscaping Services for a Property Resale?

commercial landscaping

commercial landscapingCommercial real estate owners should consider the impact of having standard lawn care service prior to a sale, as a report showed that you may recover almost 270% of the project’s cost after a deal. If you’re reselling a property in Georgia, for instance, commercial landscaping services in Athens or Atlanta could be a good option before you plan a listing on the market.

Value Enhancer

It’s not surprising that landscaping can improve the value of your property. By prepping the curb appeal, your property already elicits a good impression among buyers that the interior is just as good as the outside, according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR).

Even if you don’t have plans to sell your property, the NAR believes that owners should consider the importance of a well-manicured lawn. Aside from standard lawn care, other services include landscape management and an overall upgrade with the addition of sustainable features. Green landscaping has been a trend in 2018 whether for commercial or residential construction.

Landscaping Trends

Water conservation has been a recurring issue for sustainable landscaping, but a trend this year involves using plants that are native to a certain region since they require less water. Smarter irrigation technologies are another development, particularly for communities with hotter climates.

Designers have also leaned towards focusing on the integration of landscaping as a functional part of a building. For instance, office spaces have walkways and bicycle paths to help employees stay fit and healthy. Some residential landscapes now feature spaces for outdoor dining and cooking, instead of simply being a decorative space.

Consult a landscape service provider that specializes in different kinds of designs for all types of weather. Whether or not you plan to resell your property, a well-kept lawn remains a beautiful sight and greatly improves the quality of life.