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Designing Effective Commercial Vehicle Wraps

Guy Working on a Car WrapMany people consider vehicle graphics as moving billboards.  It can help in identifying your fleet’s vehicles and build your business brand. Vehicle wraps in Houston, Texas are a great publicity tool for your business, according to Rockwall Wraps. This will help you create maximum impact with your campaigns.

If you want to install vehicle wraps on your own can be challenging.  Vehicle wraps are made of vinyl and can last for years without affecting your car’s paint. Some business owners use vehicle wraps to display their logo and brand, and as such, they can act as an effective marketing tool

Pick a Design That Matches Your Brand

Like any advertisement, you want your clients to relate your vehicle wrap to your company. If the overall style, logo, fonts and colors of your wrap do not match your branding and website, then people will not associate it with your company. Your business brand needs to be the key message for your fleet wrap.

Prioritize the Message

Your commercial wrap needs three or four primary things: a website address, a contact number, strong brand elements and a tagline message. Long bullet lists resembling a shopping list have no room on your wrap.

Design Your Wrap to Stand Out

Choose a vehicle wrap that helps your fleet to stand out. Many vehicles use a lot of visual commotion when it comes to using fleet wraps. Keeping your wrap uncomplicated and clear will outperform the visual racket from your competitors.

Vehicle wraps have a limited time for reading so be sure to use fonts and images that are memorable. The wrap company you choose should have the right expertise and tools for installing your vehicle wrap.

Do You Know How to Choose the Right Car?

A Steering WheelPeople planning to own a car need to ask themselves some basic questions when scouting for different brands, especially for first-time buyers.

By asking these questions, you’ll find it easier to narrow your choices instead of having to research a huge amount of available information about cars on the market. Cost is already a no-brainer since most of us tend to look at the price tag before even thinking of buying a certain item.

Fuel, Style, etc.

Smaller vehicles and SUVs are good for those that require stable fuel economy and engine performance. These cars boast four-cylinder engines and while they are a notch below the V6 engine, most people still consider them to provide the best combination of power and energy use.

Does your garage have room for a large or small car? Nowadays, you don’t have to expand your shed to fit in a new car with equipment such as a Bendpak 4-post lift. Prices for this piece of equipment will depend on the model.

Unlike Freddy Hernandez, a car enthusiast who spent $5,000 on his lift, your vehicle equipment should not always be expensive to be considered safe.

Business or Pleasure?

Do you have children? Are you often spending time outdoors with your family and friends? If you answer yes to these, then a minivan or three-row SUV is your best choice. Most cars can accommodate five people, including the driver, so these cars are suitable for large groups.

Take note that cargo space will be smaller as more people occupy the seats. On the other hand, pickup trucks are an alternative if you go camping or spend time outdoors frequently. A four-door crew-cab remains one of the most popular choices.

If you have the money to spare, what type of car would you buy? Or rather, how many vehicles would you purchase?

Winter Driving: 6 Safety Guidelines for Truck Drivers

Truck in the Winter TimeWinter is not only the season where people skate on ice rinks. Cars skating and skidding through roads are also common occurrences. This makes winter a highly accident-prone season. While such vehicles are easier to control and navigate, it’s not the case for large industrial trucks and vehicles.

Whether you’re driving or with a bulk cartage driver, Cates Brothers and other experts list what you need to know before hitting the road during winter:

1. Be prepared

Always have an emergency kit whenever you drive your bulk cartage. This should include clothing, coat, flashlight, food and water supplies, windshield scraper, and sand or salt bags at the least. Do not forget to have at least half tank of gas whenever you travel during the season. No one knows when the harsh weather will strike so it pays to always be prepared.

2. Always inspect your vehicle before leaving

Do a visual and hands-on inspection before leaving. Check on the windshield and the tires and don’t leave if the vehicle is not in its best condition.

3. Check on weather updates

Download apps on your phone or turn on the radio and have an idea of what to expect for the weather during the day, especially if you are going on long trips.

4. Slow down

Regardless of the vehicle, slowing down is necessary during snowy conditions. Most of the time, driving even within the speed limit is still too fast for icy roads. Do not rush and drive slowly yet safely during winter.

5. Keep a safe distance

Always keep a safe distance when driving to avoid getting into an accident, especially when the ones in front are getting into one. It would also make it easier to get your vehicle off the road easier.

