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Breast Implants: What You Need to Know

Woman having breast implant procedureJust because you had a breast cancer surgery or you simply feel uncomfortable with your boobs’ size mean you shouldn’t resign to fate. Thanks to breast implants, you can look great again. Below are some of the questions you need to ask yourself before setting an appointment with a plastic surgeon in Utah. You will also find the information you need to make a good decision.

What is breast implant?

Breast implants are foreign materials inserted under the tissues of the breasts to enlarge or augment their size.

What are the types of implants?

There are two main types of implants; saline implant, which is approved for patients who are 18 years old and above and silicone implant, which is recommended for patients 22 years and older. A saline implant is filled with salty water and tends to be a bit firmer. Silicone implants are silicone filled and come in different thickness, i.e. cohesive and semi-cohesive.

How many shapes are available?

Breast implants have a myriad of shapes. Patients may choose between round and teardrop shaped implants. The teardrop shaped implant is seemingly more natural looking than the round shaped one. However, the round shape implant is more preferred.

How long until you resume your work?

Because every patient is unique and may respond differently, it takes about five to seven days to get back to work. But if your job is manual, you may require more healing time. In addition, the healing time will be determined by the area the implant was placed in. Implants placed behind the breast muscle takes more time to heal.

How long do the implants last?

Again, the life of the implants varies from one patient to another. While some may last up to 30 years, some patients go for additional surgeries after a shorter period. However, it is worth noting that breast implants are not lifetime devices.

How much does it cost?

Cost varies depending on the surgeon, the complexity of the process, and the type of implant. Be sure to consult your plastic surgeon for an estimate.

Doing a personal research about breast implants is imperative. However, it can be daunting to get all the information you need to make a decision. The above guide will be a useful reference point in your quest for getting breast implants.

Tourism Drives Hotel Construction Boom in Utah

a simple hotel roomSouthwest Utah will have as much as 1,000 hotel rooms by the end of 2017 due to growing tourism and pent-up demand, according to an NAIExcel report.

The real estate services company analyzed the market’s movement in drafting the new report, which counted more than 400 hotels rooms built since January and predicted the completion of over 450 rooms before Dec. 31.

Construction Areas

Some of the newly built hotels in the state’s southwest include three buildings in St. George, four in Springdale and three others each located in Cedar City, Hurricane and Virgin. Another four projects are expected to be built in St. George this year, as well as three more in each of Hurricane, LaVerkin and Ivins.

These projects are unlikely to happen if not for a record tourist figure in 2016, as there were 4.3 million people that went to the Zion National Park and other recreational facilities in the region. Jon Walter, a NAI associate broker and partner, said that the first half of 2017 already represented a good time for hotel construction.

The trend has likely benefited companies like Herrick Industrial Supply that offer construction and industrial supply online or offline, since more hotels have been built in the last 12 months than in the last 10 years, according to Walter.

Construction Jobs

An increased level of construction activity in general means more jobs. In the Provo-Orem area, construction employment surged 39.2% in May to more than 287,000 jobs from over 206,690 workers in July 2009.

The statistics led it to become the second best city among 430 metro areas in the U.S. where constructions jobs are on the rise. Cities in the west and south of the country recorded the best growth in construction employment.


Tourism helps local businesses and any region’s economy. The spate of hotel construction in southwest Utah further proves this.

Little Girl Reading a Book

Eight Books that Could Help a Child’s Bereavement

Little Girl Reading a BookThe loss of a loved one can be overwhelming for a child. Often, young children do not fully understand death, but the event will make them have to confront concepts like cremation, funeral, burial, and the difference between sleep and death. They will naturally have many questions about it.

As children have always identified with characters in books, movies, or TV series, seeing a character endure the same challenges make them feel less lonely. Thus, during these difficult times, a book can be a source of answers and strength for children.

Book Recommendations:

Missing Mummy by Rebecca Cobb: This book tells the story of a little girl as she copes with her mother’s death and how a family heals after a loss. The book is also recommended by the Telegraph.

Is Grandpa Wearing a Suit? by Amelie Fried: This is about a boy who is confused about the passing away of his grandfather. The boy asks questions about burials, death, and heaven.

Harry and Hopper by Margaret Wild: The story tells how a young boy, Harry, deals with the death of his beloved dog, Hopper.

