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Child Support while Unemployed

Housing Alternatives for Parents in a Joint Child Custody Arrangement

a child holding her teddy bearIn the past, child custody was awarded to one parent. Based on evidence from numerous researches on the importance of both parents, however, joint custody is the ideal option nowadays. But this is only awarded if the presence of both parents is beneficial and healthy for the child’s upbringing.

Getting joint custody with the help of a child custody lawyer from firms like Day Shell & Liljenquist, L.C. is only the first step towards a healthy child upbringing after separation. The next is getting a housing arrangement that works for both of you and your children. Here are the standard housing options for joint custody arrangements:


In this arrangement, you’ll live with your children and ex under the same roof. This takes the burden of back and forth shuttling of the kids out of your parenting. In nesting, both parents keep an additional home where they take time off to rejuvenate. This grounds them emotionally but may prove expensive with the extra rent.

Living Together

This is a lot like nesting, but unlike the latter, it doesn’t include another house for time offs. You will live together as housemates with your ex and have equal access to your children at all times. This arrangement, unfortunately, might be a bit awkward when you and your ex start dating.

No-Relocation Parenting Plan

With this alternative, the children will live with one parent. The other parent ascents to a no-relocation clause which stops him or her from relocating to any place more than half an hour away from where the kids live with the other parent. This way, both parents will have regular contact with their children.

Choosing one arrangement isn’t easy. There might exist different laws in your state that regulate these living arrangements. Your child custody lawyer, along with child psychology professionals, will review your case and recommend the best one for you, your ex and the kids.