6. Do not take risks

When driving conditions get bad, do not risk your safety and life by pushing through with your journey. Be wise and know when you need to get off the road and wait for the weather to calm down.

The secret to safe driving is preparedness and proper judgment. Always make your safety a priority, delivering your shipment on time should come second.

Six Detailing Steps to Deep-Clean Your Truck’s Exterior

Pick-up truckWherever there’s not enough concrete or asphalt, chances are you’ll drive home with all manner of filth, contaminants, and debris on your pickup or SUV. If you let the dirt stay on your truck for too long, it may end up damaging your paint or worse.

Here’s how to detail your SUV or pickup’s exterior to make sure it’s as clean as can be.

Step 1: Clean the engine bay.

You’ll need an engine cleaner or degreaser and a power washer or hose. Cover the electrical components and connections with shrink wrap or plastic bags. Use electrical tape to fasten the plastic if necessary. Spray the entire area with the cleaner or degreaser. Let the chemical sit, then agitate the dirt and oils with a wheel or detailing brush. Spray it clean with the power washer, taking care not to spray too close, or you might damage some components with the pressure. Wipe it clean. Spray and wipe on some engine protectant. Remove the plastic coverings.

Step 2: Clean the underside.

You can also use the engine cleaner or degreaser and a power washer. If you’ll be doing this a lot, such as if you’re regularly driving off-road, you may want to invest in a Challenger lift from JMC Equipment, as it won’t be easy to clean your truck’s underside if you can’t see or reach it. Loosen dirt and debris with the power washer, then spray your truck’s underside with engine cleaner. Let it sit for while then agitate with a clean wheel brush. Spray clean with the power washer. You may spray and wipe with a protectant too.

Step 3: Clean the wheels and tires.

You can also include this with Step 2. But instead of engine cleaner, use a wheel and tire cleaning product. The procedure is the same: rinse with water, spray with cleaner, agitate, rinse. Apply tire coating or shine when the entire truck is clean.

Step 4. Wash the truck.

The power washer can loosen most dirt, dust, and debris. Using the two-bucket system, lather up the truck with a microfiber wash mitt and a recommended vehicle shampoo (not dish detergent). Rinse it off with the power washer or hose.

Step 5. Clay it. Rub it. Buff it.

If the paint has swirls, some oxidation, and light scratches, you may want to clean it again using a clay bar and a recommended lubricant (even car shampoo and water is fine). When done, repeat washing technique. Note that claying removes wax. After drying with a microfiber or terry cloth, apply polish or rubbing compound for a deeper clean but make sure it’s not too abrasive on your paint or clear coat. Buff it to a shine using an orbital polisher or buffing machine.

Step 6. Protect your paint.

You’re not done yet; you have to seal the paint with your favorite wax, paint sealant, or similar product. Then apply tire coating or tire shine and a protective product on the wheels.

This is the right way to clean your truck after a day or two of rough adventures. Cleaning it at least once a week can keep it looking great even after a long time.


Experts Advise Buyers to Inspect Used Cars Before Buying Them

Old Car on the streetThe importance of inspecting a used car for sale in Raleigh, N.C., has become just as prominent as their popularity among buyers.

More people bought second-hand vehicles in 2016 with sales reaching an all-time high of almost $41 million. While buying pre-owned cars can certainly save you money, experts suggest that you make inspections first before you reach for your wallet.

Due Diligence

Most people often forego inspecting a certain car for sale since they get distracted with the price tag. But, buying used vehicles without going through some precautions can likely cost you even more than getting a new car.

Mechanical problems are among the common reasons that buyers encounter after taking home a second-hand vehicle. This is easily avoidable if you seek professional help from a third-party mechanic, who may check for potential issues of a used car. You can also do a background check on a car’s historical records such as previous damages and safety recall issues.

State Laws

Be familiar with state laws covering vehicles to know your rights as a consumer. In North Carolina, cars should pass a safety test with an accurate odometer reading and a disclosure statement on certain defects. You can demand compensation or payment if you acquired a car that has complied with these regulations.

Still, prevention is better than cure. The prospect of suing someone for a car that failed to meet the terms of a deal may be worth more than the price you intended to pay for the vehicle.

