3 Simple Ways to Create a Focal Point in Your Living Room

living room

For a successful living room decorating scheme, the most effective yet simplest trick is to create a focal point that draws attention to itself. This way, your theme will look more put together, and a busy space will look more serene.

living room

Here are some simple ways to create an eye-catching living room:

Determine the natural focal point

Decide which area you want to highlight. A well-built fireplace is your best option. You can spice up a simple fireplace by hanging a large mirror or wall sculptures above the mantel. Look for fireplace screens and other decorative touches to draw more attention to your distinctive fireplace.

Surround a coffee table with furniture pieces

A coffee table that’s proportionate with your sofa can be a central piece in any room regardless of the size. Place it on top of a rug for an added touch. Add a bowl, a flower vase, or coffee table books on top for a more sophisticated effect.

Hang photographs with different frame sizes

Group your framed photos on one wall instead of placing them everywhere in the room. Before you start hanging them, decide on the arrangement on the floor or on top of a table first. Your feature wall should be the first thing visible once a guest enters. It could also be the one across the window or with an already existing feature, such as a uniquely designed fireplace.

Arrange the seating and accompanying décor pieces around the focal point. With a few simple alterations, you will own an inviting living room.