Consumer Guide: What is the Right Car for Me?

woman smiling inside a carSo you’ve finally decided to buy your very first set of wheels. But do you know which one to get? Before heading out to your local new car dealership or classic car, Ardell Brown reminds to ask yourself some important questions to choose the right one for you.

How much are you willing to spend on a car?

The first thing you need to take into consideration when buying a car is, of course, your budget. This is not limited to just the cost of purchasing the vehicle itself — be it in full cash payment or through monthly car loan payments — and the accompanying taxes and fees. There are also the insurance premiums, maintenance costs, and fuel expenses you need to pay on a regular basis.

What will you mostly use the car for?

The function your car will mostly serve is another factor to consider. You have to take into account how you’re going to use your vehicle, so you can be specific with its features — seating capacity, storage space, and engine performance. For example, if you’ll mostly drive your wheels to transport goods for your business, you should think of getting yourself a van or a pickup truck.

What do you want in a car?

Budget and function are obviously important, but you shouldn’t completely disregard your wants when it comes to your set of wheels. You should consider the type (sedan, SUV, hatchback, etc.), color, and features (touch screen, surround sound system, a backup camera, etc.) you’d like for your car. If you want a red sports car loaded with the latest features, then go ahead and include it in your automobile wish list.

A car is no small purchase, so you need to get it right when you buy one. Help yourself do so by asking and answering three important questions.