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3 Attributes Engineering Recruiters Seek When Hiring

engineer approvesRecruitment is a challenging but highly significant role in a company’s human resource department. With the help of outside recruiters, the process can be significantly eased. In the world of engineering, jobs including all engineering and technical positions, from field service, design, to maintenance, recruiters are very selective in finding the best candidate for open positions.

Below are three key things engineering recruiters look for.


A candidate with good character is hard-working, trustworthy, motivated, and sociable. The engineering industry involves projects where members and professionals team up on time-constrained work, as well as deal with different kinds of people. It is imperative that an engineer is both technically dependable and socially prepared. He or she works well with people while upholding the best interests of the project and the companies involved.


The ability to apply the knowledge gained in the mathematical and engineering sciences should be a given. Using them to solve and prevent problems is another. For an engineer to do well in the industry, he or she must be able to use concepts and standards that matter to a specific project. More so, an engineer must communicate well with multidisciplinary teams and workers of all levels. He or she should also abide by ethical rules that govern fair and responsible practices in the industry.

Job Fit

To be the right fit for a position, an engineer must fit in with the work, organisational, and locational demands. To be fit with work, a passion for the job must be evident. This is tantamount to a long and fruitful career with the company. To fit with the organisational culture, a collaborative outlook is necessary since this reduces’ employee turnover. As with the location, recruiters want engineers who can adapt to the place of work and the community around it.

Searching for the right engineer is not an easy task. For recruiters, to ensure that a future addition to an engineering project is the perfect find, going for good character, engineering and communication skills, and job fit matters most.