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Modern Farming Solutions in Australia Await $60M Funding

Businessman shaking a farmer with a tractor in the backgroundThe Australian Government invited organisations and individuals to submit their proposals on innovative farming solutions, which would receive between $250,000 and $4 million in funding grants.

As much as $60 million in funding grants will be awarded to “smart farming partnerships” in agriculture, fishing, aquaculture and farm forestry. The government plans to accept applications between Oct. 19 and Dec. 21, 2017.

Modern Solutions

The goal of the funding grants involves crafting ideas to sustain “healthy and productive soils, biodiversity and vegetation,” according to Barnaby Joyce, deputy prime minister and minister for agriculture and water resources.

Agricultural track systems have been an integral part of the farming industry. Any interested party can pursue a trial-and-implementation approach on how these systems can improve soil and vegetation conditions. The federal government’s grants will support existing public-private partnerships, such as Food Agility, which aims to streamline the digitalisation of Australia’s farming industry.

National Landcare Program

Australia plans to administer the grants under the AU$1 billion National Landcare Program. This project has significantly increased the adoption of sustainable solutions in farming, covering more than 9.5 million hectares. The programme will likewise aim to preserve biodiversity, as part of the Australian government’s natural resource management.

For the project’s next stage, the country will invest over $1 billion with a majority of the amount to be spent between July 2018 and June 2023. The investments will tackle several concerns, including vegetation loss, degrading soil, pest control and water quality. The Department of the Environment and Energy and the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources will mainly deliver these planned investments.

The grants will help encourage more people and groups to seek alternative yet sustainable ways to improve farming practices. The demand for food production continues to increase in Australia, which is why the government’s funding grants take place at just the right time.

Exciting Projects to Make with Laser Cutters

Laser used for cutting metalLaser cutters are a hot new tool that helps artists and builders in making extremely detailed projects. They have a remarkable versatility that allows makers to use them in various ways. You can use it to make prototypes made of wood, leather, plastic, leather, and even food.

Industry leader explains that unlike 3D printers, these 2D cutters produce objects in a much shorter time and with a considerably lower cost. Here are some ways to enjoy lasers on your DIY projects:


More avant-garde fashion designers are embracing laser cutters in making their garments. One of the most notable of them was Alexander McQueen of which house leveraged the use of laser cutters to spark creativity in the fashion industry. Soon enough, laser-cut garments have become a staple in runway shows and a collection of high-end brands. If you’re planning to make garments with unique and precise details, consider using a laser machine.

Architectural Models

Even in the age of ubiquitous CAD software, architectural modeling still plays a crucial role in the process of building. While architects can 3D-print their computer models, the laser can help them work with a variety of materials that better represent the real-world elements in the structure. Lasers also allow architects to tweak some details quickly, so they don’t have to reprint the whole model.


Laser machines can cut through multiple materials at once, that’s why they are a perfect companion for making furniture. Use one to create unique light fixtures, chairs, and other things using your own design, wood, and fabric.

What makes laser cutting so great is that you can use to make even the most complex designs. They are easy-to-use and fun to experiment with. If you have large scale projects or just want to experiment, you should definitely give this a try.

Increase Your Brand’s Revenues with this Payment Method

Man using a software for his payment methodAs someone who has worked or continues to work with big-box retailers, you most likely have already noticed how these companies turn the attention of their customers to their consumer credit products and services.

This type of financing is not new in the market, at least not for large retailers, seeing as they have used and benefited from them for so many years now. Merchant financing offered by firms such as Vyze, when properly used and managed, delivers a win-win scenario for both the seller and the buyer.

And the good news is, with today’s financing technology platforms, even smaller retailers can now utilize it to grow their business.

Modern FinTech for the smaller organizations

In the past, smaller businesses did not have the chance to reap the benefits of this form of financing, since back then most platforms were ideal only for the use of bigger organizations.

