Cool Under the Sun: Principles of Men’s Beach Style


beachMost men are very carefree when it comes to trips the beach. The majority of them do not pay much attention to what they will wear, and many just dump a shirt and shorts in their backpacks and they’re ready to go.

It’s a different story for fashion-forward men, though. For them, dressing up for the beach is just as important as putting a decent outfit together for a formal event or a romantic date. In fact, they apply these beach style principles (which you can follow too, if you want to permanently ditch the boring shirt-shorts combo):

Comfort before Style

Beach vacations are supposed to be all fun in the sun. And to do just that, you have to prioritize comfort before style. Keep your head protected from the sun’s heat. There are plenty of choices: snapbacks, baseball caps, straw hats, bucket hats, etc.

Be mindful of your face shape and size. The trick is to try as many styles as possible to know which fits best and looks good on you.

Perfect Fit

Shorts are a staple, but most men have no idea what defines a good pair. Experts from Captain’s Landing say that it is important to have the perfect fit — it should not be too baggy, and neither should it be too tight. Also, it has to end just above the knee.

Color Coordination

Beach shirts and shorts often come in bright colors. There’s no problem with bold prints, but if you pair pieces that have too many details, the outfit can be confusing — not to mention tiring for the eyes.

Color coordination is all about balance. If your top has a bright print, go for a neutral hue for the bottom and then vice-versa.

Appeal of Accessories

Accessorize basic beachwear with a pair of shades, a belt, and boat shoes or a reliable pair of flip flops. While accessories add appeal to the outfit, be careful not to overdo it.

The beach style mantra is still less is more. Keep the accessories at a minimum, and make sure that they match the rest of your outfit.

As you hit the beach this weekend, don’t just throw on a pair of shirt and shorts. Remember these style principles to keep your look cool under the heat of the sun.