3 Tips for a Better Pool House

Swimming pool inside a fenceA swimming pool is a welcome addition to any home, but it becomes better by a significant margin with a pool house alongside it. Is this a great choice? Yes. Is it extravagant? Not necessarily.

Although luxury is the name of the game, you can always go the economical route. There are stores that sell before made versions of pool houses. Some simply renovate a garden shed, while others out-build into a small pool house. If you wish to build and design your pool house from the ground up, here are a few insights to ensure it’s awesome:

Suit Your Home’s Style

Your pool house has to jive well with the overall design and architecture of your home. There’s no use having a pool house that doesn’t look like it belongs there. Design elements should be complementary, from the lines and proportions to the colors and DIY pool fence panels.

Think Storage

Storage is one thing many homeowners underestimate when it comes to pool houses. Having a swimming pool requires maintenance, which means you need space for cleaning tools and other equipment. Cabinets and shelves are also a great idea for other essentials while you’re lounging by the pool. The pool house must have a changing room, a small shower, and maybe a dresser with towels and clothes for easy access. Prioritizing storage is prioritizing function and convenience.

Strike a Balance Between Indoor and Outdoor

What makes a great pool house, you ask? Adequate space for entertaining, that’s what. Now, this isn’t only about building a roof where guests could stay when the weather’s not that great. A good pool house should have enough space for sustaining the guests’ enjoyment, both inside and outside. An indoor lounging space is great, but this shouldn’t mean sacrificing that space for some open-air barbecue or party area. Strike a good balance.

With a well-designed pool house, your home would always be buzzing with fun and enjoyment. Guests would love your home every time you invite them over.