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General Data Protection Regulation: Impact on Recruitment Agencies

A RecruiterMost recruitment agencies in the European Union (EU) have heard of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This regulation is a new EU legislation that will replace the Data Protection Act (DPA) by May 2018. The GDPR’s primary purpose is to replace separate data protection acts in the EU by giving EU citizens more control and visibility over their personal data.

A major overhaul of data processing has to be executed in all recruitment agencies in the EU. The agencies will have to make major changes to several data processing tasks such as storing, securing, sharing, collecting and updating. Many recruitment agencies have gained numerous contacts by doing these tasks.

For instance, A&S Recruitment, an independent recruitment agency that serves Ipswich and Felixstowe, uses proactive networking in gaining contacts. They focus in offering recruitment services to port logistics environments. Currently, they are working with the largest container port in the UK.

Preparing for GDPR

After the GDPR is fully implemented, recruitment agencies will require candidates to give an explicit consent for processing their personal data in their various data processing activities. To prepare for the new regulation, agencies need to ensure that everyone in the company is fully aware of what they need to do once the GDPR is implemented. It is recommended that agencies assign one individual in the company to be a data protection officer for the company to have a centralised and consolidated action plan to effectively prepare for the GDPR.

Data Protection Approach

There are different methods to protect personal data based on the GDPR. For instance, the GDPR will extend a person’s rights on their personal data. It insists that people are the sole owners of their own data, and they have the right to withdraw consent in sharing their personal data at any time. For safety purposes, the GDPR gives people the authority to request that their personal data will be completely deleted.

The GDPR may be seen as a problematic transition for recruitment agencies. However, the implementation of the new regulation ensures that every individual’s personal data is safely handled by recruitment agencies. 

Minnesota Welcomes You state border

All The Reasons You Want To Live In Lakeville, MN ASAP

Minnesota Welcomes You state border

Minnesota, as many of its residents fondly describe it, is one of the coolest (literally and figuratively) states in the country. Literally, because it receives a lot of snow during the winter season; figuratively, because of its wide array of positive characteristics.

All the great things that the state has to offer easily cancel out its cold to freezing temperatures, while also drawing in property investors. And of the many cities here, Lakeville is one that continues to dominate the housing market. Here’s a quick look as to why the number of new home constructions in Lakeville, MN is on the rise.

A quick look at the city

Lakeville sits just a little over 20 miles south of downtown Minnesota, giving it just as much urbanity. This doesn’t mean it’s a reflection though; it has many distinguishing characteristics that set it apart, starting with its various parks such as Steve Michaud Park and Ritter Farm Park.

One of the most educated Minnesota cities

Outdoor fun and numerous recreational activities all contribute to the attractiveness of Lakeville, but the fact that it has an impressive high school graduation rate of 96% further enhances its appeal. Another plus is its median household income: compared with Minnesota’s average, the city’s residents earn more than twice higher.

A city rife with job opportunities

Lakeville also boasts of a high employment rate, at 95.2%. This means that, as long as you have what it takes, you won’t just find a good job; you can also take your career further up the ladder.

One of the safest places in the state

Whether you’re single, planning to have children, or already have a household, know that Lakeville is an ideal location for you to live, thanks to its safety rating. Compared with the rest of the state, crime rate here is nearly 50% lower.

Refinance Your Mortgage

Refinancing Your Home Mortgage: What You Need to Know

Refinance Your MortgageIf you wish to lower your monthly financial obligations, you should consider refinancing your home mortgage. But this is possible only if the interest rates are much lower, as there are many other costs involved in the process. Refinancing will help you save a little every month, although some people believe that you end up paying substantially more interest eventually.

The truth is, either way, it is a good idea to refinance your home and some of the reasons for this statement are discussed below. When in doubt, approach the refinancing experts at a reputable mortgage company in Salt Lake City. Here are some things you should know and do if you’re planning to refinance your current mortgage:

Advantages of refinancing

Refinancing is a good idea if you get a lower interest rate, as it will help you save money eventually. Refinancing helps you stabilize all your debts in one loan. You can combine home equity loan and home mortgage when you opt for refinancing. You can save some money and simplify your finances.

Refinancing also gives you the option to change the type of your mortgage loan. If you currently have an adjustable rate on your mortgage, you can consider making it a fixed one, if it will help you.

Consider the following before refinancing

If you are considering refinancing, it is important to check if it is indeed the right move for you. Refinancing is wise only if you plan to live in your current home for a considerable period. If you plan to move out in a couple of years, you will not be able to recover the cost of refinancing within that period. You should also consider the cost of closing the current mortgage and the cost of refinancing. This will help you understand if you will really benefit from the process.

If you wish to proceed with refinancing, you must have a good credit history to be eligible for better rates. It also helps if there is more equity in your home and cash in hand to pay for the costs of closing the current mortgage.

No to DIY: Property Conveyancing Processes in Australia

Property ConveyancingAustralia is becoming a great market for real estate investment, and people are taking advantage of it. If you want to be part of the boom, it might be tempting to handle the legal aspects of buying a new property on your own. It’s not always the best idea to do so, however.

