Comprehensive Criminal Record Check: Types of Records That Can Help You

An expert checking criminal records

An expert checking criminal recordsA background check is among the most important parts of the hiring process. Other than past employment history, education, and other searches, the criminal background of your applicants is critical. It is tempting to go through a national criminal database in a bid to cut costs. This, however, comes at a significant price.

The database is only a tip of the iceberg when it comes to a criminal record check in Australia. An expert will gather information from different records to give you a complete picture of the applicants in terms of their criminal history or activities. Here are some of these important records:

Local and State Criminal Records

These records focus on places where the applicant currently lives or has lived in the past. Local criminal records are typically used on a broad search level. Authorities will provide you with information on misdemeanours, bench warrants and other crimes handled at local and state level courts.

Restricted and Prohibited Parties Records

These records contain a list of all people subject to some form of sanction because of certain crimes. Terrorists, narcotic traffickers, money launderers and illegal weapon traders are among the people found on this list. Other than increasing your risk of exposure to any criminal acts, the government might charge if you hire these individuals.

Sex Offender Records

The law requires registered sex offenders to let you know about their record, but most will not do so. Sex offender records will furnish you with this crucial information. Organisations working with children and vulnerable people will find this piece of information extremely useful.

As they say, ignorance is not a defence. Ignoring the need for a comprehensive criminal check in all the above records and more will leave your company exposed to various risks you would have otherwise prevented. The law, in this case, might not be on your side. You should, therefore, hire an expert to conduct your criminal background checks.