In other words, they came with a large price for setting up the program, not to mention the need for the funds they can use to “lend” to their customers. Furthermore, the additional risk that came with financing was only something that bigger names in the industry can deal with.

Nowadays though, many thanks to the considerable improvements in financial technology, even merchants who still have a lot of growing to do can now benefit from this.

The benefits in a nutshell

When you offer financing to customers, you give them a greater level of purchasing power. This, in itself, already makes your store more favorable than others, especially the competition asking for upfront payment.

Also, this increased buying power also encourages buyers to make larger average order value, which ultimately results in higher revenues for your brand.

Developers have realized just how great of a help such technology can deliver to smaller businesses, so as a small business owner yourself, you should already recognize its benefits as soon as possible too.

Ways to Make Your Brochures Stand Out

Bundled brochuresEven with the Internet and social media, in particular, changing the landscape of advertising and marketing, print media still has its special place. Printed brochures, for instance, remain to be a perfect way for businesses to get the attention of both existing and potential clients. They also allow businesses to inform their customers of great deals and upcoming events.

It pays to ensure that your print brochures would have maximum impact. They should not be just simple pieces of paper relaying information about your company. Below are some tips to help you ensure that your brochure design stands out:

Use creative cuts.

For you to get your audience’s attention, you need to think of innovative ways to raise their curiosity. Unusual cuts such as die cuts could be all you need. With this, you can experiment with imageries, shapes and other eye-capturing components that can entice your clients. A brochure that only relays bits of information through the cuts will keep people flipping the paper to keep reading what is inside.

Try out textures.

There are two kinds of textures: those that are visual and those that are physical. Both types of textures could work in the place of using solid colours. You can use patterns to create texture, depth and variety. You could also make use of embossed paper to give your brochures a sophisticated and rustic feel.

Use graphics.

The current advertising trends dictate that less is more. Instead of writing pages and pages of what your business can offer, you could choose to use graphics. Pictures can relay tons of information, and with today’s custom printing technology, the outcome of your prints will be glorious.

With a bit of creativity, your brochures will bring home the intended outcome. They will not end up ignored or somewhere in a pile of unread mail. Dependable printing companies understand tested trends and could help you choose a design that can boost the performance of your marketing campaigns.

Barrels of hazardous chemicals

Spill Ready: Preparing for Chemical Spills in Your Business

Chemical spills are hazardous to the environment, contributing to land and water pollution. It can even endanger the health of workers and the residents near the site. It’s a comfort to know, therefore, that spills do not happen every day, especially if the people who handle the material are careful and vigilant.

It still pays to be prepared, however. In case of mishaps, people must be ready to respond and mitigate further damage.

Proper Training with a Spill Response Plan

Employees are at the forefront of preventing chemicals spills, so they should be properly trained on how to handle the chemicals and equipment they are using. From knowing how to transport a chemical to reacting to accidents, workers must know how to follow through with the company’s spill response plan.

During times like these, workers will need spill response information, including a diagram of the site showing its layout, exits, chemical storage, and site drainage. It may also contain the chemicals inventory and chemical risk assessments, a record of the substances stored in the facility and safety data sheets.

The plan does not end in containing and cleaning the spill, though; the disposal of hazardous wastes and spill equipment correctly must be included, too. There should be steps on how the waste should be handed over to an appropriate waste plant, so it can be disposed of after they have been treated.

Spill Kits and Alarms

To complement the plan, it’s best to have efficient spill kits that are suitable for the type and quantity of the chemicals in the inventory. Businesses must ensure that these kits have all the equipment necessary to handle an accident. Moreover, spill equipment must be placed in areas where spills are likely to occur, including vehicles that carry chemicals.

Facilities may also install a spill alarm, especially if the site houses large quantities of chemicals.

Spill response equipment, when paired with an effective response plan, can make spills less of a messy, hazardous affair. Nobody can predict an accident, so it’s best to be ready.