By passing up on hiring a property solicitor, you could be overwhelmed by the number of legal documents you need to fill out and file. This can cause you to misstep, especially when you are not familiar with the legal aspect of investing in real estate. In fact, your DIY approach could cost you more in the end. If you’re not sure how conveyancing works in Australia, read on.

Cross Reference & Transfer of Land

Your conveyancer reviews the title and checks the certificates of the property for sale. He or she will cross-reference the information with the one in the Section 32 statement. After going through the documents, he will send it to you to sign. The conveyancer will then deliver it to the vendor’s representative. All this should be accomplished at least ten days before the settlement date.

Mortgage Arrangement

Making arrangements for the mortgage includes sending copies of signed documents to your financier. The documents should include the contracts of sale, title search and transfer of land. The conveyancer may be present while you sign the mortgage documents.

Settlement Arrangement

Together with your financier, your conveyancer will be present during the turnover of the property. The seller determines the date of your settlement in the contract of sale.


The conveyancer will calculate your balance on the property. He or she will also be responsible for arranging a cheque and sending it to the seller.

Aside from the duties mentioned, a conveyancer can also negotiate with the vendor’s representative in case there are any changes to the terms and conditions. This includes the licence grant for you to occupy the property before the settlement date as well as a request for a time extension relating to finance approval.

3 Ways to Find an Accommodation That Will Complete Your Student Life in London

Student DormWhile many universities and colleges offer accommodations for their students, there are those who still prefer to stay in off-campus housing. If you are one of them, here are some ways to find the right one for you:

  1.  Talk to outgoing tenants.

An outgoing tenant (if you can find one) is your best resources if you want to know how landlords treat their tenants. It is important to know how fast these landlords respond to tenant requests, from upgrades to common and emergency fixes. Ask if the outgoing or existing tenant has the contact details of the landlord or property manager. This is important for emergencies and when you have questions during your stay.

  1. Insist on having a printed out inventory.

As you go through a site inspection, it is important to note that all the items promised to you and that they should be there when you move in. LHA London and other student housing providers say that this is especially true if you are renting a fully furnished unit. Before moving in, ask for a printed inventory. Make sure they are all in good working condition before signing the inventory waiver. This protects you from paying for damages that you did not cause.

  1. Check for security measures.

It is not enough that you check for pest and water damage. When visiting accommodations, make sure you check on the room’s and the building’s security measures. Are there enough locks? What about access to fire extinguishers? Is the surrounding area safe? If you think you have found the one, check its distance from the school and other commercial establishments. If this will be your neighbourhood, you need to ensure that you are comfortable walking around the area.

Some students find living outside campus a good thing for them, as it allows them to escape the ‘pressure bubble’ that some universities and colleges tend to have. For others, it helps them make friends outside of school. When you rent off-campus, it gives you the chance to choose exactly where you want to live.

The Three Essential C’s of Efficient Gate Maintenance

Gate Maintenance Sometimes, for a customer, what makes an experience good or bad in a company building is how the little things, like the elevators, doors, and gates, work. If your company owns or even rents a building, you would do well to pay attention to how these features function. Gates, in particular, are important because they are the first and last things that people see once they enter and exit your establishment.


Since gates are seen first and last, it is important that they look good. Regular and efficient cleaning is a must for both interior and exterior gates. Besides, keeping it clean is part of keeping it in good shape and in full working condition. You avoid rust, molds, and neglected repairs because you’ve already identified them at the onset while cleaning your gates.


Corporate gates are not only objects that greet both your employees and your customers to enter your New York establishment; says they also need to perform their basic function of security to the best of their capacities. Making a regular inspection helps with the maintenance of your gate and will help you identify maintenance issues, such as malfunctioning and structural damage, early on. You can then take the necessary action before the problems become too big and too expensive to handle.


If a problem proves too big for your maintenance crew or if you simply want to make sure that your corporate gates are taken care of properly, do not hesitate to call a professional maintenance service. They will know what to do in any situation and will have the proper equipment to complete the job efficiently. Just make sure you find a reliable contact to service your needs.

Proper maintenance of your company’s gate can make a great difference in your business and service. Paying attention to such details can improve your employees’ and clients’ view of your venture. If you can’t spare the manpower, then you can always hire a maintenance service to do these tasks for you.

The 3 Knacks to Contracting an Exemplary Plumbing Company

Plumbers in Orem For a fact, selecting an incompetent plumber results in low quality work and leaves you right where you began. What’s worse? You have no recourse of recovering your money. This is why finding and hiring the right contractor is a vital decision you should not take lightly.

Pinning down the ideal plumbing company in Utah will indeed get all your repairs sorted, without the agony of inflated bills for unwarranted extras. While it’s certainly not as easy, the suggestions below could make the daunting process a tad easier:


Before hiring the first team of contractors that piques your interest, it’s best to ensure that they’re licensed. Hence, you should request a valid license as proof of their craftsmanship on various issues such as heating, air balancing, cooling, and electrical wiring.


