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girl writing at the library

Where Can You Find the Best Story Ideas?

girl writing at the libraryMany people feel they have a book in them. They feel they have a story to tell, but getting the right idea for a book can be challenging not just for new writers but also for seasoned authors. Before you meet an online publisher who could offer to publish your book for free, you need to find a good plot for a new book you want to work on, there are many ways you could find inspiration.

Other Books

girl reading bookMany writers take inspiration from other books. JK Rowling admitted reading J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings before she wrote the Harry Potter books. Some think that Tolkien influenced Rowling, and she would not be the first one. Reading plenty of books can help you come up with a good story idea.

You can reinvent scenes you read from other books. Pick some seemingly non-important scenes from your favorite and use this as the opening scene of your novel. Make sure to change the characters and add unique elements to that scene.

Your Friends

If you have a bibliophile friend, ask about the kind of books and stories they like reading and try to come up with something for them. Write your story for a free online book publishing, with your friends as your target readers. They may not be the best critic once you have the first draft of your book, so make sure you also seek expert feedback.


The news is not fictional, but they can also give you good story ideas you can use in developing your books. There are many interesting headlines you can read in newspapers and on the internet. If you are interested in the environment and you read news about world heritage sites being threatened by climate change, you might be able to develop a narrative that can fill up an entire book.


Your real-life experiences can serve as the perfect inspiration for your story, and these experiences include those you are not happy about. Readers are drawn to stories about people who were able to overcome their challenges. While it may be difficult to write a story about your upsetting experiences, it’s possible that others had the same experience. They are interested in reading and knowing how others managed to go through unfortunate circumstances and even learned from the experience.

Writer’s Prompts

Let another person start the story for you. There are numerous sites, and sources on the internet where you can find a database of creative writing prompts that can help spark the inspiration you need.

A Person Who Impacted Your Life

Think about the person who left a lasting impression in your life and your career. It could be your school teacher who taught you to love books and writing, a family member who served as your inspiration to become the person you are now or an old friend from your childhood. Think of how they impacted your life and write about the lessons they taught you. Dedicate your next book to them to show how thankful you are. Using gratitude as the theme is a powerful book idea.

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This Is How Gym Owners Should Forge Relationships with Clients

People talking with the gym manager and looking at the facilities

Owning a gym is a lucrative business choice, knowing that more and more people are looking to have a healthier lifestyle. But owning a gym does not end with just being a physical trainer or administrator.

There are a lot of things that may require hard work, especially if the business is growing and you are already planning to expand the facility. Among the things that you need to invest in is your customer relationships.

Other than getting new prospects, your other source of income is keeping people on coming back. However, a lot of physical trainers often take customer relationships for granted.

Whether you own a fitness franchise or you are running a gym with a partner, forging relationships with clients should always be one of the priorities. And this is not always hard work, especially if you have the right strategies. Below are some of the things you need to keep in mind:

1. Be on time

You are basically a consultant, knowing that you provide advice and guidance for your clients. With that, you need to show great first impressions. Among the best ways, you can do that is by being on time. Remember, your customers are paying you, so you need to show up when they need you.

You have to take time seriously, as consistently late sending the wrong signal: that your client’s time is not valuable. If you have a habit of being late, now is the time to correct it. And there are a few tips you can make it happen.

2. Initiate meaningful conversations

If you want your clients to like you, you need to be likable. And being likable is sometimes as easy as taking an interest in your client’s personal lives. But do not just initiate small talk. You can ask them about their job, especially if you sense that they have a flourishing career.

Just make sure that you do not go too deep. There is a fine line between being genuinely interested in their lives and being outright nosy. You may also avoid sensitive topics, such as politics and religion.

3. Be a role model

Gym owner

One of your aims is to get your clients to trust you, your ways, and your methods. After all, that’s what you are being paid for.

But sometimes, some clients find it hard to trust their instructors, knowing that the instructors themselves are the first rulebreakers. If you have instructed your clients not to indulge too much in sweets and guilty pleasures, you should not show up eating a chocolate bar or whatnot.

4. Appreciate hard work

Your client may be exhibiting some results, and they are maybe too pleased with it. If you know this, it does not hurt that you compliment their efforts. After all, words of encouragement inspire people to do more and better.

Building a harmonious relationship with your clients should be done with care. You need to incite trust and see to it that they understand what you actually do. You also have to make sure that they are well taken care of as far as heir fitness needs are concerned.