Oilfield Lionhearts: When Gate Guards Put Their Lives In Danger

An Oil FieldOilfields require solid security to ensure that daily operations are carried out smoothly and safely. Oilfield gate guards' job is always challenging. A field with abundant oil and wells that extract petroleum and crude oil means a challenging workplace for them.

Industrial disputes happen unexpectedly. In such cases, it is the job of the safekeeping personnel, particularly the oilfield gate guard, to handle such disputes and save the day. Oil and gas security companies should provide trained and skilled gate guards to protect the facility against intrusion and sabotage.

Saving crews in times of disaster

Their responsibility as safe keepers is beyond their title. They ensure the safety of the crews on-site. Explosions, fires, and other incidents are just some of emergencies that might happen unexpectedly. Gate guards think of nothing but the safety of crew inside the oil and gas facility. They always think of how they can save lives during an emergency.

Protecting and safeguarding their 'home'

Being an oilfield gate guard has been a lifestyle more than a job title. The guards meet and deal with different people every day. They roam from one location to another, making sure the facility is secure at all times.

It has been a lifestyle more than a job to safe keepers. For some, they consider it a way of life. This kind of perception is crucial: if people consider their job their home, they will do everything to protect it.

For that simple reason, oilfield gate guards become heroes for they tend to protect the place they consider home. Every oil and gas facility should consider working with dependable security companies to ensure safe and trouble-free operations all year round. Go find your long-term security provider today.

Land Surveys Crucial For Any Land Development Plan

Man working on the site planning surveyIf you have a development plan underway, seeking the services of land development consultants is a wise decision. It is an important aspect of the process. These experts would not only assess the features of your plot; they also provide insight to ensure that developments made are in line with the legal requirements.

Land surveyors also assist with both engineering and construction management, which means they carry out three essential types of surveys to provide you with crucial data.

Consider the following examples:

Site Planning Survey

For Cato Bolam Consultants, an Auckland land surveyor, numerous important aspects should be taken into account before development plans begin. With site planning survey, land development consultants accurately evaluate details from construction, topography and boundary surveys. This also enables them to point out the best site preparation techniques for developments such as roadways, house lots or commercial buildings.

Construction Survey

This is a type of survey that provides developers and architects accurate measurements for a construction plan. The consultants you hire would do both grading and evaluation to determine not just the construction, but also infrastructures such as fencing and paving. This ensures that building developments are in line with your needs for space utilization.

Topographic Survey

Topography surveys assist civil engineers in unveiling features like existing constructions, water, land contours and improvements. With these informations and data derived from other aerial assessments and ground surveys, the actual value of a property can be determined. You would also learn about different developments that could be ideal for the land in question.

Reliable consultants could also conduct other necessary surveys, which ensure comprehensive data is collected after every detail regarding a particular property is evaluated. This is a crucial move for those who wish to gain access to development financing, especially for major construction projects.

The right data about land goes a long way in ascertaining proper and effective construction management.

Queensland Plans New Safety Laws for Workplace Health and Safety Act

Man showing the work safety cardThe Queensland government plans to toughen safety laws for amusement rides and consider industrial manslaughter to be a criminal offence, following the Dream-world accident in 2016.

The changes took place after a review of Workplace Health and Safety Queensland regulations revealed less strict inspection for theme-park rides. The Workplace Health and Safety Act will also cover cases of industrial manslaughter, according to Industrial Relations Minister Grace.

Stricter Laws

Personal injury lawyers here in Townsville and other cities can help you find justice for any alleged dispute against an individual or company.

Grace said that the inclusion of industrial manslaughter under safety laws would allow the prosecution of the person at fault and their employer, particularly in the context of amusement rides.

The Dream-world accident and a review of the WHSQ regulations also prompted the state government to require more training for equipment handlers.

This served as one factor for untoward incidents, aside from a high turnover of facility operators, according to the review. Some mechanical rides will need replacement as well since they have been in use for more than 30 years.

