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Organizing Your Workspace: Tips for Decluttering

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Having an organized workspace can give you the boost and mental clarity to charge your day, give you more space to complete your daily tasks, and free yourself from stress-inducing, visual distractions. Perhaps you’ve put off decluttering your space because you’ve become attached to your stuff or you just don’t have the time to tackle it. Regardless of your reason, however, here are tips to get you started.

Figure Out What You Really Need

List down every single thing you use regularly for about a week or two. At the conclusion of those two weeks, you should have a detailed list of things you actually use when you’re at work and must probably keep. All items not in your list, except of course some files, cables, and the like, should be candidates for either donation or digitization.

Now It’s Time to Sort Out Everything Else

Once you’ve narrowed down items that must stay in your workspace, separate them from those you need to move (those that should be kept in the supply closet or at home) or donate. To help you sort through your stuff, give away or move things that do not support your work or make you more productive.

Put simply, you must be able to determine the purpose of each item in your workspace. If you have items that you can’t donate, bring them to your local recycling center.

Rearrange the Layout of your Workspace

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After you’ve taken home or donated items you don’t need at work and are sure of every single thing that you need to keep in your office, take a good look around to determine your layout options, which is especially important if you’re rearranging furniture in your Salt Lake City office.

Perhaps there’s a more efficient way to configure your desk, chairs, cabinets, etc. that you could consider now that your workspace is free of clutter. Set up zones for particular activities to make your workspace more efficient and keep things you use daily near you. For example, essentials such as your laptop, a notebook and a couple of pens should be on your desk.

Purchase New Office Supplies

Once you’ve figured out the new layout for your space, you can purchase supplies to organize your stuff more efficiently. While your priority when buying stuff should be functionality, consider items that would bring in some texture and fun into your workspace. Also, remember to label everything.

Now that your workspace is usable and clutter-free, you need to make a plan to maintain it. Consider looking around your office at least once a week to avoid accumulating junk. Avoid eating at your desk unless you really need to and don’t forget to clean up after. Avoid buying more containers and shelves unless you have to.

Lastly, before leaving your office at the end of the day, look at your office and pick up odds and ends that don’t belong there. This can go a long towards to making sure your workspace is free of clutter and keeping it exactly that way.