Remembering Crystal by Sebastian Loth: Zelda, a young goose, notes the sudden disappearance of her friend Crystal, an old turtle. As the story moves, Zelda begins to accept that Crystal is gone but that she will remain in her heart forever.

Always and Forever by Alan Durant, meanwhile, is a story about a mole, otter, and a hare as they face the death of their friend, Fox. Like Zelda, the friends believe that Fox will remain in their hearts.

Hospices like in Indiana are getting behind this movement, running book clubs for people who are grieving. The mentioned hospice, in particular, has a section for children. Its book selection includes What’s Heaven? by Maria Shriver; Little Tree by Joyce Mills; and Love You, Teddy: A Tail of Loss and Hope by Virginia Ulch.

Book Hunting

Some people may already have a book in mind, or some might be at a loss about what book to find. The Reading Recovery Council of North America recommends three ways to find children’s books about bereavement. First, one could visit the public library to check titles about loss. Second, the school library may also have books that deal with grief. Lastly, if people are looking for a cheap, quality books, bargain bookstores are the way to go.

Death is a painful, sensitive topic. However, it’s still a part of life. During these difficult times, children need not be alone — they can count on their family, their friends, and a trusty, well-written book to help them through the process.

3 Ways to Make a Unique Wedding Invitation

Wedding invitationAs weddings become more expensive each year, couples are finding ways to save as they prepare for their big day. In New Zealand, an average wedding cost around $10,000 – $35,000, depending on the number of guests.

In case you want to cut down on the budget, why don't you try doing some of the things yourself? You can customise your souvenirs, or even the decors and flowers according to your wedding theme. You even create themed invites and have them printed by one of the top printing companies in Auckland. Signs n Stuff shares some inspiring tips to help you get started.

A Design That Highlights Your Passion

Your design gives your guests the idea on how you are as a couple and on the things that will happen on your wedding. As such, create a design that highlights your passion, interests and hobby as a couple. Share your personality and love story through your invitation.

Focus on the Details

The little details can set the mood of your wedding. Do you want your guests to come in their long gowns or in their sunny dresses for a more laid back event? Details, such as the type of paper, the font style and the colour can set the right mood. Moreover, the details would reveal your desired motif.

Make It Engaging

Be creative on the choice of words you put on the invitation. Create an enticing and engaging message, with words that are sure to touch your guests' hearts and excite their senses. Do not forget to include a map to help them find the location easily.

Spark your inner creativity and let your wedding invite give a lasting impression. Whether you choose to DIY or hire printing company, your invites can add excitement to your big day.

Invest in a Healthy and Younger-Looking Smile

Pretty girl smiling for the cameraThe skin is not the only body part that reveals your age. Your teeth may also be associated with an aged look, especially if you have missing teeth or if your smile is discolored or crooked. Poor diet and bad habits, such as smoking, tobacco use, and alcohol drinking can also make your smile seem older, with repercussions like plaque buildup and the onset of gum disease.

The good news is you can make your teeth healthier and younger again. Dental procedures can change your smile and appearance, and even take about 10 years or more off your looks.

Say Hello to Whiter Teeth

Drinking and smoking dull your smile with yellow and brown stains. Brushing alone is not enough to remove such stains, so it is best to consider in-office teeth whitening. Cosmetic dentistry centers in CT note that this can remove stains effectively and make your smile brighter again. This can also restore your confidence and improve your social life. It is, of course, best to quit the habits.

Replace that Missing Teeth

When you have missing teeth, bone loss is also likely — making you look much older than you are. This may also alter your appearance over time, with the cheeks sinking in. Dental implants are the best replacement option for missing teeth. Apart from looking natural, they can also offer an artificial tooth root to avoid bone loss, reduce stress on other teeth, and provide bite support.

Align and Straighten Your Teeth

Crooked or misaligned teeth make you look older and diminish your self-esteem. They can increase your risk of decay and gum disease. Braces can move teeth into the right position to give you a better smile. There are other options if you don’t want the metal wires and brackets, like ceramic braces and Invisalign (made of removable and nearly invisible aligners).

Learn the ways to improve and take better care of your smile. Be sure to keep up with proper oral hygiene and consider any of these dental procedures. Visit your dentist and learn more about the options that can improve your smile.

CoolSculpting: A Safe Way to Reduce Unwanted Body Fat

Woman needs coolsculptingMany prefer noninvasive cosmetic procedures for their reduced risks and side effects. Take CcoolSsculpting, or cryolipolysis, it is becoming increasingly popular for getting rid of fats in unwanted areas of the body, like the upper arms, abdomen, and thighs.

