A Simple Guide to Buying Bamboo Sheets

bedroom interiorBamboo beddings have become quite popular because of their breathability, durability and unbelievably soft texture. If you’re looking to buy some bamboo sheets yourself, here are important things to consider in finding the best set that suits your needs and style.

Color, design, and sizing

The best bamboo sheets come in bold and soft colors, and are available in plain, printed, or patterned designs, according to Cozy Earth. The same goes for duvet covers. These also come in sets so you can experience full and total comfort from using this amazing fabric for your entire bed. These sheets also come in different sizes that fit every type and size of bed.


There are four types of bamboo fabric blend: bamboo linen, bamboo with cotton, 100% bamboo rayon, and 100% bamboo lyocell. Those who prefer silky and smooth sheets go for bamboo rayon and lyocell, which are made with 100% bamboo fiber. Bamboo linen is the same and works for those who prefer the “just the right smoothness” feel in their sheets. Bamboo with cotton works for those who still like to have cotton in their sheets.


Another factor that affects the overall texture of the fabric is the type of weaving used. Sheets with twill weave are more durable but softer than sateen weave, as the threads are loosely woven. Despite this, it’s still a lot softer than any other bed sheet material and easy to maintain because of its sturdy structure.

Sheets with sateen weave are smoother, have a higher thread count, and feel much thicker to the touch because the threads are woven tightly. They also have a shinier and silky look because of the way the threads are woven.

One other thing: beddings made with bamboo fiber may cost more than the ones made with the usual materials. However, bamboo beddings last longer and get better with every wash. And that’s total value for your money.