Whether you plan on buying second-hand cars from car dealers or private sellers in North Carolina, the precautions you need to take will still be the same. If you need legal advice on buying pre-owned vehicles in North Carolina, the state department of justice offers helpful information for people looking to buy cars in the secondary market.

Road Safety for Young Drivers: 3 Simple Yet Effective Techniques

Driving Car

Owning a car means convenience, as it enables you to move around with relative ease. As such, many youngsters go to great lengths to save up their allowances to buy one. While it is such a noble cause, many of them hardly enjoy the experience. Ignorance often transforms youthful driving experiences into a painful affair. Luckily, it only takes a little bit of effort to avoid the thorny bits of motoring.

Don’t Skimp on Car Maintenance

In the face of low cash flow and skyrocketing expenditure, you might prioritize other issues over car maintenance. While it might seem like a good idea, it is quite horrendous. You’re just endangering your life. If your car develops faulty brakes, head over to a reliable service in Arvada for brake repairs. Bad brakes could leave you nursing life-threatening injuries or cut your life short.

A reliable repair service keeps your car in excellent running condition, which lowers your running costs.

Don’t Ignore the Traffic Rules

Youthful vigor and enthusiasm often cause teen drivers to ignore safety precautions when on the road. They will speed over rough road patches, overtake dangerously, and break any traffic law. What you might fail to realize is that such reckless behavior on the road makes you a danger to other road users. The law does not take kindly to such misconduct. You might find yourself facing steep fines, a driving suspension, or even jail sentences.

Do Polish Your Driving Skills

Getting a license shows that you have the necessary skills to drive a car, but that doesn’t mean you are an expert. Take it easy on the road. Other than steering the car, seasoned drivers factor in road surface, weather conditions, and other road users.

Keeping safe on the road is a culmination of many factors on the part of a driver. Fortunately, young drivers can pick up the crucial factors easily and improve their motoring experience.

Classic Car in Salt Lake City

Make Your Classic Car Investment Worth It

Classic Car in Salt Lake CityWhen shopping for classic cars, it is not enough to have the money to buy one. You also have to think about maintenance costs. Spare parts are not only hard to find but are also very expensive, since manufacturers don’t make them anymore.

The good thing about this is that a classic car is a great investment. A well-maintained classic car’s value can only go up. Car specialists at Ardell Brown in Salt Lake City say that a good car dealer has the specific skills and knowledge to know when a collectible car is worth it — but can you?

To make sure you are making a good investment, here are some basic things you need to know before purchasing a classic car.

Be practical with your choice

Most first time buyers have their heart set on a specific model. However, it is good to keep your options open. Classic cars need a lot of upkeep, and maintenance repairs are your worst nightmare. As much as possible, look for a car that you can easily maintain. Do not push for a car that is insanely rare because finding parts is going to be hard and expensive.

Steer clear from rust

The minute you see a lot of rust on the car, do not buy it. Restorations are expensive, and the more rust the car has, the more it is going to cost you to restore it. Furthermore, restoring a classic car often entails replacing parts. That could mean that you could lose some of the original car parts.

Get a good Insurance policy

Due to their increasing value and age, classic car insurance is more costly than getting one for a new car. Find an insurance company that specializes in classic vehicles. You want to get a comprehensive policy so that you could have damage and theft protection.

Investing in a classic car can be very complicated and expensive, but if you have the resources and the right people to help you, the long-term value you get out of it is worth the trouble.

Getting a Rental Car for Your Auckland Trip

Car Rental in AucklandTravelling is on many people’s bucket lists. To be specific, touring around Auckland, New Zealand, is a dream come true for some. But, your backpack and common sense shouldn’t be your sole companions on this trip; you also need a rental car to help you get from one tourist destination to the other.

While car rental companies like Metropolitan Rentals have a wide array of vehicles you can choose from, it’s best to sit down with your travel buddy and tick off a few items on your list.

Consider your car rental needs

It’s important that the vehicle you choose has enough room for you and your companion and your luggage. If you plan to stay most of the time in the vehicle, then a luxury SUV may not be a wise option. Choose a car that can withstand any type of weather and rugged terrain.