Effectiveness of CoolScuplting in Reducing Body Fat

Research shows that CoolSculpting has a similar success rate with liposuction in terms of decreasing the total body fat. It also has lower risks due to the absence of incisions and anesthesia because of the noninvasive nature of the procedure.

Common Treatment Areas

Common body areas targeted for the procedure include the abdomen, inner thighs and knees, hips, legs, flanks, back, and ankles. But not all patients may be suitable to undergo CoolSculpting. For example, people with accumulated fats due to abdominal hernias cannot undergo this cosmetic technique.

Expectations after CoolSculpting

The body’s reaction varies depending on the individual’s age and weight. A significant decrease in body volume after CoolSculpting usually begins four weeks into post-treatment. Ideal results develop after four to six months if the patient only underwent one treatment session. After three subsequent sessions, the breakdown of fats occurs more slowly.

Post-treatment Measures to Induce Fat Reduction

Post-procedure techniques can further stimulate the fat dissolution mechanism of CoolSculpting. Manual massage improves fat volume reduction by inducing the inflammatory reaction, which is responsible for eliminating dead fatty cells. Repeated treatment in the same area is also recommended to further destroy the underlying fatty tissues. It will also increase the sensitivity of fat cells to undergo normal breakdown in response to cold exposure.

The Bottom Line

CoolSculpting is a cosmetic surgical procedure that offers fewer risks over liposuction and other invasive surgical procedures. But early consultation with a cosmetic surgeon is crucial to determine the patient’s health before undergoing the procedure.

3 Ways to Maintain Safety in a Hazardous Workplace

Workplace Safety Equipment

According to Safe Work Australia, agriculture, forestry, and fishing are the most hazardous industries for workers. Injury and death are not daily concerns for most workers, but not all workplaces are created equal. Industries that deal with heavy machinery and those that work close to nature have so many unpredictables that they are subject to greater risk.

Here are some tips to help maintain a safe and injury-free workplace in high-risk environments:

Make sure emergency exits are accessible

In case an untoward incident happens, you’ll want a fast way for workers to exit the premises. Keep these exits in strategic areas of the workplace. If you’re working with heavy machinery that needs to be shut off in cases of emergency, make sure that the pathways leading to the switches are always cleared off.

Establish a quick reporting system for hazards

Ensure that everyone who works in the area underwent an orientation about the reporting protocol. A quick reporting system can be as simple as an e-mail system or even a note that “risk reporting takes priority over most tasks” when an issue arises.

Employers need to ensure that apart from the effort, there’s a system in place that ensures a safe work environment for workers. Reporting is part of creating this environment. Employers are ultimately in charge of keeping workers safe. Preventing untoward incidents are on top of their legal obligations.

Ensure workers are sober and fit to work

Workers need to be aware of their surroundings all of the time, says that this is especially true if they’re working around heavy machinery and equipment like stainless steel tube fittings and tractors.

Almost a third of workplace fatalities occur due to being under the influence of drugs and alcohol. It’s a huge hazard, as these substances keep workers from exercising correct judgment. They also impair coordination, motor control, and alertness.

When it comes to keeping workplaces safe, the key is to never compromise. Due to the hazardous nature of some work environments, most untoward events result in irreversible consequences.

Boutique B&B in Bath: Experience the History and Beauty of a World Heritage Site

Bread and breakfast room If you are planning a vacation in England and like to experience a city so beautiful it was designated in 1987 by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, you must not miss the city of Bath in the county of Somerset in Southwest England. With the city falling under the same prestigious category as the Taj Mahal and the Great Wall of China, there is so much to experience here that it is advisable to book a room in a boutique B&B in Bath to be close to where the action is.

A Natural Hot Bath Surrounded by Beauty and History

Founded in the 1st Century AD, the city of Bath (Latin name, AquæSulis, or “the waters of Sulis”) has the distinction of being the only place in England that has natural hot springs. The early Romans established the city as a thermal spa and built what are now known as Roman baths along the Avon River, many of which are still operational today and remain central to the city’s development.

Much care was lavished upon this place in ensuring that the architecture and landscape form a harmonious blend of style and colour with its water-based curative pastime. Neoclassical Palladian buildings surround the many Roman baths of the city.

