Because Identity Matters: Implementing Brand Guidelines


Branding GuideThe brand is the core of your business. It’s your business’s identity, and it’s what separates you from the others. As such, it’s important that you implement strict branding guidelines. That way, the identity of your business will remain consistent.

But implementing branding guidelines is not without some difficulties. This is especially true if you’re just starting out. If you find some things quite confusing, this article will serve as your guide. Here are some things you need to keep in mind:

Make a Brand Bible

To maintain consistency, you need rules. And these rules are supposed to be codified; you’ll need a brand bible. A brand bible contains all the guidelines that show how your brand should be used and how it should appear on different materials. It also covers the right colours and typefaces that the designer uses when complementing the brand. Likewise, the tone and voice of the copy are discussed here.

Brand Your Stationery

Your office supplies and stationery may appear trivial to most, but they can be a great way to showcase your brand. You can brand your stationery, from office folders to business cards, to advertise your business. When applying your brand to your office supplies, refer to your brand bible. You should also work with reliable suppliers that print business stationery.

Partner with Your Employees

Your employees can be a brand advocate. Other than distributing branded office supplies, you may give them uniforms or items they can use to make themselves identifiable. These could be lanyards, jackets or tees.

Implementing branding efforts is one of the most important activities that will help make your business identifiable. For strong and consistent brand essence, work with reliable advertising or branding agencies.