Don’t DIY: Tooth Whitening


The popularity of tooth whitening is apparent if you live anywhere in the state of California. Virtually everyone has that megawatt smile and will do almost anything to keep it. Some people go to professionals like G.S. Matosian Dental Corp., but some people find dentists to be slow and expensive.


Whiten at Home

Some DIY home whitening kits guarantee results from five minutes to an hour, and they work. Teeth brighten to a dazzling gleam in mere minutes, but there’s a downside to the instant results home kits offer.

Enamel Scale

Bacteria and microscopic particles cling to your teeth even after you brush; their accumulation is what makes your teeth turn darker in shade. Tooth whitening works by stripping those particles away by using chemicals that are slightly more abrasive than regular toothpaste. Dentists in San Diego use a high tech light that accelerates the bleaching process after applying a peroxide gel to the teeth.

Tooth whitening is a balancing act between cleaning, and preserving the tooth’s enamel. If an ingredient is too aggressive in its cleaning, it may end up destroying enamel, along with the bacteria it’s trying to clean. If left unchecked, your teeth will get darker sooner and damage your gums causing your teeth to fall out.
The safest and best tooth whitening methods are done under dentist supervision. There are too many risks involved in the process to trust its completion in the bathroom, especially if the effects are permanent.