Don’t Let Your Sites Feed the Black Market

Closeup of young male theif in sweatshirt with hood transfering money from bills of stolen credit cards

Closeup of young male theif in sweatshirt with hood transfering money from bills of stolen credit cardsEquipment theft is mostly a profitable enterprise for criminals who make away with stuff worth a billion dollars a year. Losing your expensive equipment can affect your ability to deliver your projects on time.

If you’re carrying out a construction project in California, Texas, Florida, Georgia, or Oklahoma, you need a video monitoring tower. These five states have the highest rate of equipment theft in all of the United States. In 2014, there were 1,650 reported thefts in Texas, 918 in North Carolina, 915 in Florida, 660 in South Carolina, and 647 in Georgia. Thieves are classy too; they go after top-notch brands in excellent condition.

A Billion-dollar Heist

It might seem surprising, but contractors are some of the hardest hit targets, often falling victims to vandalism, intrusion, and burglary. Job sites and construction sites incur losses amounting to $1billion from theft each year, according to a 2016 Equipment Theft Report. The report estimated the average value of the stolen equipment at about $29,258. In addition to equipment loss, job sites also experience the loss of other materials such as copper plumbing, which only serves to increase these losses. It also turns out that these sites make the choice targets for criminals because they have inadequate security measures.

Inadequate Security

Unlike conventional facilities, job sites might be a tad challenging to secure. With large construction sites that have lots of open areas, setting up a perimeter fence can be both impractical and expensive. The cost of erecting barriers around an entire property can be prohibitive. Unfortunately, this makes your sites vulnerable and inviting to criminals out for a quick payday.

shredded confidential informationIn some instances, you might have security measures that are easy to deploy in a harsh environment. Remote job sites with poor lighting are especially vulnerable to theft and vandalism. In such places, stolen equipment could go unnoticed for days, and you would still have no idea of how the robbery occurred.

Snowballing Costs

When you have equipment stolen from your site, you incur more than the cost of replacing them. When you lose a crucial piece of machinery, it affects your ability to do the work. It means that you’ll fall behind on deliveries and incur additional unnecessary costs to keep your staff there. It can hurt your professional reputation as you pick up a slew of bad reviews if you don’t take sufficient corrective measures.

Credible Solutions

If you have a limited budget, you certainly can’t afford to deploy an elaborate security system. Installing some intruder detection systems might make the costs outweigh the benefits. Thankfully, video analytics make an excellent security option for most job sites. With centrally mounted cameras, you can monitor your perimeter while keeping your gadgets out of harm’s way.

However, you’d still need to take extra measures to keep your equipment safe such as put them in shipping containers at the end of each shift to minimize exposure. In areas where lighting is a challenge, you can opt to use thermal cameras. Pairing a thermal camera with video analytics solves the issue of poor light and can act as a backup for the other visible systems.