Think of your comfort

Travelling around the country means you will have long driving hours, so you might as well choose a vehicle that has comfy seating. If possible, choose a smaller car, as it consumes less fuel. Moreover, automatic cars are more expensive, so if it’s not much of a hassle for you to work with a manually-operated car, then choose the latter. You may also not be able to get the exact car you wanted, but rather a similar model. If the specifications are okay, then this model should do.

Book your car from a trusted company

Don’t be afraid to ask for discounts and special travel packages, especially if you are travelling with your family. Negotiate the rates with the company.

You also have to consider the pick-up and drop-off points, miscellaneous fees, and other services that come with the rental fee. Choose a company that has a lot of vehicles, not to mention the newest models. Ask about restrictions (you may be allowed to take the car only around Auckland and not anywhere else).

Choosing a rental car is not at all difficult, but you have to be smart and practical. A luxury car sounds and looks nice, but it may not be up for longer travels.

Breaking Up with Your Brake: Signs You Need New Brakes

New Brakes from ArvadaOne of the most important features of a vehicle is a properly operating brake. Trusted auto shops, like Pickering's Auto Service, believe that these brakes are essential in ensuring a safe and reliable driving experience. Thus, it's vital to address brake problems early. Pay attention to signs that point to possible brake failure.

Accidents caused by brake failure account for at least 5% for cars and almost 30% for trucks. To ensure that you don't contribute to these statistics, learn to recognize these brake failure signs so you can replace your brake with a new one right away.

Vibrations During Braking

There may be something wrong with your brake system if you experience vibrations in the brake pedal or steering wheel after braking. It’s possible that the brake rotors have become warped due to the metal-on-metal rubbing and require replacement. A vehicle that’s out of alignment may also be the problem. Whatever the case, have your vehicle inspected by a qualified technician to determine the root cause of the vibration as soon as you can.

Vehicle Veers on One Side

Your brakes might be failing if the vehicle pulls to the left or right after hitting the brakes. One reason for the pulling is a stuck caliper. This happens when there is friction on one wheel but the rest remain unaffected. A collapsed brake hose may also be another reason as it makes the calipers move unevenly. It’s best to avoid driving the vehicle any further and have it repaired if this issue persists.

Brakes are Less Responsive

Normally, a brake pedal progressively becomes firmer as you press your foot harder on the brakes. A pedal that goes soft or a “sinking” pedal might be indicative of either a leak in the braking system or a worn out braking pad. A brake that is difficult to operate not only puts you at risk of an accident but also makes your vehicle a hazard on the road.

These brake failure signs should remind you to have your brakes inspected by a qualified auto technician. When you feel that you're losing control over your brakes, apply the handbrake, pull over to a safe place, and ask for help.

The Same, but Different: Telling Sanding Discs Apart

Sanding DiscSome things appear similar on the surface, but they actually aren't.

This concept applies to sanding pads or discs as well. Different styles and sizes have varying functions, so it’s best to be familiar with the features of each sanding disc before smoothing out the surfaces of wood furniture, removing excess paint from car bodies or attempting to get rid of stubborn scratch marks.

A Variety of Features

One of the great things about sanding discs is that they come in all forms. You have a variety of sizes and features to choose from, so you can make sure that the material you are using is suitable for the task at hand.

Before deciding on which sanding disc to use, study its features carefully. The features will clue you in as to what the product is for and whether or not it matches your needs.

Take note, particularly, of the diameter and the grit number. The diameter lets you know how big or how small the sanding disc is. Meanwhile, the grit number tells you how coarse or fine the quality of sanding will be. In addition, consider other features such as the disc type, abrasive quality and whether or not the disc has holes.

A Diverse Set of Functions

Deciding on a sanding disc might already be a challenge, what with the features you have to consider. It isn’t just about the details, though. You need to know the purpose for selecting a disc because of its features.

You have a diversity of uses for the product: It prepares wooden and metal surfaces for painting; gets rid of rust and excess paint; and straightens curves and polishes surfaces. There’s a long list of possible uses for a sanding disc!

This is where knowing the product features comes in. The mere grit size, for example, tells you a lot. Coarse grit size enables you to get rid of tough debris on the surface, while finer grit allows you to smoothen it. With that said, you are now equipped with the knowledge on why sanding discs are the same, but different as well. They are similar, but they serve different purposes so you can pick out the perfect tool for your project.