Other Highlights of Bath

As if the Roman baths and grand architecture were not enough reason to visit Bath, there are more places of interest in this beautiful city:

  1. Stonehenge – Built in 2500 BC, there is much mystery and speculation regarding this circular structure as to its purpose for existence as well as the manner by which it was built, considering the simplicity of the building tools of that period. Indeed a site worth visiting.
  2. Pulteney Bridge – This bridge, built for the purpose of connecting central Bath with the opposite Bank of the Avon River from which its namesake (William Pulteney) had planned to get rich on, is considered among the world’s most beautiful and romantic bridges, of which there is just a handful.
  3. Prior Park – Part of the 18th-century estate of Bath visionary and entrepreneur Ralph Allen, founder of England’s first postal system, this park features one of only four Palladian bridges in the whole world, complete with what was considered as the graffiti of the 1800s.

Taking a vacation in Bath is not just a relaxing experience. It is also an opportunity to appreciate the beauty and history of a place that ranks among the ‘places of outstanding universal value to the whole of humanity’ as recognised by UNESCO. Do not fail to visit Bath when you go to England.

Hair Transplants Options and Things You Need to Know About Them

Hair Transplants Options Many factors contribute to hair loss, and your genes can be one of them. But while hair loss can be genetic, it doesn’t mean that there is nothing you can do about it. Individuals can now sport a full head of hair through hair transplants.

Two of the most popular options are the FUE and FUT hair transplant. The Follicular Unit Transfer (FUT), also known as strip harvesting, is the removal of a strip of tissue with abundant hair follicles from the back of the patient’s scalp. The surgeon will then transfer the strip into the area they are treating.

Those looking for a less invasive option, meanwhile, may go for an FUE, or Follicular Unit Extraction. This involves removing individual hair follicles from the back of the patient’s scalp. The surgeon then transfers these hair follicles into recipient sites within the area they wish to treat.

Before heading to practices that offer hair transplant treatments, here are some things you need to know:

  1. It is not for everyone.

Surgeons will first determine if you are a good candidate for a transplant. Most professionals agree that having hair transplant surgery at a stage where hair loss has just commenced may only accelerate it. Therefore, they consider older patients whose hair loss is at an advanced stage ideal candidates for a transplant.

  1. Transplanted hair will grow.

Transplanted hair never falls out. It becomes a permanent part of the patient’s scalp, once the growth has commenced. New hair, progressively, appears approximately four months following the procedure. After the eight-month mark, about 80% of the hair would have emerged.

Patients need to note, however, that it may take more time for hair at the crown area to grow. While they wait for hair growth in this area, they need to follow post-surgery precautions recommended by their surgeon.

There is no reason to be apprehensive towards hair transplants, as even celebrities do it. Given that a specialist performs the procedure, patients can expect minimal to no side effects. Transplanted hair, moreover, does not require any special care; you can treat like you would natural hair.

Feng Shui and Mirrors: A Brief Guide

Feng Shui in ChinaFeng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice of art and science developed over 3,000 years ago in China. It is a body of knowledge that teaches people how to balance energies in any given space to ensure good fortune to people who live or stay in it.

One of the most important factors in Feng Shui is the placement of mirrors. When placed correctly, mirrors can symbolically double your wealth, health, and happiness. Here is a quick guide to help you set your newly bought mirrors from United Glass to invite positivity in your Auckland home.

Feng Shui mirror placement do’s and don’ts

  1. Put them in area that would reflect light

Putting mirrors in a place where they would reflect light can help the Chi circulate in your home. Putting your mirrors in a place where the beauty of nature can be reflected would invite the positive Chi of nature to your homes.

  1. Do hang them in your entry way

Feng Shui believes that hanging mirrors in your entry way activate the water element while at the same time give you a positive glimpse of yourself on you way out of the door.

  1. Use a whole mirror

Broken mirrors may come as an aesthetic piece, but it attracts bad Feng Shui as signifies a reflection of broken pieces over time. Instead, opt to use a full mirror where you can see yourself in one piece. Doing so reflects a sense of completeness whenever an individual sees himself.

  1. Make sure your mirror does not reflect these things

Place mirrors around your homes strategically where they won’t reflect doors and windows, bed, toilet seat, flames from the stove in the kitchen, another mirror, unpleasant views, clutter and sharp corners of walls. All these attract bad Chi.

Hanging mirrors in the right places of your homes would add not only aesthetic value but also invite positive energy for you and your family to enjoy.