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Contractor putting tiles on the floor

Tools Used For Tile Cutting

Contractor putting tiles on the floorTiles are currently the number one option for most property owners. These include stone, ceramic, porcelain, marble, terrazzo and granite among others. When working with tiles, their shaping and precise cutting will be the primary determinant of an exceptional look and their durability.

Tile cutting tools will hence be a crucial part of your job and generally the one you use most. As such, you might need replacement parts frequently from your tile cutter parts supplier. To minimise these replacements, you should match your tile cutter tool to your job. Here is a guide to help you match the tool and your tile cutting.

Manual Tile Cutter

This is a steel tool with a cutting wheel made from tungsten carbide. It is used for making quick and accurate straight cuts. It is sometimes called a tile hand cutter, snap cutter or tile snapper. Manual tile cutters are typically used for cutting tiles measuring less than 12×12 inches. They are inexpensive but best-suited for small construction projects.

Hand-Held Tile Saw

This tool requires more skill and practice compared to a manual tile cutter. Hand-held tile saws are used for trimming tiles with wooden trims like those in round holes or doorways and light sockets. They use a round diamond blade measuring around four inches. Hand-held tile saws are however noisy and throw up a lot of debris.

Tile Nipper

A tile nipper closely resembles a pair of pliers. It is hardened using carbide to strengthen it for tile cutting. A tile nipper is the most straightforward tile cutting tool available and is generally used for quick trims and making precise bites.

With the above tidbits, you are now better-placed to match your task and the tile cutting tool. When replacing any part of your tile cutting machine, ensure you get it from a reputable dealer. This guarantees the durability of your tool and its optimal performance.