A reliable and trustworthy plumbing company in Orem or wherever in the state will not bill you for fixed problems that recur, under normal circumstances. They will provide a formal guarantee of their labor in the form warranty, which is usually valid for a given span of time or on installed fixtures. For instance, if you hire a contractor to do a repair and later discover an unfixed problem, then that means you should not incur a bill.

Proof of Insurance

For starters, it’s best to confirm that potential plumbers have registration with governing bodies, like the Worker’s Compensation Board, and that they have a good standing. Find out if the potential company is insured and what the insurance policy encompasses. Doing so will protect you from any liability in case the laborers incur injuries during working hours.

Efficient plumbing is a science, and culling the most prolific company is certainly not a bed of roses. It requires due diligence and a considerable amount of patience, which will certainly go a long way in eliminating the agony that comes with your repair requirements.

House Cleaning: Making It Easy for You

House Cleaning

Nobody wants to spend the whole day cleaning the house. As much as possible, you want everything done as quick as possible so you have more free time.  Cleaning can be a huge hassle but it is still an important task at home. Not only does it keep everything looking neat, it also helps keep you from danger and illnesses.

This is why you should never forget to have a weekly sweep of your whole house to get rid of all accumulated dirt. Conducting comprehensive house cleaning is easy as long as you have a system.

Here are some things you should include in your weekly cleaning plan:


Conduct a quick but careful inspection of what needs to be done around the house. List them all down room by room so you do not miss a spot. In bullet form, describe the specific things that you require in every room. Having a checklist not only helps you determine what needs cleaning. It may also help you identify what tools you need in specific areas. This can help you organise your cleaning items beforehand and keep everything in order. You do not want to add to the mess losing the things you need.


Speaking of tools, your house needs to be equipped with the right set. From handheld items such as dusters and wiping cloths to machines like vacuum cleaners, you need to have all of these ready. Be sure they are safe to use and be knowledgeable on where to use them appropriately. Improper use of tools may not only be a danger to yourself but may also destroy furniture around the house. Keep them all neatly tucked in a cabinet or storage room after using them.

Cleaning does not have to be a hassle if you know your way around it. Practice better cleaning habits and you can cut your time and effort in half.

Protect Yourself When Buying Real Estate

Real Estate in New JerseyWhen you’ve found the perfect house, chances are you can’t wait to get the paperwork ready to make it yours. And then you’re asked, “Have you looked into a title search and title insurance?”

The Future vs. The Past

Typical insurance protects you from things that may happen in the future. Title insurance does the opposite: it protects you from what happened in the past. The title search is the process wherein a title agency looks at the history of a property’s title. Title agencies can be specialized by area. If your property is in New Jersey, seek the assistance of a local title agency. You are also free to perform a title search yourself, but if you’re borrowing money from a lender, the lender will require you to hire a third party to do it.

Who it Protects

Title insurance protects both you, the buyer, and your lender, if you have one. It protects you against claims and liens that the title search was unable to find. One example is if there are any undisclosed heirs to the property you just bought. Should the undisclosed heir surface and contest your right to the property, there is a chance you can lose the house if you lose the case. Title insurance covers your and your lender’s losses should this happen.


Should the title search uncover errors, undisclosed heirs or liens and other problems, the title insurance provider adds those as exclusions to the policy. What would be the point of the insurance if that were the case? That you know or have been made aware of such potential problems gives you an advantage. It means you can decide whether to push through with the purchase or resolve the issues first. Should any further undisclosed problems surface, your title insurance will cover for it.

Things to Remember

The cost of title insurance is regulated throughout most of the country. If you want to be sure that you won’t have any problems with your property at any point down the line, it may be best to include this in your property purchase plans.

Survey: Investor Confidence in Australian Properties Hits Two-Year High

Real Estate in Australia Higher expectations of economic growth, capital values and forward schedules buoyed investors’ confidence in Australian real estate at the start of 2017, according to a survey by ANZ and the Property Council of Australia.

The survey showed that companies are more positive about the prospects of residential and commercial property investment. For the first quarter, the index for property confidence climbed by two points to 132.0. A neutral score in the index falls in the 100 mark.

Commercial Side

In the commercial property sector, sentiment for hospitality properties remained high as the tourism sector continues to be a driving factor for the economy. By region, according to ANZ chief economist Richard Yetsenga, investors had the highest confidence in New South Wales’ real estate industry.

Yetsenga also said that institutional investors are expecting higher interest rates over the next 12 months, partly reflecting a looming end for the Reserve Bank of Australia’s rate cuts. Sentinel Property Group added that other factors for the increase likely involves a recent surge in bond yields and retail interest rates.

Residential Prices

As opposed to a likely increase in interest rates, home prices across the country may slow down in 2017 based on an analysis of data from the Real Estate Institute of Australia.

Residential prices have surged in capital cities, such as Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney, over the past 10 years. Low inflation, wage growth and a glut in supply may lead to a downward trend for the next 12 months, however.

If you’re looking to invest in real estate, it might be a better choice to consider commercial properties for now given the price situation. Don’t do it on your own and instead find a property firm that can help you select opportunistic investments in the sector with the highest possible gain and lowest amount of risk.