Amusement Training

Human error or lack of training caused more than 100 fatal accidents in amusement parks that took place in the country between 2001 and 2011, according to Work Place Health and Safety.

This is why the state government intends to impose the same operator licensing standards to theme parks and mobile operators in the state.

They will base the licensing on low, medium and high-risk levels. A proposed mandatory management system will also require operators to be specific in the competency of all ride attendants and supervisors.


The changes to the Workplace Health and Safety Act will improve safety for the public. These will also aim to avoid a recurrence of the same Dream-world accident that claimed four lives in 2016.

a businessmen writing down notes for financial technology

Start-Up Businesses: Why You Need an Accountant

An Accountant Working In His OfficeKent, United Kingdom, continues to become a hotspot for small businesses, much thanks to the improvements that it has undergone over the past years. Experts forecast that this trend will continue, making it a great location for those who wish to start their own business venture.

However, it takes more than just a prime location for your own business to grow and prosper. There are many financial factors you have to take into account, to ensure that you create a profitable business while ensuring you satisfy national regulations and laws. Every business needs to do accounting, so Jennings Morton Friel Associates suggests that you should consider looking for someone who can do the job well. 

Proper financial management: A must even before launching your business

Your finances is the lifeline of your business. When you do not have funding, you cannot expect your organisation to run properly. As such, you need to have a strong financial foundation, which should exist even before you launch your business.

Starting a business already requires access to funds, seeing as you need the capital to begin operations. To ensure that your cash outflow does not exceed your potential inflow, you should work with a licensed accountant. The fastest way to find someone you can trust is to seek the services of a licensed accounting recruitment firm in Kent.

Ensure your business remains legally compliant and profitable

One of the primary roles an accountant plays is ensuring your organisation complies with all the laws surrounding business ownership and operations in Kent. From basic bookkeeping to taxes to insurance to any other financial responsibility, having an accountant on your team can help you prevent major losses while also boosting your bottom line.

Through the knowledge, expertise, and skills of a professional accountant, you can better prepare your organisation with a smartly-developed business model that will reap both short-term and long-term profits in the burgeoning business district in Kent.

Rio Tinto Prefers $2.69B Bid for Australian Coal Mine Unit

Man ready to work in a coal mining areaRio Tinto chose a $2.69 billion bid for the sale of its Coal & Allied Industries unit, which operates the Hunter Valley coal mine in Australia.

The company’s sale of its coal mines has elicited a tight bidding war between Chinese-backed Yancoal Australia and Swiss company Glencore.

Pair of Bids

Yancoal emerged as the preferred bidder for the highly coveted site, only after it upgraded its bid at the last minute from $2.45 billion by adding $240 million in unconditional guaranteed royalty payments.

On the other hand, Glencore previously floated an upgraded US$2.685 billion proposal to acquire the coal mines. It had hoped Rio Tinto to consider its bid to be a superior one over Yancoal’s offer. No matter which bid Rio Tinto ultimately chooses, the winner will require regulatory approvals to complete the transaction.

Rio Tinto scheduled meetings in London and Sydney to solicit approvals from shareholders from those cities to finalise a deal.

Attractive Site

The coal mines in Hunter Valley sparked interest from both bidders due to the quality of coal in that area, where hundreds of track pads for excavators and other earthmoving equipment — as mentioned by manufacturers like — at the site represent bustling activity.

The successful bidder will have access to Mount Thorley thermal and semi-soft coking coal mines, as well as a majority ownership of the Port Waratah coal loading facility in Newcastle, New South Wales. Almost all of Australia’s thermal coal exports originate from this facility to overseas markets.

Yancoal and Glencore hope to sell the high-quality coal from those mines to power generators in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. These three countries currently seek to become more energy-efficient and reduce carbon emissions at the same time.

Even if Rio Tinto has already chosen a preferred bidder, the sale may still not materialise since regulatory approvals will be necessary to finalise a transaction.